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Chorus Pedals Articles

Best Chorus Pedals for Analog Synthesizers

If you are looking for the best chorus pedals for analog synthesizers, then this is the right article for you

The accelerator pedal is back in fashion.

5 Best Chorus Pedal for Distortion in 2021

Independent chorus pedals first appeared in the mid-1970s, but the moist, dull effect made these pedals available and inspired many of the best chorus pedals

5 Best Chorus Pedal for Metal in 2021

On a primary investigation, the metal has a look that’s similar to the simplistic tone style. If you offer it a good distorted effect, you’re done the most essential thing.

The Best Chorus Pedals for 80’s Sound

The chorus pedal is a “modulation” of the classes of pedal.

It sounds like a phaser or flanger pedal with regards to sonic display.