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If you know Ariana Grande, then you know that she has a marvelous voice and sings like an angel.

And if you are like most people, myself included, then you must be wondering to yourself, How to sing like Ariana Grande

And is it even possible?

Well not to worry, cos in this article I will be showing you the quickest and fastest way to start belting out tunes like Ariana Grande.

Ready? Let’s begin

Before we begin, here is a brief background on Ariana Grande and how she became a famous singer.

Ariana started singing from a very early age.

According to this article on Wikipedia, she would sing and imitate her idols, mimicking them and trying to sound like them.

It is very clear that singers such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston had a huge influence on her as she credits them with playing a huge role in her singing career.

Ariana’s singing capabilities are huge and many such that she has a wide natural octave range to hit high notes and belt out tunes without any issues.

Coupled with this she also has a pleasant timbre range, which has become her signature mark and made her one of the greatest singers of her time.

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7 Steps to Singing Like Ariana Grande

What is Ariana’s Vocal Range?

Ever wondered about that info? Well the reason why she is able to sing beautifully is because she has a vocal range of D3 – B5 – E7 and she has a vocal type of Light lyric soprano

So the first step you want to learn to sing like her is to study her vocal range and voice nature.

Doing so will enable you to sing at a four octave and semitone soprano.

Ariana’s lower register has been observed to be strong for a soprano because of its ability to extend to D3 and support down to F#3.

This unique ability helps her sing with such ease and belt out great tunes without any stress.

2. Learn how to sing Falsetto

Another great thing about Ariana is that she is a true genius when it comes to singing falsetto.

This helps her add character and depth to her voice.

While falsetto is meant to be high pitched and in a soft quiet voice, it can be related to the voice of a singing child

So you definitely want to make sure your falsetto game is strong and ready to roll

Here are some tips to help you

  • Avoid cracking notes while releasing an “aah” sound
  • Try singing to the highest note you can achieve and back to the lowest note progressively.

Ariana Grande’s falsetto can best be described as sweet, light and bright up to Eb6.

If you want to sing like a pro, check out this article I wrote

3. Learn to master whistle register tone

How to Sing Like Ariana Grande

The whistle register tone is one which is high pitched and piercing that Ariana has mastered to perfection.

She has the ability to sing vocal runs in such a register of polyphonic tones in the whistles.

This unique ability is one thing that makes Ariana’s sound unique and very interesting.

And if you notice, this is something Mariah Carey also does with ease

This is another aspect you need to make sure you master

Proper warmups will work best during practice as it involves singing high pitch and hitting very high notes that not every amateur singer can do.

To feel the effect of this, check out “Right there” by Ariana Grande.

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4. Learn Yawn Mechanics

Another way to increase your vocal range is by something called yawn mechanics

This happens when you open your mouth to yawn and it involves the raising of the soft palate that is located at the back of the roof of your mouth.

What this does is it allows for adequate projection of your voice without blocking your air flow.

5. Learn to belt in mix

One other thing that makes her stand out is her style of belting referred to as belting in mix.

What this means is that most times she begins her songs quietly while building up to a full power belting.

This allows her to belt stretch up to Bb5 without any problem

If you listen properly, you will also notice a rolling vibrato in her voice when she belts up to G#5 and as low Bb3.

This can be observed in her live performances of “Focus” and “Dangerous Woman”

So if you want to sing as well as Ariana Grande, then you need to ensure that you start your songs in a soft manner and then utilize the mix belting technique while singing the chorus to express all the emotions that go with it.

6. Learn Riffing

Riffing is vocal improvisation technique where a singer makes a series of small changes in the song’s melody to enhance his/her musical expression.

This process involves starting on a single note before hitting several others in a short period of time. 

This is evident in most of Ariana Grande’s songs.  

You have to get yourself familiar with the style how Ariana Grande is always riff in her songs.

7. Learn Timbre

Timbre simply means the natural color of one’s voice.

One has it either by birth, or you simply don’t have it. 

Some people, like Grande, are more than capable of singing in tune, but if one does not have a timbre, which is pleasant to people’s ear, then it will not be pleasing to hear irrespective of one’s singing technique.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Who is Ariana Grande’s Vocal Coach

Ariana Grande’s vocal coach is Eric Vetro and you can check him out at his website here

2. What is the highest note Ariana Grande can hit?

The highest note Ariana can hit is e7. This allows her to hit those high notes easily without flinching.

3. Can you learn to sing like Ariana grande?

Yes you most definitely can, especially if you follow all the steps mentioned above and you are consistent with it.

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