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The famous singer Adele known for her soulful voice is loved by everyone.

There is no wonder why people like her.

Why shouldn’t they?

She sings so deeply and sings the words that the audience wants to listen to. 

In the pop world where most of the singers have the same singing style, Adele stands out because of her beautiful and deep voice.

Not only her voice is good but also her lyrics are relatable to most people.

If you are an Adele fan, you must have thought at least once in your life, “How to Sing Like Adele?”

If you want to sing like Adele, you are at the right place.

Below, you will find a few tips and tricks to sing like your favorite singer Adele. 

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Tips and Tricks – Can Adele Still Sing?

First of all, it is necessary to understand how Adele sings.

Adele is a Mezzo Soprano.

Most people also say that she is an Alto.

Well, it doesn’t matter what she is, what matters is how she sings so amazingly.

You can sing like Adele by following a few techniques that she uses in her songs.

Let’s find out about those techniques! 

how to sing like adele

Vocal Changes and Twitches 

Adele uses this technique in a lot of her songs.

If you learn this technique, you will be able to sing her chorus parts.

Adele does this so naturally that it seems like she was born with this gift.

Well, it might be true or she might have learnt it.

It doesn’t matter how she learnt it.

If you want to learn this technique, pick a note (any note that you want) and take half a step back from that note and come back to the original note.

Go up and down then back up and back down.

Repeat this with multiple notes so that you won’t have any issues while singing in any note.

Now, at first you should do it slowly because it won’t be easy to do it.

Once you think you are good to speed up, try to sing fast.

The best song to practice this technique by Adele is “Hello”.

Especially the part where she sings “Hello from the other side” is the best part to practice the vocal twitching technique.

Master the OO Sound

Adele has this thing in her singing that she modifies her vowels by making different faces.

It is not just with Adele, in fact, there are many singers who change the position of their jaw and mouth to make certain words sound different.

The most important part about this technique is to learn the OO sound.

For this, you have to make your mouth an O to get this.

You will feel a space in the back part of your throat. 

Now, first, try to speak certain words like this that contain “O” in them.

When you master speaking this way, you will be able to sing like this easily.

How to sing Adele “Hello” 

If you really want to sing like Adele, then you really need to master and learn how to sing her major song “Hello”

Here is a YouTube video showing you step by step how to sing like Adele

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Sing Through Different Zones

Adele has a unique technique of singing through different zones.

She places her tongue at the top of her throat sometimes and sometimes she puts her tongue at the back of her teeth. 

This way, the sound coming from within gets disturbed by the tongue in different ways.

As a result, you can sing in different sounds.

Singing through different zones and shifting between them while singing is not easy.

You will need a lot of practice to master this technique.

It is better to sing slowly by using this technique at first and then sing fast. 

Adele Chest Voice – Take Breaks

In today’s world, people use the breaks in their voice as a unique technique and to sing uniquely.

Instead of smoothing your voice, try to pop out the breaks and emphasize on them.

Adele uses this technique a lot in her songs.

Therefore, it is important to master this technique if you want to sing like her. 

Instead of going from a low note to a high note smoothly, try to break the sound in a few parts before reaching the high note. 

Watch Her Interviews

If you want to sing like a certain singer, you should watch their interviews.

Mostly in interviews, singers sing a few lines from their songs.

That voice is raw and you can learn a lot from it. 

Moreover, try to listen to their pronunciation of words too.

Different people pronounce different words differently.

If you notice that Adele pronounces certain words differently than you do then she must also use that pronunciation in her songs.

If you want to sing like her, you must practice her talking style too.

In fact, it is better to imitate her talking style before you try to impersonate her singing style. 

This way, there will be too less of a difference between your singing style and Adele’s singing style. 

Here is a related article showing you how to sing like Freddie Mercury

Listen to Her Songs

As a fan, I am sure you must have heard most of her songs if not all.

But listen to her famous songs once again.

This time, keep one thing in mind that you are not listening for enjoyment but you are listening to learn.

Focus on her vocal range, try to find out the techniques mentioned above in her songs.


Practice is the key to the door of success.

If you want to succeed in singing like Adele, you must practice on her songs as much as you possibly can.

Without practice, you won’t be able to sing like her and achieve your goal.


You can sing like Adele easily if you learn a few techniques used by her.

The techniques like vocal twitching, singing through different zones, vowel modification and break emphasizing are the most common ones that Adele uses. 

If you master these techniques, no one can stop you from singing like Adele. 

Moreover, it is important that you practice on her songs instead of using your songs for this purpose.

The reason is that you will learn more and faster when you use her songs for practice.

Practice as frequently as you can!

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