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Bruno Mars has been our favorite singer for a long time now.

He has been singing for a long time and still makes bangers.

He has fans from all over the world. 

If you are a Bruno Mars fan then you must have thought, “How to Sing Like Bruno Mars?”

Singing like Bruno Mars is not easy but it is definitely not impossible.

He is one of the best vocalists of our time. 

Bruno Mars has a very unique voice which can’t be impersonated without loads and loads of practice.

Practice and following a few tips and tricks can help you sing like Bruno Mars. 

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Bruno Mars Vocal Training – Tips and Tricks

How to sing like bruno mars

Before we dive in the tips and tricks, you must understand that you can’t fully imitate a singer’s voice.

Everyone has a different voice; therefore, it is not possible to sing exactly like someone.

Yeah, you can impersonate him by picking up his techniques of singing but you can’t be exactly like him.

Being inspired by a singer is a normal thing and if you want to learn to sing like Bruno Mars due to this reason then you are at the right place.

Let’s learn some tricks and techniques that Bruno Mars uses in his singing!

Understanding His Voice

Bruno Mars doesn’t sing in his chest voice or head voice all the time.

Neither does he switch between them.

What he does is that he sings in a mixed voice most of the time.

That’s one of the things that makes Bruno Mars so special and unique. 

Bruno Mars Highest Note – Mixing the Voice

For this technique, you will need to find your middle voice.

You can’t shout or whisper, you have to find a balance between your chest and head voice.

You have to mix them both but it is not easy.

There are many ways to sing like this but the easiest way is to imagine that you are crying and sing in that voice. 

To make it simpler and easier, you can first start talking in a crying voice and a normal volume.

Slowly you can increase your volume and talk that way for a while.

After you do this for a while, you can start singing that way. 

Sing in a crying voice but in a normal volume at first.

When you think you should increase your volume now because you are going well, increase it and continue to sing.

Practice this technique until you master it.

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Mixing the Voice Better

After practicing the above technique, it is time to go further and become professional at it. 

To mix your voice better, you can mix the voice coming out from three resonators.

Your three resonators are your throat, nasal and mouth.

Follow the steps mentioned below to mix your voice:

  • First sing with your throat voice normally. 
  • Then try to sing with your nasal voice too and mix both of them together. 
  • Now, try to shape your mouth like Bruno Mars does. You can see his live performances to learn how he makes his mouth. 

Keep Your Body Parts Relaxed

It is important to keep your body parts relaxed if you want to sing so loudly and bluntly like Bruno Mars.

The most important body parts that should be relaxed are your shoulders, neck and jaw. 

As your throat voice is related to your neck area, keeping it relaxed is very important.

Before singing, you can try to do a few neck exercises like rolling your neck and you will be good to go.

To relax your jaw, you can chew on to something like a bubble gum before singing to help the muscles relax. 

When all these muscles and body parts are relaxed, you will notice a huge improvement in your voice.

It will become easier for you to sing like Bruno Mars.

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Sing Along Bruno Mars

It is always a better idea to sing along the songs of Bruno Mars.

But what’s even better than this is to sing along with him in his live performances.

You can find a lot of concerts and interviews where he sings live on YouTube. 

Singing along with him in his live performances is better because that is his raw voice.

So, you can easily compare your raw voice to his and learn a lot more than you can from his songs.

Sing Karaoke

You can find a lot of karaoke for Bruno Mars’ songs on YouTube.

Taking this step is good when you think that you have learnt a lot to sing like Bruno Mars. 


Does Bruno Mars have perfect key? The answer is NO but he has practiced a lot to make it sound like he does.

Practice is the key.

You need to do a lot of practice until you think you are good enough now.

You should practice at least an hour every day if you want to sing like Bruno Mars. 

Moreover, there is a good way to practice.

You should start practicing on a certain song and remember all its lyrics by heart.

Sing that song by combining all the techniques mentioned above.

Keep practicing it until you think you have mastered that song even if it takes a lot of days or weeks.

Then move on to the next song and repeat the above procedure.

As you learn more and more songs, you will notice you are becoming better and better at this and it will take less time for you to master his songs.

Make sure to learn each technique individually at first and then combine them.

This way, you will sound more like a professional. 

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You can sing like Bruno Mars easily by following a few tips and tricks.

By practicing a lot, you can also be able to make your own song that sounds like him.

But for that, make sure to write lyrics like him too.

Practice on his songs so you can sound and sing more like him.

Only make your songs when you think you have mastered to sing like Bruno Mars. 

Moreover, try to mix your voice like he does by following the tips mentioned above.

You can easily achieve his techniques of singing by loads and loads of practice. 

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