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In the history of music, one of the icons you are sure to come across is John Lennon.

His music journey began in the Beatles and with progress as he grew to be a voice that spread tranquility and harmony both in words and action.

His major focuses were mostly on a halt to conflicts between people, life, and its beauty and love.

Everyone finds the Beatles irresistible though it is clear that his vocals belong to ancient times.

However, it perfectly fits for Rock and Pop songs and if you are among those who love John Lennon and wish to make your music heard like his, then, you are at the right place.

There are several singers too who have at one point sounded similar to him.

A few of them are Liam Gallagher, Paul Egholm of The Pinkees, Jeff McDonald of Redd Kros, and Rob Harrison of Cotton Mather.

It is a quite difficult task to imitate Lennon and could seem impossible when it is not.

This is due to several reasons like the distinctive nasal tone his voice reflects when he makes music.

You can surely not duplicate that since he was created that way by God.

Another would be the perfect pitch and resonance he adds to his voice and if you work hard enough, you can surely attain that.

There was once I was the lead singer and attempted to do that, I found out that the only way I can make my voice raspy or gritty just like him was to keep practicing daily with a loud band.

There is also this technique he uses to switch his main voice to falsetto during a song show and you would never notice where the change happened.

It is a real talent and you too could get to that stage.

Hence, you should check out these tips and find yourself singing like John Lennon with time.

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Tips on how to sing like John Lennon

how to sing like john lennon

1. Refrain from the theory of singing open-throated

It is an irony that if you were singing the choir as a kid or normally take coal lessons, you will hear your instructor telling you to do away with the nasal quality.

They do say you should sing “open-throated” as most of the air goes through your mouth.

This is not false though but nasal vocal qualities are really enjoyable in trendy music.

So, to decrease the nasality of your tone, lower your tongue slightly and lift your palate.

You could as well find a demo on YouTube if you want to see it visually.

2. John Lennon Vocal Range: Try to sound nasal when you sing

Just as I explained in the first tip, decrease the gap between your palates and tongue if you want to sound nasal.

Protrude your lower jaw forward and do not open your mouth very wide when singing and that will do the trick.

You would surely look quite silly but you should not mind if you wish to attain Lennon’s standard.

You should also keep practicing the manipulation of your palates and tongue for a while to get used to it.

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3. Capture his accent

One of the unique accents in rock n’roll was the Liverpool accent which every one of the Beatles employed and John Lennon too wasn’t left out.

It is a unique accent you can take up if you wish to sound like him.

Neil Innes is one of those who have sung very similar to John Lennon as he adds a pinch of Scouse amplification to his music-making it sound familiar and really warm. 

4. Integrate the deepest genuineness into your songs

If you sing as though it is from the heart, you are surely a step behind getting to Lennon.

When you relax to hear his songs, you capture the feeling his words portray and you feel just the same way too.

There is a constant strong sense of genuineness in his voice when singing and you too should adopt such tactic.

Try to integrate the deepest genuineness so that your listeners can connect to you no matter the feeling they are experiencing at that moment.

5. Don’t go with the thrills and runs

Abandon the thrills and runs though most musicians do not do that.

They believe they must hit all the notes on the musical scale and trill at length.

However, you must abandon that idea if you wish to sing like Lennon.

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6. Know when to sing at a low pitch and high pitch

When it is time to scream, you do just that and when it is time to be gentle, you relay gentility.

Even though several songs by Lennon ran mostly on low key whether he was relaying anger or not, he surely knew when to scream when it was necessary.

This doesn’t mean you should produce a death metal growl but the right scream that portrays the feeling you want to relate at that time.

John Lennon’s signature scream is an example of a good scream.

7. Use your vibrato.

For the passion that does not need a rasping scream, bring a minor tremor in your voice into play to express what you mean.

The kind of style John Lennon used when singing normally left nearly all conventions at the rear and included slight poignant modifications to add melody and beauty to his songs.

8. Integrate little falsetto into your singing

Employ a falsetto to your singing just slightly and do not use it at all times.

It should be used scarcely as it has a very high pitch in the vocal range.

You need to adapt it to your singing just as the way he does to make your singing similar to his and make your songs sound more emotional.


They say “practice makes perfect” and if you truly desire to sound like John Lennon in your songs, then you will surely need to practice severally.

You are surely certain to grow weak at some point but you should not drop the spirit because you can surely achieve it.

The tips above are useless if you do not put your best at your end and show you can do good passionate music like him.

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