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Ever wondered how to sing like Drake? Then read this article to the end.

Aubrey Drake Graham is not a new name to the millennials.

The 33 years-old Canadian rapper is also a songwriter, singer, actor, entrepreneur, and a record producer.

But the one thing that makes Drake stand out is that, contrary to the norm in the music industry, he is a singer who raps and not a rapper who sings.

Over the years, Drake has improved his singing and rapping skills by several folds, and a lot of people have different speculations about it.

Some say he uses auto-tune while others say he’s been taking vocal coaching.

Either way, he has significantly enhanced and improved his musical skills, and his fans are only getting happier.

For the fans who wish to replicate the way Drake sings and keep failing, there’s a reason why you are not able to do it- you’re trying to!

Find out what this means and what other things you can do to sound more like Drake in the guide below. 

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What Does Drake Sound Like?

how to sing like drake
Photo by Tim Savage on Pexels.com

Drake’s voice and singing style are relatively laid back, and you will notice that he doesn’t strain for the higher notes.

He doesn’t stress too much about taking long runs and doesn’t impress anyone with his singing skills.

He tries to be as natural and comfortable with his voice as possible, which is an attractive feature in any singer slash rapper.

His voice is typically very calm, neutral, smooth, and his tones are warm

His Vocal Range 

Drake’s vocal range is E2 to G#4, based on his recorded vocals on a piano.

This vocal range translates into two octaves, three different notes, and one semitone.

Two octaves are pretty good for average singers.

But when it comes to professional singing and rapping, music and entertainment don’t depend on the technical measurements.

Instead, the music’s quality depends on how he uses his natural vocals, being comfortable with the notes, and the octaves that he can perform correctly. 

His Vocal Type

If you pay attention to his vocals, you will notice that Drake sounds youthful in many of his songs.

His music quality is borderline raspy, which makes him sound young and passionate.

However, it is more like an approach that he takes for particular songs appropriate to the genre. 

Similarly, in many other songs, he sounds too deep, and his voice is way too resonant.

Somehow, it seems that Drake changes his voice according to the genre of the song he’s singing.

While this sounds like immense talent, it can be tricky when you’re trying to find out what his vocal type is. 

However, the way he speaks in his interviews and casual talks sounds more like a baritone or a Tenor; some call him a “baritenor.”

He also includes bass in his singing style quite often. 

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His Accent 

Drake has faced several accusations, controversies, and drama because of his changing accents.

Thus, it is hard to say what his real accent is and how he sings.

You will spot him using a Jamaican accent in some of his videos while he has more of an English accent in others.

Thus, imitating Drake’s accent can be tricky since it keeps changing so much. 

Does Drake Use Auto-tune?

According to the media and popular sources, Drake uses auto-tune for his pitch correction.

Currently, the singer and rapper uses melody for necessary and essential modifications.

However, his older songs were tuned using the traditional auto-tune.

Answering the question about using auto-tune, it is widespread speculation that the singer probably uses mechanical help.

However, it doesn’t change the truth that his music still resonates with his audience, and his fan following has only been increasing since the past several years. 

How Drake Improved His Voice, And How You Can Too:

Ever since Drake became a musical sensation in 2009, he has been trying to improve his skills in various ways.

The singer/rapper shares seven ways he has improved his singing.

They are: 

  • He made significant changes to his lifestyle, his diet in particular. 
  • He made sure his studio tones were the same as those he used on stage in live performances. 
  • He fixed his posture after realizing that his bent and forward body alignment wasn’t helping his singing. 
  • He boosted his water intake by several folds. 
  • He ultimately quit sweet teas. 
  • He installed humidifiers around him, especially on the bus he traveled on during tours. This humidity around him helped him soothe his vocal cords and keep his voice in check. (Ensure that they are not moldy, or they do more damage than benefit.)
  • He practiced, practiced, and practiced to learn how to combine his rapping and singing voices finally. 

Some Classic Drake Songs To Try: 

Most of Drake’s musical creations have been the top trends of their time.

However, when it comes to replicating this rapper’s singing style, there are a few classics that you can try to imitate.

The logic behind copying a song by the singer is that it is easier for you to listen to the musician, observe and memorize his style, and repeat it alongside the musician.

For this purpose, the following are a few classic songs by Drake that you can try to replicate:

  • Worst Behaviour
  • Hold On; We’re Going Home 
  • Know Yourself 
  • Best I Ever Had
  • Paris Morton music
  • Passion fruit
  • Feel no ways
  • Hype
  • Hotline Bling
  • Make Me Proud
  • Shot For Me
  • Trust Issues


Drake has been a trendy musical sensation for the past many years, and many of his songs have been social media trends.

The fact that the millennial population loves him so much for his content is the primary reason why Drake is so popular despite his limitations in singing.

So, if you’re trying to sing like Drake, pretty much all you have to do is be comfortable in the vocals that you have and perfect the skills that naturally occur in you.

Be more laid back, relax, fix your posture, and be adaptive to what you have, instead of trying to impress people.