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Justin Bieber is a famous singer.

He is the sensation of a lot of people’s hearts.

He is loved by everyone despite their age group.

Just like any other singer, Justin Bieber also has a personal singing style. 

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber then you must have thought at some point, “How to Sing Like Justin Bieber?”

Singing like Justin Bieber is not that difficult.

You just need a few tips and tricks and you can easily sing like him.

The idea is not to impersonate or imitate him; it is to use his singing techniques to improve your singing voice and your songs. 

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Tips and Tricks

By following a few tips and tricks, you can start singing like Justin Bieber.

It is important to note that if you are not a professional singer, you might get some difficulty in singing like Justin Bieber.

It is better to learn singing first before learning how to sing like him.

Moreover, you can’t sing exactly like a professional singer like Justin Bieber but you can be close.

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Understand His Style

How to Sing Like Justin Bieber

Before you can start singing like him, it is important that you know what makes him different from him.

Justin Bieber has an agility in his voice which makes it different from other singer’s voices.

If you want to sing like him, you have to develop agility in your voice too.

Develop Agility

Developing agility is the first step to sing like Justin Bieber.

Before starting to sing like him, try to develop agility in your voice and singing.

You can start speaking quickly at first and then use this method in singing too.

The thing is, if you start speaking fast, you will not face difficulty in singing fast.

But if you speak slow, it can be hard to sing with agility. 

Practice talking fast and once you think you are good to go, practice singing fast.

Practice His Songs

It is better to practice with his songs before making your own.

You can make your own songs once you are sure that you have started singing like Justin Bieber.

The best song to practice is “Beauty and The Beast” by Justin Bieber.

This song has a lot of elements that Justin Bieber uses while singing. 

Firstly, learn the lyrics of his songs by heart. Only then you can practice his songs without any disruption. 

Sing Through Your Throat

Many people sing through their nose while many people sing through their throats.

Justin Bieber sings through his throat and nasal passage.

So, if you want to sing like him, you will have to sing through your throat as well. 

Singing through your nose gives a different effect to your voice.

It makes it hard to have a high pitch while Justin Bieber changes his vocals from low to unusually high.

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Practice High Pitched Sound

Justin Bieber has many songs with a lot of high notes in them.

If you want to sing like him, practicing high notes is absolutely necessary.

You can ace high notes only if you are a professional singer, naturally have a good voice or have learnt singing in the past.

If you are just a beginner, you should take some singing classes on how to have good high notes.

Learn How to Switch from Chest to Falsetto

In many songs of Justin Bieber, he switches his singing from chest to falsetto and back to his chest.

For example, listen to the chorus of his song “As Long As You Love Me”.

You will notice how his voice changes as he switches between his chest voice, falsetto voice and back to his chest voice. 

Try to sing the chorus of “As Long As You Love Me” like him and practice it as much as you can. 

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How to Make A Song Like Justin Bieber?

After learning How to sing like Justin Bieber, you can also make a song like him.

You don’t need to copy his music or his lyrics but you can take a guide from him. 

Listen to All His Songs

Before trying to make a song like him, it is better to hear all his famous songs to find out what the hype is about.

Remember that you are not listening to the songs to enjoy them but you are listening to learn from them.

Focus on how he sings, and how he pronounces words.

Also focus on the background music.

Background music is a very essential part of a song.

Try to understand which instruments have been used in his songs. 

Use a Mixing Software

If you don’t have a band and you don’t know how to use real instruments, you can make a melody by using a mixing software.

But make sure you don’t copy any of his melody but still try to make it sound like his.

Write the Lyrics

Justin Bieber usually doesn’t use complicated words in his songs.

He uses simple English so try to write the lyrics in simple English.

Most of his songs are love songs.

Try to write about someone you love.

Keep it a little cheesy and not straight up romantic.

That’s how his songs are. 

Sing the Song

Now that you have lyrics and a melody, you can start singing.

Try to sing in different ways and keep all the tips mentioned above in your mind.

At the end, combine everything and you will come up with a song like Justin Bieber. 


You can sing like Justin Bieber by following a few points.

You can’t just achieve his voice in a day or two instead you will have to practice a lot.

It is better to practice in his songs rather than making yours in the start. 

Try to sing with agility and switch your voice from your chest to your falsetto.

These little tips will help you sing like Justin Bieber.

Once you think you can sing like him, you can start making your own songs.

There’s no shame in learning from a professional singer.

It doesn’t mean that you are copying them.

In the end, you will find your own singing style inspired by your favorite singer.

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