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Billie Eilish is a very famous singer nowadays.

She’s super young but people of all ages like her songs.

Her songs seem way mature than her age and maybe that’s the main reason why she is liked by everyone.

Billie Eilish has a very different way of singing and it is not easy to sing like her.

She is naturally gifted with such a voice but can someone else sing like her?

If you are a Billie Eilish fan and you want to start singing, you must have had a question in your mind, “How to Sing Like Billie Eilish?” 

You can sing like her by following a few tips and tricks. Let’s find out how!

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Tips and Tricks

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you can sing like Billie Eilish at any age.

Even though she is young, her voice is mature.

Her singing style is very unique therefore, people have a hard time singing like her.

By following the tips mentioned below, you can learn how to sing like Billie Eilish. 

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Understand Her Voice

The first step is to learn and understand how she sings.

You need to know which parts she uses the most when she sings.

Billie Eilish usually uses a lot of breathy voices.

You can say that it seems like she has run a few miles before singing the song.

No, you don’t need to do that to imitate her voice.

Other than a breathy voice, Billie Eilish also sings clearly.

It is not just breathy sound, clear sound is also necessary if you want to sing like her.

She has a deep voice which makes her voice sound more mature.

If you don’t have a deep voice, you might find it difficult to sing like her.

Billie Eilish goes from low notes where her voice is not as clear and her breathy voice can be heard to high notes where everything is clear.

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Practice Breathy Voice

Before practicing any other aspect of her singing, it is better to practice how to sing in a breathy voice.

You can sing in a breathy voice by exhaling more than you normally do while singing.

But don’t overdo it or it won’t sound nice.

It will sound like you need an auto tune which is not what we are looking for.

Practicing this aspect is extremely important because you have to practice switching between low and high notes after this.

If you don’t know how to sing during the low notes, you won’t be able to switch between high and low notes.

Practice In Clear Voice

Once you have mastered the art of singing in a breathy voice, you should start practicing singing clearly.

Try to sing as clearly as possible and make sure all the words that you are singing can be heard easily. 

Singing clearly doesn’t mean that you have to shout.

Billie Eilish doesn’t shout in her songs.

She sings very lightly and that is what you should do as well. 

Practice Switching 

After you are done practicing both high and low notes, it is time for switching between them.

You can choose her songs for this purpose.

First, listen to her songs and learn all the lyrics.

A good song for this purpose is “Lovely”.

You can skip the parts where Khalid sings and only practice Billie Eilish’s parts.

Notice in which parts she is singing in low notes and in which parts she is singing in high notes.

The part where she switches is where you need more practice.

Moreover, staying on the note for as long as required also requires practice. 

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Practice with Different Songs

After you are done practicing switching between low and high notes, it is time to practice different songs of Billie Eilish.

The reason why you should practice her songs before making your own is because you will learn better that way. 

Sing in A Deep Voice

Singing in a deep voice is also necessary if you want to sing like Billie Eilish.

For this purpose, sing all through your chest and not through your nose.

You can’t have a deep voice if you sing through your nose. 

Sing Lightly

As mentioned above, Billie Eilish doesn’t shout in her songs.

She sings very lightly even though she has a deep and mature voice.

You have to practice this aspect as well especially if you have a loud voice.

Try to sing her songs in a light voice.

Singing in a light voice doesn’t mean that you don’t sing loud enough to record a song properly.

It just means that you sing with a slightly high volume voice and not in a shouting voice.

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Create Your Own Song

If you want to create your own song and sing like her in it, you can do it as well.

All you have to remember are the tips mentioned above.

Follow the further tips for a song like her:

  • Write good, mature and deep lyrics for the song. 
  • Keep the background music deep sounding as well.
  • Sing in a deep voice but don’t shout. 
  • Combine all the tips mentioned above to sing like her in your own song. 

You will need a lot of practice before you can create your own song in her voice.

Practice her songs before you make your own song if you want to sing exactly like her. 


You can sing like Billie Eilish if you focus on the tips mentioned above.

Practice one thing at a time and start from the most basic aspect of her voice.

It is better to start practicing singing in a breathy voice and then going towards singing in a clear voice.

Keep your voice mature and deep while singing all the notes.

Don’t just practice on her sad songs like Lovely, Everything I wanted, etc., sing her fast songs too like Bad Guy.

This way, you will practice her songs in the best way possible and won’t have any issues singing a fast song or a slow song when you make your own. 

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