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If you have ever wondered how most professional musicians sing with a warm and bright tone, then this article is clearly for you

I remember when I started learning how to sing, and I was very intrigued with the way most artists could sing brightly and with a warm tone

This led me to searching and discovering how they did it

At first it was very difficult and I could not find any step by step guide with articles on how they did it

But after much trial and error and with help from some experienced vocal coaches, I was finally able to get this down and improve my singing

In this article I will be showing you my top 5 tips on how you can make your singing sound warm and brighter and also what a warm voice does for your singing

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What is a warm tone of voice?

how to sing with a warm tone

Before we even begin learning about how to sing with a warm tone, we need to understand what a warm tone of voice is

Basically bright and warm singing are two terms that are usually used to describe how most singers sound

And they are also synonymous with light and dark sounds

When a pitch is sung what happens is that several tones sound simultaneously giving the sound vocal color or a unique timbre.

These other pitches are called overtones

Also these overtones can be amplified by the shape of your neck, throat and face.

By manipulating your facial expression, opening the back of your neck, lifting your cheekbones you can easily change the color or tonality of your voice

3 Tips on How To Create A Rich Warm Tone

1. Learn how to breath properly

I have written extensively about how to breathe properly while singing here, and if you know me you know that breathing properly is one of the ways to develop a warm tone while singing

You need to learn how to breathe properly using your diaphragms and also sing without losing your breath.

You want to make sure that you are giving yourself the breath energy required for that tone

By doing so your vocal cords and your voice will tend to function in a much easier way without any issues

2. Let go of tension in your face

Now if you really want to deliver an awesome singing performance with that rich warm tone then you absolutely need to let go of tension in your face

Tension in your face might be as a result of stress or anxiety which is common before any performance

But by taking a deep breath and relaxing, all that tension is released and you can relax and deliver an awesome vocal performance 

When you have this relaxation in your cheeks and your mouth, and your neck then the tone warms up and you experience that rich, warm tone

3. Sing with feelings and not the sound

Now I need to really explain this so you understand what I am saying

If you listen to and really observe most of the great singers out there, you will notice that they usually have this intense and serious look on their face all the time

Now what happens is that most times, these guys are actually not listening to the sounds coming out of their mouth

They are instead singing with feelings and expressing it out through sounds

This is why most times when you listen to songs, you connect with it on an emotionally levels and you are moved by it

This is simply how you get to sing with a warm tone easily

Also you want to make sure that your lyrics and the words you write are deep and have that emotional spark to it.

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Specific Examples of Bright and Warm Singers in Various Genres

Compare the brighter Miley Cyrus to the warmer tones of Beyoncé. 

Often you will find younger singers lack richness in the voice as compared to their older contemporaries. 

The same could be said of the younger Justin Bieber versus the older Johnny Cash when he was popular and in his prime. 

In the field of opera, Dawn Upshaw has a brighter tone quality than Reneé Fleming, which also affects the roles they play. 

A brighter bass voice in the world of opera is Robert Weede versus the warmer, darker operatic bass Kurt Moll.

In Broadway, Bernadette Peters has a brighter quality than Marin Mazzie. 

And Michael Crawford’s take on the Phantom of the Opera is much brighter than the richer tones used by Norm Lewis.

Some Emotions Are Generally Brighter and Some Warmer

Sad emotions are generally expressed in warmer tones, while happy and enthusiastic emotions are expressed in brighter ones. 

Beyoncé sings the gospel-inspired lament “Listen” with rich varying tones versus the brighter tones used for her upbeat mocking “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” 

Though both songs are about leaving someone, the first selection has a darker depth that denotes suffering and frustration while the second has a lighter “I’m-over-you” feeling.

How Can I Make My Voice Soft and Sweet

If you want to have a soft and sweet voice and also sing beautifully, then you should pay attention to these tips

  • Keep your body health
  • Engage regularly in aerobic exercises such as swimming and running
  • Drink at least half a gallon of water each day
  • Avoid dairy products that may cause phlegm to form in the throat.
  • Give up unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

How To Sing Brighter

In other to learn how to sing brighter, you must learn how to bridge

This simply means that you must learn how to sing from low to high notes without straining, break in falsetto or singing with breathy voice

To help you learn how to bridge effectively, you need to know your vocal time

And vocal time simply means the length of time it takes you to sing a note effectively without losing your breath

So you can choose vocal exercises that will help you learn to bridge quickly

This will help you avoid wrong vocal exercises that will slow your progress and reduce your chances of singing brighter tones.

Another thing that will help you sing brighter is if you know your vocal type

Your vocal type describes what you tend to do as you sing from low to high notes through the first bridge of your voice

After learning what your vocal type is, you need to learn certain vocal exercises that will help you master and learn how to bridge effectively.

This will help you learn how to sing bright notes with a bright speech like tone without a raised larynx or pulled up chest voice.

Once you are able to bridge perfectly, there are 3 exercises that will help you to sing brighter.

  1. New No Octave Repeat
  2. New Noo (as in good) Octave Repeat
  3. Noo Nuh Octave Repeat

With time and consistency, practicing these exercises you notice that your singing ability especially when it comes to bright tones becomes more developed.

How to Sing with more color

To be able to sing with color and adder darker or warm tones to you voice is something all musicians dream about

To create a darker mode you are going to want to accept more mouth space

What this means is that you basically position your mouth like you want to kiss someone and then sing with your mouth placed like that

When you do this, you notice that it sounds more darker and more moody

If you want to create a happier and more brighter tone, you are going to incorporate more space

To do this, you simply need to place your face like you are smiling and then sing while smiling

When you do this you find out that the tones sound more happier and bright

So it is up to you determine how you sing with more color by changing your facial expressions and the position of your jaw

So if you really want to learn how to sing with more color, whether dark or bright I will encourage you to play with your facial expressions, make as many wacky sounds as you can and with time you will find yourself singing better with color.

Also watch your favourite artists and note their facial expressions as they sing – what is their jaw doing, what is their mouth doing

This will help you explore in infinite variety different vocal colors and how to apply them to your own singing.

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