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As a singer who wants to become better and have a lot of success, there is one ingredient you need to have in your “kit”…

And that is simply how to hit the high notes consistently

It might sound strange to you but not every one who knows how to sing can consistently hit the high notes time and time again.

It takes some practice and some hard work but you can eventually be among the elite few.

All you need to do is to know what it takes to do so and then apply it.

In this article we will be looking at some successful tips and techniques on how you can sing high notes and become a better singer starting today.

Here is an article I wrote showing you how to sing

Things you need to know

Before we begin, there are a couple of things I need you to know.

Singing high notes is great and everyone looks forward to it but here is the kicker… not all voices are created the same.

Just because you see your favorite professional singer belting high notes on stage does not mean that you can do the same.

The human voice is unique to each person.

Some can do what others cannot do and do it easily.

Now not to get me wrong, with practice you can hit the high notes consistently but you need know your voice and the vocal range that you can get up to.

Secondly, you need to always warm up.

I cannot stress this enough.

If you want to sing like a pro, then one of the things you need to do daily is to warm up before you sing.

Also you need to ensure that your voice does not crack – which I show you how in this article here

Professional athletes do it all the time so i see no reason why singers should not do the same.

The vocal cord is a muscle and as a muscle it needs to trained.

If you do not train it properly then do not expect it to serve you well when needed.

How to sing high notes easily

Alright so now we know all about what to expect before we begin. Now it;s time to actually begin.

1. Singing should be as easy as speakinghow to sing high notes

The first thing you need to know about hitting high notes is that it should be as simple as speaking.

For example, let’s say you and your best friend are having a discussion. How hard is it to carry a simple discussion with your friend?

Easy, right?

You do not need to strain your voice and crunch your face looking all weird and ugly just to have a simple discussion. This is the same way it needs to be when singing high keys.

It should come easily and without forcing yourself. Here are some of the things that you need to do when singing without strain

Free and steady flow of air

The first thing to singing high notes and making it sound very easy is that there should be a free and steady flow of air from your mouth down to your diaphragm.

The key here is that there should be some balance. You do not want too much air and you also do not want too little.

If you force too much air then there is going to be some resistance under your vocal cords which will increase the pressure and your voice might crack.

If there is too little air then your voice will not have the desired quality and will become weak.

Another important aspect that you should be concerned about when it comes to learning to sing like you speak is you should avoid “pressing your voice”

For example most singers tend to push the notes that are difficult for them. This is a bad advice and you should try to avoid such practice.

Here is an article I wrote showing you how to sing like a pro

2. Relax your facial muscles

Have you seen someone struggling to sing high notes…especially on stage

It’s pretty ugly

Their face is so tensed with all the veins popping out of their head that it becomes just a struggle to even watch them sing.

The truth is that people have this false notion that to be able to sing high keys you need to squeeze your face and tense your facial muscles

This is not true…

Remember when we talked about singing should sound as easy as speaking…it applies here also. Here are some easy tips to help you relax your facial muscles

  • Place your fingers under your chin making sure your thumbs are under the fleshy part.Massage this are to loosen up the muscles
  • Open your eyes and mouth as wide as you can. Then crunch your face as much as you can. Try doing this in a rotating motion.
  • One way you can stretch your face and your jaw is to do a big yawn.

3. Breathe properly

You must have heard it a million times…cos it is the truth

Your breathing needs to be on point if you want to sing and hit the high notes consistently. To do so you need to breath with your diaphragm and have control of your stomach.

To be clear you do not necessarily need more breath in order to sing, you just need to be able to control your breathing.

Here are some tips to help you breath properly

  • Take your hands and place them directly under your stomach (where your diaphragm is located) and take deep breaths while staying in a relaxed position.
  • Do not raise your shoulders while taking in breaths. Try to pull the breath in from your stomach and not from the top of your chest.
  • As you take in deep breaths be conscious of your diaphragm expanding.
  • Finally release your breath on a “sshhhhh” sound letting air out through your lips.

This is a simple exercise that helps you breathe easily without having to force or push air through your lips.

One thing is to be conscious of your diaphragm as you take in air. By doing so you will come to realize that a clear sound and the ability to hit high notes comes from you controlling your diaphragm.

Here is an article I wrote showing you how to breathe properly while singing

4. Hit the high notes with this exercise

Now your face is relaxed and your are in control of your breathing, here is one exercise that can help become a pro in hitting the high keys

First start by making an “mmmmmm” sound.

Make sure you project it forward and not stuck at the back of your head.

Next, at the bottom of your range open your mouth to an “ahhhh” sound. So now we are going from “mmmmmnn” to ”aaahhhhh”

Make sure to keep the same resonance for both sounds

Continue moving up and down the scale while repeating both sounds until you feel you cannot go further. Even while at this point try to maintain an even and clear tone.

Continue moving higher up the scale as you pronounce this sounds. Make sure not to focus on the note and how high it sounds instead try to focus on the resonance and the way it sounds in your head.

By doing so you will move away from the fact that the keys are too high and cannot be reached.

By doing this exercise daily you will learn how it feels to sing high notes so that your memory and your vocal cords can get used to them.

Once you can easily transition from the “mmmmm” sound to the “aaahhh” sound easily then you will be able to hit those high notes in a controlled and very relaxed voice.