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Elvis Presley is the king of singing.

He has released a lot of bangers and everyone loves his voice.

Even though he is a singer of the past, even today people listen to his songs. 

Many fans of Elvis Presley prefer his music over the music of today.

It is because he was too good at it and the songs he released were magical.

If you are an Elvis Presley fan then you must have thought about this question, “How to Sing Like Elvis?” Singing like a king is not an easy job. 

So, can you do it? Well, there is nothing impossible so you can certainly sing like Elvis Presley.

All you have to do is follow a few tips and techniques that Elvis used in his singing.

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Sing Like The King – Tips and Tricks

Elvis Presley had a unique voice.

Impersonating such a unique voice can be hard especially if your singing style is totally different from him.

Nowadays, no one sings like Elvis Presley and other singers like him from the past.

Therefore, people like his music so much because it is so unique and can’t be found in today’s era.

You can achieve a voice similar to Elvis Presley by following the tips and tricks mentioned below.

So, without wasting more time, let’s dive right in!

Understanding His Voice

If you are a fan, you must know how unique his voice is.

Many people say that his voice is otherworldly meaning that it is so unique that you can barely find it in this world. 

But the question here is what makes his voice so unique and how did he do it?

Well, he has a deep and heavy voice but he still sounds so sweet and relaxing.

Due to this reason, his voice becomes as unique as it can be. 

Getting that Voice

You all know what voice I am talking about here.

That deep and magical voice of Elvis is hard to achieve. 

To sing in that voice, first you have to start talking hat way so you don’t sound fake.

If you want to sound professional then this step is essential.

To talk that way, clear your throat first and try to talk in a way that your throat is compressed.

You will be able to talk in a deep voice like this.

Now to make that deep voice sound better, you have to practice singing.

Sing in that voice like you would sing in your natural voice.

Keep practicing this step until you master it. 

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Sing Clearly

In every song of Elvis, you can hear all the lyrics very clearly.

Despite having a deep and dark voice, his words are always clear.

If you want to sing like Elvis, you need to sing with clarity.

If your lyrics can’t be heard properly, you won’t be able to tell your story.

Try to sing slowly at first to practice this technique.

This way, when you sing fast, you will be habitual of singing with clarity. 

Focus both on the words and the voice.

It is better that you sing in that voice first and master the voice.

After that practice singing with clarity.

This way, you will automatically sing in that deep voice and you won’t have to fake it.

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Practice the Tremble

You can hear in many songs of Elvis that his voice usually has a tremble.

It is not that difficult to sing in a vibrato voice.

You can learn it easily by following some YouTube tutorials. 

There is nothing that you can’t find on the internet today.

You can learn vibrato from the internet and sing like Elvis Presley. 

Be Confident

If you want to sing like Elvis, you need to be confident in your voice.

Whenever Elvis went on the stage, he looked confident about himself.

He had an impact personality.

Why is it necessary to be confident while singing?

Well, if you are a confidant person, even if you make a mistake while singing, your impactful and confidant personality will not let people notice it much. 

Being confident is necessary in this case especially in the start because chances are that you will make mistakes.

If you want people to not notice those mistakes, be confident and believe in yourself.

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Practice and Practice

Practicing each technique individually is important.

Don’t rush and try to practice all the techniques at once.

Put all the time and effort into one technique and try the other one only when you master the previous one.

This way, you will be less likely to make mistakes.

You will sound more professional and it will also become easy for you to sing like Elvis. 

Use his songs to practice. Learn the lyrics by heart first and then sing along with him.

Use his famous songs first and then go to those which aren’t that famous. 

If you are able to sing the famous ones, you will be able to sing the less famous ones too.

Combine Every Technique

Once you have mastered each technique individually, it is time to combine them altogether.

When you combine all the techniques after mastering them individually, you will notice how fluently you sing.

After that, you will be able to sing his songs easily.

You will also know when to use which technique. 

You can also create your own song like him by combining all the techniques.

But make sure you write good lyrics because Elvis always had beautiful lyrics in his songs.


Singing like Elvis is not easy but you can sing like him by practicing more and more.

Don’t give up and keep practicing.

You can also incorporate a little touch of yours if you want to, to make your singing unique.

It all depends upon you! 

Sing in a deep voice by compressing your throat but make sure there is clarity in your voice.

All this can be achieved by practicing. 

Moreover, keep a tremble in your voice.

Being confident is as much important as singing with all these techniques.

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