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Wondering about how to sing like Charlie Puth, then this article is for you.

If you are a millennial, it is a rare chance that you don’t know who Charlie Puth is.

An internet sensation, a crush to many, and an inspiration to singers, Charlie Puth is an American singer and songwriter.

The singer started his musical career by uploading his videos on YouTube, which became viral and gained worldwide exposure.

Since then, his songs like “Attention,” “See you again,” “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” have captured the hearts of many and continue to climb up the ladder of fame. 

His song with Wiz Khalifa, that he co-performed, co-produced, and co-wrote, gained the number one position on Billboard Hot 100.

What’s more, it stayed on the top for 12 weeks.

During this time, hundreds of talented upcoming singers have tried to replicate the song and the way Charlie Puth sings.

Lucky for you, it is not that hard.  

Read on to know more!

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What Does Charlie Puth Sound Like?

how to sing like charlie puth
Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

Overall, Charlie has a very thin voice, with a lot of airy feels to it.

If you listen to most of his songs, like Attention, for example, you will find that the way he sings involves a lot of air, and his voice is immensely light. 

Moreover, his singing style has a little bit of attitude to it.

For example, the way he emphasizes certain words in his lyrics implicates that he has quite an attitude in his voice.

His pronunciations are clear and precise, and he focuses on words that he needs to emphasize. 

Charlie Puth’s Vocal Range 

Charlie Puth has a vocal range that ranges from G2- C#5-B♭5.

The song that he sang with the lowest pitch was ‘The Way I Am.’

His vocal range was D♭3 to D♭5 throughout the song.

Moreover, the music that he had the highest pitch range in was ‘Boy,’ where he sang in a vocal range of D4 to G6.

Other popular songs by Charlie Puth also had a similar vocal range.

Take Attention, for example, which he sang in B♭3 to C♭5 and ‘One Call Away’ in notes G4 to C6. 

His Vocal Type

Charlie Puth is a tenor singer.

The tenor is a classical singing voice for males who have vocal ranges between baritone and countertenor voice types.

Tenor, as a matter of fact, is one of the highest voice types in males.

The typical tenor vocal range can extend to C5, whereas the lowest extreme is approximately A♭2.

Some tenors can extend their highest notes up to F5.

Charlie Puth has a diverse vocal type since he moves along these vocal ranges in almost all of his songs. 

Like most tenors, Charlie also has a significant environment of falsetto in his voice.

You can spot it several times in every single song of his.

Falsetto is a voice producing method that singers, especially males, use to phonate higher notes.

The vocal register occupies frequency ranges lying right above the modal registers and overlaps it by about one octave.

Singers like Charlie usually produce falsetto by vibrating the ligamentous edges of their vocal cords.

Such a voice production generates more breathy and airy sounds, just like that of Charlie’s.

Moreover, if you listen closely to his songs, you will spot efficient belting here and there!

Professional singers know how to involve a smooth belt in their singing styles, making it subtle but effective, and Charlie does it amazingly.

He uses his high and low notes simultaneously as needed.

You will notice a lot of momentum variations in the way he sings, but these changes are never abrupt.

They are smooth, yet they take you by surprise and reignite your interest in the song. 

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His Accent 

It is not surprising news that Charlie Puth has an American accent when he sings.

Since the singer is American in general, it clearly shows how he pronounces and dictates his lyrics.

Moreover, another essential aspect of Puth’s accent is how he pronounces his words and emphasizes where he finds it best.

This particular characteristic of his singing style determines how empowering and powerful his songs are and how clear the message is. 

When you are trying to replicate the way Charlie Puth sings, keep his accent in mind.

The way the singer speaks and pronounces his lyrics is a distinguishing factor and isolates his singing style from others. 

How Did Charlie Puth Learn How to Sing?

According to a famous CBC interview, the singer himself states that he learned singing through auto-tune.

He says he used to sing a note and then correct the pitch using auto-tune.

Once he listened to the updated version, never try to replicate, and emulate the new notes.

“I taught myself how to sing using auto-tune.” is what Charlie Puth says about himself. 

Listening to artist’s interviews and thought process will help you to understand small nuances that form their overall style.

While it is hard to say if he still uses auto-tune in his songs, his singing style is unique and impressive.

His live performances and YouTube videos show that the singer, indeed, is immensely talented.

So, if you want to replicate the way he sings, maybe try copying how he learned how to sing. 

Some Classic Charlie Puth Songs to Try

Now that you’ve understood what Charlie Puth sounds like, start practicing with a song that will help you get in touch with his singing style.

Even though he has launched plenty of different, hit songs and albums throughout his career, some pieces are classic Charlie Puth.

Following songs are ideal to start with.

  • Attention
  • One Call Away
  • LA Girls 
  • Through It All
  • Up All night
  • Mother
  • Marvin Gaye
  • How Long
  • Left Right Left
  • Somebody Told Me 
  • Empty cups


The 28-year-old singer, Charlie Puth, has been an internet sensation and have successfully stolen many hearts.

Many are inspired and want to replicate his singing to achieve the same sky heights of success.

Others are diehard fans who want to sing just like their favorite singer.

No matter what the reason is, singing like Charlie Puth is no rocket science if you have what it takes.

Remember, work on your soft voice, make it smooth, make it airy, and focus on the pronunciation!

These are essential aspects of the way Charlie sings, and if you accomplish these, you can sing just like the talented musician himself. 

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