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Have you ever experienced a situation whereby your throat simply fails you?

You are about to start singing and your throat simply decides not to cooperate with you?

Yeah i have been there and i know the feeling. The simple reason for this is something i call Performance anxiety or being nervous

Let me tell you a story to help you better understand this…

Remember in school then when you want to approach and talk to a beautiful lady...and all of a sudden you find out that you have lost your voice?

Remember? Well for singers that’s the same thing we face.

And that’s the major reason why most singers struggle with thigh throats and all that.

In this article we will be looking at some of the major causes of this issue among singers and how to relax your throat muscles when singing.

What are the causes?

Like i mentioned earlier..one of the problems singers face on a daily basis is the performance anxiety.

And this causes the throat muscles called “constrictors” to constrict whenever this happens. This is something similar to the reaction you have when you are faced in a flight or fight situation.

Your survival mechanism kicks and you are faced with just two options. Same thing happens when you are faced with performance anxiety as a singer.

Another possible cause is simply poor speech habits and vocal technique.

If you really want to be a great singer and avoid all the unnecessary problems usually come up, the first thing you need to do is to master the basics.

You need to learn how to crawl before you start walking...and this includes things such as breathing properly and correct posture and developing a good singing technique.

If you start off with a bad technique, then one of the issues you will be faced with is having difficulty relaxing your throat muscles.

To make things much clearer...here is an illustration

Think about the motions of swallowing and yawning…

When you swallow your throat is closed. This is what you want to avoid when singing. Whereas when you yawn then your throat is wide open and air flows in easily.

This is what you want to shoot for…

Finally, your throat muscles can also be affected by something called “tension in the jaw”

This is a something that happens most times unconsciously. Like for example when you are watching a film or when sleeping.

The most important thing to be aware of here is that this is a bad habit and you want to try as much as possible to quit.

How To Relax Your Throat Muscles To Sing Better

How to relax your throat muscles while singing

Alright so we have looked at some of the causes of having tightness in our throats, let’s look at some of the ways we can fix this.

Stay relaxed

The first one is to try and stay relaxed. I know this is easier said than done but you just need to suck up and do it

Performance anxiety is truly a huge problem that most singers suffer from and here are a couple tips to help you get over this monstrous beast.

  • Learn to breathe. Take a deep breath in and out and just let your shoulders fall.

  • Remind yourself that you are there to have fun and do your thing. This will be very useful if you have done a lot of practice and you know your songs very well.

  • If you are having problems keeping a steady gaze, then pick one spot slightly above the heads of the audience and fix your gaze there.

  • Remember that it’s okay to have the shivers at first...but do not let this top you from having a great time.

Exercises for releasing tension in your throat

  • Take your finger and put it across your throat directly below your adam's apple and then then swallow.

  • Notice the motion (upward) that follows as you do this

  • Maintaining the same position start to yawn. Notice the downward motion as you do this.

  • This upward and downward motion will help in the opening and closing of your throat.

  • What you can do here is to practice this in front of a mirror. This helps you to see the upward and downward motion. It also helps you correct the flaws and makes sure you get it right

  • Do this repeatedly for about a month.

Here is a video for some practical advice on how to learn this properly


Having tension in your throat is something you should expect...especially as you get better in your singing career.

It is how you deal with it that determines if you get better or are stuck with it.

Hopefully this article you know how to fix it.