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Johnny Cash is a famous artist.

He sang a lot of songs of different genres due to which he has fans liking different genres.

Johnny Cash has a unique voice that can’t be imitated by everyone.

If you are a Johnny Cash fan, you must have thought, “How to Sing Like Johnny Cash”?

You can sing like him by following the techniques he used in his songs.

You must understand his voice and techniques before applying them in your singing. 

You can also go for a few exercises to sing like Johnny Cash.

All these things combined will make you sound like the legend that is Johnny Cash.

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Johnny Cash Voice Impression – Tips and Tricks

If you want to sing like Johnny Cash and you are looking for practical tips and tricks to sing like him, you are at the right place.

Johnny Cash was a professional singer; therefore, it might take some time for you to learn how to sing like him.

But all you have to do is not to give up and keep practicing.

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Understand His Voice

It is very important for you to understand his voice and his singing style.

Johnny Cash naturally had a low voice which is his most prominent singing feature.

To imitate him, you must sing in a low voice.

He had a soft and light voice with no tension to be heard in it.

If you want to sound like him, having such a voice is very essential.

If you have a loud voice, you can still sing like Johnny Cash by practicing to sing in a low voice.

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Sing Low

How can you sing in a low voice like Johnny Cash?

The most important thing about singing like him is to sing in a low voice. 

There isn’t any shortcut to this; all you have to do is practice a lot.

It is better to start talking in a low voice first.

Eventually you will sing low too. 

Moreover, the best time to practice your low notes is in the morning.

In the morning, your voice is natural; therefore, it is the best time for practicing.

When practicing your low notes, make sure that your mouth is relaxed and there is no tension to be heard in your singing.

Sing Politely

Another tip to sing like Johnny Cash is to sing politely.

Sing like you are singing a lullaby to make a kid sleep. 

Emphasize on the words more than your volume.

Sing like you are shooting delicate flowers from your mouth. 

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Learn Vocal Fry

Vocal Fry is like a cartoonish voice.

Johnny Cash used this technique a lot in his singing.

You can imitate that by singing like a cartoon character.

Try to keep your voice a little shrill in this part because that’s how cartoonish voices usually are. 

Johnny Cash usually used this technique at the start of his notes so try to practice that as well.

Switch Between Notes

As mentioned above, Cash had a vocal fry voice in the start of his notes and after that it would be his normal voice.

The switch between these voices sounded very natural and professional.

For this switching, you must practice a lot.

When you practice both vocal fry and singing in a low voice, you will automatically be able to switch between them like a professional.

But if you have not mastered these techniques individually, you won’t be able to sound as natural. 

Do It Slowly

Johnny Cash had this habit of going slowly to his desired note.

He would sing in a low voice and go to the other desired note gradually.

Many people go to the note directly and they do it nicely too.

But Johnny Cash used a different technique in this regard.

He used the technique of scooping.

It is easier to go to a certain note slowly then by going to it directly.

But it does not mean that you don’t need practice to master it.

Without practicing this technique, you won’t be able to incorporate it in your singing.

Sing Brightly

Even though Cash used to sing in a low voice, his words and singing used to be very bright.

It means that he did not sound depressed or gloomy even while singing in a low voice.

Many times, when people are told to sing in a low voice, they automatically think that they have to make their voice sound depressed.

But this is not the case here.

Make sure your voice sounds bright and enchanting despite singing in a low voice. 

The words should be clear and easy to understand.

Learn His Accent

Even when you master the techniques mentioned above, if you don’t have Cash’s accent, you won’t be able to sing like him.

Having his accent or at least singing vowels like him is important. 

For this purpose, you can use his live concert videos or interviews.

There, you will find his raw voice which will teach you a lot.


Practicing is very important to master anything.

If you really want to sing like Johnny Cash, you must practice as much as you can.

You can practice for just 30 minutes every day and you will eventually come around.

But if you skip days, it won’t be good for your singing. 

Use all the techniques mentioned above and combine them all at the end.

It is important that you use his songs to practice on.


Singing like Johnny Cash requires practicing a lot of techniques.

Only then you can sing like him.

He was a professional singer so you can also consider a vocal coach.

It will not only help you sing like him but it will also make your voice better.

You can also use some exercises to make your voice better and sound more like him.

Try to sing low and practice switching between notes without sounding unnatural.

These techniques are important to learn if you want to sing like Johnny Cash.

Practicing his songs and singing along with him is the best in this regard.

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