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Is Honey Good For My Singing Voice?

Is honey really good for your singing voice? This is one question i see in a lot of forums and get asked a lot of times. And i bet you also want to get the answer to this question. This is because as singers you need to make sure that you take care of your most important “tool”. And […]

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Is Green Tea Good for Your Singing Voice?

Is Green Tea good for your singing voice? Really? Are you looking for a simple or easy way to take care of your voice. As you get older, you start to look for ways to make sure that your voice does not fail you. There are a lot of myths and lies out there about what is good for […]

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How To Sing Vibrato Like A Pro

Singing in vibrato is so much fun I mean who does not want to learn how to sing one of the most exciting singing styles and technique there is today. If you can properly learn how to sing in vibrato, then you can be sure to create a true masterclass and beautiful song anytime you open your […]

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How to Practice Breath Control While Singing

It is part of the struggle of becoming a good singer. You have the enthusiasm and the drive. You have the voice and you know all about taking care of your vocal cords But when you attempt to start singing, you notice something really terrible. You have problems with your breathing and your breath control is way off the […]

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How to Breathe While Singing: A Step by Step Guide

If you still have no idea, then get this. Being able to breathe properly while singing is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Why? Because when you can properly breath and use your diaphragm in singing, then the results are much more awesome. There are a couple of things that you should learn if you […]

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How Much Water Should A Singer Drink?

Water makes up about 60 percent of your body… You know you need water to survive right? it  is an essential part of your diet that you simply cannot do without it for a long period of time. And as a singer you know that you need to keep your vocal cords lubricated at all time. But how much […]

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Best Studio Monitors Under 500 in 2020

Your studio monitors are very important. Why? Simply because the kind of monitors you have determine the quality of sound that you produce. If you have some cheap and rusty crap that you got from the pawn shop by the corner then do not expect your works to sound good. The simple truth is that your near field monitors […]

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Best Mixer for Podcasting in 2019

Are you thinking of starting a podcast?  And wondering if you need a mixer for your podcast? Want to add a podcast as a way to reach more of your audience? And you want something that is of high quality? Yeah i get you You definitely need a good mixer to go with your other equipment. Why? This is because […]

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Best Microphone For Hip Hop in 2019

Are you looking for the best microphone for hip hop? Then I got you covered. Here is something you need to know. Hip hop is entirely different from other genres of music. This is because a truly great hip hop song has certain characteristics and attributes that need to be present. For example Things such as the presence of the bass. And […]

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