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Lana Del Rey has a very unique singing style which can’t be achieved by everyone.

The way she sings so smoothly and beautifully has gained her a lot of recognition.

You can recognize that it is a Lana Del Rey’s song by hearing the first few lines only.

Only a few artists are capable of being this unique.

If you are a Lana Del Rey fan, you must have thought, “How to Sing Like Lana Del Rey”?

You can sing like her by following a few tips and tricks.

Even though she has an extraordinary and unique voice, some hard work and practice can help you reach there.

Lana Del Rey Best Vocals – Tips and Tricks

It is better to hear her songs from start to the end to learn how she sings.

Hear all her songs and notice her techniques.

This way you will learn much faster.

Now, let’s find out some tips and tricks that can help you sing like Lana Del Rey!

Understand Her Voice

The first step to sing like her is to understand how she actually sings.

Every artist uses different singing techniques that makes them unique.

Same is the case with Lana Del Rey.

And I can understand when people ask “Does Lana Del Rey use autotune?

As you can clearly hear in her songs that she has a very deep and smooth voice that sounds soothing.

Her songs can make you feel relaxed in no time.

It is all because of her voice. 

Moreover, she changes between low and high notes so smoothly that you barely notice it.

This smoothness keeps her song so calm and relaxing. 

She has a sleepy and breathy voice which not everyone can pull off.

Many people have been inspired by her and you can be too. 

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Sing in Legato

If you’re Lana Del Rey’s fan, you must have noticed in her songs that she always changes between notes very smoothly.

Even when she goes from one word to another, it sounds very gentle and beautiful. 

This smooth changing between notes and words is called legato singing.

To sing in legato, make sure that your jaw is relaxed.

Your breath should be steady and continued. Otherwise, it won’t sound smooth and flowy.

In other words, legato is like going with the flow. Everything should sound smooth like you are barely trying. 

Even though it is not easy to master this technique, some practice can lead you there.

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Practice Breathy Voice

When Lana Del Rey sings, you can hear breathy voices in her songs. It is not always the case, but you can hear it a lot.

Now, singing in a breathy voice is not considered good.

In fact, it is considered to be a flaw while singing.

But if you can sing well in a breathy voice, it can become your recognition like Lana Del Rey.

To practice singing in a breathy voice, you must practice talking softly in a breathy voice.

When you will talk this way, you will automatically sing in a breathy voice.

It will also sound very natural and professional. 

Sing Without Break

Sometimes Lana Del Rey sings a whole sentence without taking a break in between due to which her songs sound so smooth.

It is only possible if you hold your breath while singing.

The more you hold your breath, the less break you will take.

It is almost the opposite as singing in a breathy voice.

You have to ignore your breathy sound while singing in this part.  

Moreover, she sings such parts like butter gliding on a toast.

To achieve this technique, you should practice talking fast but in a clear voice.

After that, incorporate the same thing in your singing.

Make sure, your words can be heard clearly and you don’t mumble.

The Lyrics Game

All the songs of Lana Del Rey always have very deep and meaningful lyrics like her singing style.

She always tells a deep story through her songs.

Her lyrics and her singing style match a lot due to which her songs sound so phenomenal. 

Imagine if you sing a party song in such a voice, it won’t match, right?

So, having deep and meaningful lyrics is very important especially if you are planning to compose a song like Lana Del Rey.

Here is a Youtube video showing you some of the easiest Lana Del Rey songs to sing.

Use Her Interviews

Watch her interviews.

There, you can find her raw singing voice.

You can learn much better from her raw singing voice than from her songs.

Moreover, your practicing voice will match to her raw singing voice in interviews better than her songs.

You can also use her live concerts for this purpose.

Even seeing her talk in interviews can help you.

This way, you can understand her accent and way of talking which you can incorporate in your singing.

It will sound much more like Lana Del Rey if you use her talking style in your singing too.

Practice a Lot

Practicing is very important if you want to sing like Lana Del Rey.

Master each technique individually every day until you think you are good enough at that. 

After that, use her songs to practice on.

Learn all the lyrics by heart first so that you won’t be disturbed when you forget the lyrics.

It can be very annoying if you don’t learn the lyrics properly.

Listen to her songs and try to guess which technique she has used in which parts of her songs. After that, use those techniques. 

You can also make your own song like Lana Del Rey by following the tips and tricks mentioned above.


Lana Del Rey sings very smoothly and beautifully.

It requires a lot of practice to sing like her.

Try to practice singing in a breathy voice as well as singing in a non-breathy voice without any break.

These two techniques will help you cover more than half of her song.

Another important technique is legato singing in which all your words and notes are connected.

It sounds very smooth when you sing in legato.

This technique will help your songs sound a lot like Lana Del Rey.