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Post Malone was born as Austin Richard Post in the city of New York where he resided till he was 9 years old.  

His father was select to manage the Dallas Cowboys concessions and for this reason, Post had to move to Texas.

It was when he was in his teenage ages that he made up the name Malone for himself which he said was adapted from an online rap-name generator.

Though he is a rapper and sometimes, does music rap with other rappers, he still carries out experiments across various genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, Pop and Rap for his singles, guest features, and albums.

At the age of 16, he started writing lyrics for himself and went on to record his opening mixtape, which he afterward, he tagged it as “awful”.

It was also around this period that he joined some rock band performances and rapped in videos which they posted on Vine and YouTube.

Eventually, he started working alongside FKi 1st and Rex Kudo on music that combined low quality hip-hops with tunes that are influenced by rock-folk sounds.

In some months, he had grown out of clubs and joined Justin Bieber and Kanye West to go on music tours.

In 2016, he launched “Stoney” which was his first appearance album and it went double platinum.

The album had several catchy and charmingly coarse songs, like the churn and magnificent anthem “Congratulations.”

With passing years and more albums on the release, he made his name and was renowned worldwide across numerous music genres.

Hence, various persons would love to sing like him and attain the goals he achieved.

If you are such a person, you could check out the tips below and find yourself singing like Post Malone.

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Steps to Learn to Make Vocals like Post Malone

Sing His songs

This is a very important tip if you want to sing like anyone and not just Post.

The more you sing his songs, the more you get used to every bit of his tones and discover how he blends his voice to make music.

When you sing his songs and find out that you exhibit similar singing attitudes though your voice might not be an exact match, you could then opt for other tips to get you to the desired point.

There are several songs made by Post Malone that you would surely want to have on your device and sing.

They come in ascending order of popularity and include; Stay, Otherside, White Iverson, Blame it on me, all my friends by 21 “six cars” savage, I fall apart, Hollywood’s bleeding, Saint Tropez, Over now, Circles and Feeling Whitney

These are not all his songs but at least, a number that you can start from if you are ready to sing his songs and challenge yourself.

Download the G-Snap Plugin

A G-Snap plugin is a necessary tool too you should download to make your voice like that of his.

There is no charge attached to download it and it is very user friendly.

With this plugin, you can correct your pitch in your vocal tracks easily, and with your DAW update, you can sing peacefully.

You should not bother too if you have a bad voice or make terrible music, it gives a good effect on your music and makes it turn out fine.

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Use auto-tune

Several singers make use of this to tune their voice nicely and Post is not an exception, hence you will surely need to employ this in your music to sound like him.

This is when the plugin comes in and you begin this by recording your vocals and not straining yourself to sing.

Whatever tune or tone that emanates from your mouth, you let it roll along and put it to the right music when it’s time for editing.

After that, you should make 2 additional duplicates for your track and arrange them in an order that the 1st is on the right, the 2nd is on the left and the 3rd is in the center.

Ensure they are in the same group too and use the below settings to add effects to your music.

GSnap Auto-tune Settings:

  • Key & Scale: The key & scale of your song
  • Min Freq: 40Hz
  • Max Freq: 2000Hz
  • Gate: -80
  • Speed: 1
  • Snap To Selected Notes: Yes
  • Threshold: 320
  • Amount: 100%
  • Attack: 1ms
  • Release: 1ms
  • Pitch Bend: 0 cents
  • Vibrato: 0 cents
  • Vib Speed: 0.1
  • Calibrate: 440

When you have done this, add some EQ and it should be quick EQ so that you could use it to reduce the low-end frequencies you do not want and amplify the mid/highs to make it more clear and bright.

Make sure you add a compressor next and it should be one that is sufficient for pulling the vocals back at once.

Adding reverb to your music is one of the most vital features of attaining that New School vocal sound.

You can put in various reverbs to your original tracks (panned left and right) to make it sound better and a one-time figure I do use for this is a range of 2-2.5 seconds.

I reduce the compactness to 40% and increase the Dry/Wet from 25% to 35%.

To sum it all, you will need to put in a Delay.

In my field, I put in a simple delay so that the vocals can bounce slightly bounce forth and back between the left and right channels.

I also ensured it wasn’t intense enough to overpower the vocals it resonates over but still sufficiently loud to add worth to the track.


The above tips will guide you on your quest to sound like Post Malone when you are singing.

Though it will require patience and dedication, you will also have to pay good attention to the settings above and know when to adjust when it is necessary.

Still, you can achieve what you want if you are willing to pay the price. Enjoy the tips and get your target.

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