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Would you like to learn how to sing like a pro?

Singing like a professional comes with so many advantages and benefits that I cannot even begin to count.

You get the respect from other singer. You have  a who crowd of adoring fans shouting your name whenever you step on stage and you get to do something which you love and enjoy.

But the truth is that most professional singers did not get there overnight.

They have worked hard for so long. They have worked on their voice, their breathing, their posture and their vocal range.

So if you will like to sing like a pro, then you need to learn how what they did and follow their footsteps.

In this article, I will be showing you a step by step guide on how to get started singing like a pro.

Be absolutely confident

how to sing like a pro

A professional singer walks on stage and immediately they have the undivided attention of the audience.

It is not by magic or something they are born with

It is simply the fact that they are very confident and that confidence projects out of them.

If you want to sing like a pro, then the first thing you need to do is to overcome your fear.

Learn how to put stage fright behind you when ever you come before an audience. This might be easier said than done but but by practicing daily and starting small you can achieve that.

The truth is that when you are not bothered about how you look or how you sound and solely focused on your singing, then you are 100 percent sure to put out and awesome performance.

Also your voice sounds so much better… really

Here are some tips to help you increase your confidence when singing

  • First you want to “mock up” an audience and perform in front of them. This means that you need to gather all your friends and family and tell them you are rehearsing for your stage performance and you want them to be the audience. This will build your confidence and help you be able to stand in front of a crowd.
  • Also you can practice and sing with a karaoke machine. So even if you mess up the words you can always correct yourself.
  • Start by picking a song that you are very comfortable singing and you have memorized the lyrics
  • When you get on stage relax your shoulders and clear your mind of everything except the song you are about to sing.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale. Also smile as this warms up the audience and makes them open up to you
  • If you find yourself really nervous, especially at the beginning, try to concentrate on a point just above the audience head and fix your gaze on it. This will make sure that you avoid looking at the audience which is really discomforting to most people
  • Move around the stage when singing. Walk from one end to the other end. It will help you lose your nerves and appear confident.
  • Finally try to have fun. Don’t try so much to be perfect. Singing is a fun exercise so make sure you have fun.

You need the correct posture

When you step on stage, you need to own the stage

And this shows in the way you stand (your posture). The way you stand in front of an audience will indicate whether you are confident or not.

Do not slouch and do not bend your shoulders. Here is how to make sure you are standing properly before singing

  • Place your feet firmly on the ground. Make sure that your knees are not bent.
  • Raise your arms above your head making sure that your arms are straight
  • Now drop them by your side keeping your chest pointed out and still making sure your legs are not bent.
  • This is the correct posture you need to adopt when singing

Learn to breath properly

If you know anything about singing properly, then you know that breathing properly is one of the main things you need to learn

Standing upright plays a very important role with breathing properly. When you standup right and sing, you get to breathe using your diaphragm.

This is a very good thing because when you are able to breathe using your diaphragm you are much more likely to hit high notes and to sing comfortably.

Most professional singers that are able to hit very high notes have mastered how to breathe using their diaphragm. Here is a video showing you how to do this properly.

You also want to avoid your voice cracking while you sing

Learn proper diction

When singing there is a big difference between pronouncing your words correctly and not doing so. And this is usually the first thing someone notices if you are an amateur.

One thing you want to do is to make sure that the first and last letter of every word you pronounce when singing is very clear.

Pronouncing your words properly makes for a very good vocal performance.

Try not to mumble or even shorten your words while singing them. No one is going to enjoy your performance or even take you seriously when they can hardly hear what you are singing.

So whatever you do make sure that you pick each word carefully and pronounce the words clearly. Here are some tips to help you get started

  • Learn to talk slowly. Singing and talking are two different things. If you find out that you talk fast when singing then make a conscious effort to slow down and talk slowly.
  • Listen to the first and last letters of every word when singing and try to pronounce them properly.
  • Always make sure you practice and memorize the lyrics of every song before you sing. This way you will not be caught off guard if you come across a new word and have trouble pronouncing it.

Learn the correct singing technique

Imagine if you have been learning how to sing like a pro from (gasps) amateurs and fakes online and you later find out that all you had learnt was not even the correct thing

How would you feel?

For me i will be pretty pissed…

That is how it looks when you learn how to sing without learning the correct singing technique

Learning the correct technique is simply learning the basics of singing. Once you can properly learn the basics then you are sure that you have a proper foundation to build on your singing career.

Here are some of the basics of a good singer you need to master

Here is an article I wrote showing you how to sing vibrato like a pro

Volume and vocal control

First you need to be able to be able to control the sounds coming out from your mouth. A professional singer is abe to go from low to high and back to low instantly.

You need to know when to sing out and when to take it down a notch.

You need to sing consistently

One of the basics you need to learn is the ability to sing consistently across all the notes. If you sing very well for the first part and then you drop to something really bad then you are seen as a bad singer and get a bad reputation

So you need to learn how to sing with the same singing voice you started with and remain that way throughout.

You need to listen properly

Although this might sound a little off, but your listening skills need to be on point.

This is because you will have to rely on yourself and others when singing to know if you if you are doing the right thing. For example

  • You will want to hear and check your pitch to know if you are on the right track
  • You will need to know the balance of your voice so you do not sing too loud or too low
  • Also you need to develop some musical awareness to be able to understand music and how it sounds

Practice and practice some more

Finally you need to practice and then practice some more.

This is simply because practice makes perfect. There is nothing more true than that statement. If you want to get better in singing like a pro then you need to practice a lot.

There are two areas you need to practice when staring out

  • Scales and vocal exercises. This will help you to increase your vocal range and your tone as well as teach you good singing technique.
  • Catalog of songs. These are songs that you like and enjoy singing. Get as many as you can and practice each of them

When you first start practicing, it is advisable to start with scales and vocal exercises. As you become better and more confident, you can then start singing songs making sure to use the right technique.

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What’s next?

With this tips, you should be on your way to learning how to sing like a pro.

One thing you should keep in mind is that there is no pressure. Take you time and learn at your own pace. When you bring in added pressure you might make mistakes.

Finally have some fun… Treat the learning experience as a fun exercise and have a wonderful time