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John Mayer is a famous singer with a lot of fans.

It is of no shock if you are his fan too.

Many of his fans think, “How to Sing Like John Mayer”?

If you think that too, then you have come to the right place.

John Mayer gave a lot of hits and has fans from all over the world.

Many people would like to learn to sing like him.

It is not easy to sing like such a professional artist.

But it is also not impossible.

By following a few techniques, you can sing like John Mayer too. 

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John Mayer Voice – Tips and Tricks

If you want to sing like John Mayer, it is important that you understand that not every person has the same voice.

You might not be able to imitate him accurately but you can sing like him.

The point here is not to imitate or copy him but to learn from his singing style. So, let’s get started!

Understand His Voice

Before you learn how to sing like him, you must know how he actually sings and what are the prominent features of his singing.

He has a light voice and does not use a lot of heavy belting.

Despite all this, he still has a unique voice.

The best thing about his singing is that he always has a smooth transition from different notes and resonances.

Smooth transitions make you sound like a professional and like you are naturally good at it.

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Does John Mayer Have Perfect Pitch? – Blue Style

John Mayer has a very blue style when he sings.

It is important to learn how to make your voice blue.

It will automatically make you sound a little like him.

Moreover, he always chooses such types of melodies too.

Both these things combine to form big hits.

If you do the same thing, you will be able to sing like him,

Pronunciation Difference

He pronounces words very differently.

It makes him sound unique.

To know how he pronounces words, you can watch his live concert videos and find videos where he sings in a raw voice.

You will be able to learn a lot about his pronunciation.

Listen to his songs and focus on how and which words he pronounces differently.

You can also write them down so that you don’t forget.

Practice speaking those words the same.

Once you learn how to speak them, you will be able to sing them easily. 

Smooth Transition

John Mayer sings lighter and then transitions into a falsetto very smoothly.

To learn this technique, you must learn to sing falsetto first.

Falsetto is the highest note that you can sing apart from your natural voice.

It requires a lot of practice.

Make sure that you don’t yell thinking you are signing falsetto. 

Now when you master falsetto, it is time to practice smooth transitioning.

For that, you will need a lot of practice. 

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Listen to Blues

A good way to learn how John Mayer sings is to listen to blues.

He sings like blues but only lighter.

So, you have to sing like that too.

Try to sing a blue but in a lighter voice and you will be able to sing like John Mayer. 

Focus on the Lyrics

Focusing on the lyrics will help you sing lighter.

Make sure you learn the lyrics to his songs by heart so you can sing better.

When you know the lyrics, try to feel them from within and you will be able to sing like John Mayer. 

You can make your own song like this too by focusing on the lyrics and feeling them.

But for this purpose, your lyrics must be deep and telling a story. 

Guitar and Singing

John Mayer’s singing style and his guitar playing go hand in hand.

If he doesn’t play guitar by himself the way he sings, it would sound so different.

Even after following all the techniques mentioned above, you are not able to sing like him, it is probably because of this reason.

If you don’t know how to play guitar, you can use karaoke sounds.

You can find them on YouTube. Sing along with them for a better effect.

Hire a Vocal Coach

You can get help from a professional coach especially in the regard of blues.

Singing blues is not easy and it requires a lot of practice.

Some help from a professional will make it easy for you to sing like better.

A vocal coach will also help you improve your flaws and make your singing better overall.

It is a great step to take to not only sing like John Mayer but also to improve your voice.


Practice is the most important thing to sing like John Mayer.

A lot of practice will make it easier for you to sing like him.

For this purpose, learn the lyrics to his songs first and then practice to his songs.

It is better that you use his songs at first to practice on because you will automatically adopt his singing style this way.

Otherwise, you might mix up with other artists. 

If you have your own songs, try to sing them like John Mayer too but only after you have practiced on his songs. 

Moreover, practice all the techniques separately first and then combine them all.

When you listen to his songs after mastering all the techniques, you will notice where he has used which technique, it will become a lot easier for you as time passes.


John Mayer is a professional singer but you can become one too.

You can sing like him by following all the techniques mentioned above.

Make sure you sing lightly like he does, focus on the lyrics and feel them to get a better effect.

Practice as much as you can.

You will become a singer like John Mayer.

Practice falsetto and smooth transitioning more because these two are not as easy as the other techniques.

When you have mastered his songs, you can make a song like him too.

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