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As a singer, there are some apps that can make your life so much easier.  And these are Apps to Help You Sing Better.

These apps, which you can easily download on your phones, can be used in different ways to make you a better singer.

Some of them are pitch correctors, some have vocal lessons to help you refine and practice your vocal skills, while some help you develop and fine tune your harmony singing skills.

No matter what stage you are in, professional or beginner, you will surely find some of the apps listed in this article as very helpful

1. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

This is probably one of the most popular and widely used singing apps today.

According to its developers, it was designed for music lovers who wanted to be able to create, discover, Love and enjoy music.

As a singer looking to refine and practice your vocal skills, or you just want to have fun singing with friends and colleagues, then this is the perfect singing app for you.

It has a library of over 800,000 songs, making it it ideal choice for you to easily record yourself and sing duets with your friends (and even featured artists).

It has great vocal filters and effects that you can play with to give your vocals that nice sounding effect.

It also has a magic piano feature which allows you to easily play some of the greatest songs right there in the palm of your hand.

It is available for download both for Android and iOS users.

It’s VIP plan comes with an awesome array of features for a very small price.

This is one fun and social app that can take your singing from “meh” to “awesome” instantly while having fun.

Check them out here now.

2. Vocular App

This is an app that helps you get a deep voice easily.

While most people struggle with getting that rich baritone voice, this app will easily set you on that path without any stress.

It has a simple and easy to use algorithm that analyses your voice and then gives you insights on your vocal depth and vocal variance.

It also helps to overlay and then match your vocals to that of over 100 celebrities, so you know what to do to sound like your favourite celeb.

It has a colored frequency graph that gives you a visual representation of your vocal range so you can easily adjust and know where to work on.

It is available for download for iOS and will be available for android users very soon.

Click here to check them out

3. Red Karaoke Singing App

The Red Karaoke singing app is an awesome singing app that helps you create songs and videos, improve your voice using the Vocal Fx features while giving you the option to sing duets with your friends and family.

If you are looking for a simple way to get exposure to millions of fans and a large audience then this is the ideal app for you.

With this app you can easily organize a fun and exciting karaoke party right in your own home.

All you have to do is to connect your phone or tablet to your Tv and you can begin singing and partying with your friends and colleagues.

It is compatible with a wide range of TV brands such as LG Smart TV, Web TV, Panasonic, Google and Samsung Smart TV.

It can be used both on your PC and your Mac and supports Windows 8 when used on your PC.

This is an app that was created by a group of people that enjoy singing while expressing their feelings through songs.

Click here to check them out now

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4. Sing Harmonies App

Created by Susan Anders, a renowned vocal and singing instructor, the sing harmonies app is the perfect tools for you struggling with your harmonies.

As singers you know that learning to sing in harmony can be a little confusing and hard to master.

With this app, you can learn how to sing in harmony while having so much fun.

It has about 20 songs with more being added daily, all produced and recorded by professionals, making sure that you sing correctly.

It is constantly being updated with more songs added to ensure that you always have new songs to practice with and take your harmony skills to the next level.

Using the app is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do turn on the app, pick a song from the library, read the instructions and you are good to go.

It is available for download from the Android App store.

5. Virtual Piano Keyboard

The virtual piano is a free online platform for people that want to practice and refine their piano playing skills.

With this platforms you can easily experience the feeling of playing a piano using just your computer.

If you are someone with no prior knowledge of how to play the piano or a pro looking to sharpen your skills, then this is the best choice for you.

It comes with a wide array of music sheets of different songs that you can use to practise as many songs as you want.

These sheet music are arranged in order of your skill level. So there is something for the beginner, the intermediate as well as the advanced player.

It also has the option to select and play movie soundtracks so you can get better while playing to your favourite movie tracks.

With it’s “Submit a song” function, you can also submit a music sheet that is not listed in the library, with credit given to you as the author.

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6. Theta Music Trainer

The Theta Music trainer app is for anyone that loves music and wants to become better at it on a deeper level.

It is ideal for instrumentalists, singers and music lovers of all skill levels that want to become better singers while having fun doing it.

The unique thing about this app is that the training is done using games as the main method of teaching.

This is because people tend tend learn better while they are having fun.

With this app you can choose to refine any of the four fundamental areas that make up music – these include melody, harmony, rhythm or sound.

Regardless of your experience, you can be sure that you will get something valuable out of using this app and become a better singer as well.

7. Swift Scales

This is a virtual vocal trainer that teaches you how to train your vocal cords while getting better as a singer.

It has breathing and pitch exercises for both beginners and experienced singers

It was created by singers meaning that they know all the difficulties singers face while trying to become better.

It is a versatile, very easy to use vocal training app that can be used by singers of different skill levels

With this app you can easily learn how to sing, warm up your voice and train your voice to become a better singer.

It comes with an easy to user interface that is very uniques

It has built in sessions that can take your from beginner to advanced level easily

It supports every mobile device and is available for download for both Android and iPhone users.