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Sam Smith is a famous English singer.

He has many fans all over the world.

His voice and singing style are very unique.

But what makes his voice so unique?

If you are a Sam Smith fan, you must have thought, “How to Sing Like Sam Smith”?

You can sing like him by following a few techniques that he uses in his songs.

If you practice how he sings and the techniques he uses while singing, you can sing like Sam Smith.

Even though he has a unique voice, his singing techniques are not too hard to learn.

Therefore, a little practice can help you sing like your favorite singer. 

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Tips and Tricks

You must know that you can’t exactly sing like him but you can learn a lot from his singing techniques.

These techniques can not only help you sing like Sam Smith but also improve your singing.

So, without further due, let’s get started!

Sam Smith Lowest Note – Learn Belting

Sam Smith uses belting technique a lot in his songs.

Belting makes it sound like you are yelling but in a beautiful and appreciable way.

You can also use this technique while singing.

But how do you actually do it?

Having an appropriate position is very essential while belting.

You must stand as straight as possible and keep your mouth wide open.

Make sure your tongue is down so that there is a lot of space for your voice to come out from.

Make sure to avoid breathy voices in any case while belting.

Practice this technique as much as you can until you master it.

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Vocal Exercise

There are many vocal exercises that can help you sing like Sam Smith.

If you want to sing high notes like him, you must warm up first.

You can search for a lot of exercises online.

For high notes, imitating a siren sound is the best exercise.

Do this exercise first and then try to sing in the same way like you are imitating a siren sound but using words from the lyrics instead.

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Diaphragm Positioning

If you want to sing like Sam Smith, your diaphragm position is very important.

You must breathe from beneath your lungs.

This way, you will have a lot of breath and you will be able to yell like Sam Smith.

This way, your singing won’t sound like you are yelling.

Instead, it will sound beautiful just like that of Sam Smith.

Practice Falsetto

Many male singers sing in falsetto so if you practice that, it will help you a lot in your singing career.

Falsetto is the highest note that a person can sing apart from his normal high voice.

Singing in falsetto also requires a lot of practice.

The best way to sing in falsetto is to talk loudly at first.

When you become habitual of talking loudly, you will automatically sing in falsetto.

It will sound more natural and professional if you talk like that a first.

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Switching Practice

Sam Smith switches a lot between his chest voice, head voice and falsetto singing.

For this, you must be a master at all three individually at first.

Only then you can practice switching.

Now, make sure this switching between resonances and falsetto does not sound fake and unnatural.

It must sound professional or else you won’t be able to sing well.

For this purpose, you must practice a lot. 

How to Practice?

To sing like any singer, you need a lot of practice.

But what is the best way to practice and how much should you practice in a day?

All these questions must be in your mind.

Read further to get the answers to them!

Practice Frequently

The best way to sing like Sam Smith is to practice as frequently as you can.

Practicing daily is very important or you will lose your progress by skipping practice for days.

If you want to keep getting better day by day, practice every day even if you practice for 30 minutes only.

Practice on His Songs

It is important that you only use Sam Smith’s songs to practice.

First of all, listen to all of his famous songs and notice how you sing.

Here, you must remember that you are hearing these songs to learn from them and not to enjoy them.

This way, you will automatically learn a lot from his songs.

You will understand which techniques he uses in which parts of his songs.

You will be able to sing much better this way.

Practice Individually

It is important that you practice all the techniques one by one individually at first.

If you try to combine all the techniques in the start without mastering them, you are most likely to mess things up.

Practice the techniques separately until you master them all. 

Combine All the Techniques

Only when you think that you have mastered all the techniques individually, you should try to combine them.

Remember to use his songs to combine these techniques and use them in.

Additional Tips

1- Watch Sam Smith’s interviews and live concerts if you want to learn from his raw voice. It is better to learn from his raw voice because it will match better to your raw voice.

2- Practice for at least 30 minutes every day. 

3- You can find many karaoke songs to sing along on YouTube. Use them after you have mastered his singing techniques. 


Now that you know how to sing like Sam Smith, you can also make a song like him.

All you have to do is follow the techniques that he uses in his songs.

Make sure to keep the lyrics similar to his too.

Moreover, the melody and instruments used also leave a huge impact on the song.

Learn singing in falsetto and high notes better.

Try to go out of your comfort zone if you have to.

Lastly, you must also learn to switch between different resonances and falsetto.

It is a technique used by Sam Smith a lot. 

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