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Ever wondered how to sing like Dave Grohl? Then you should read this article to the end.

Dave Grohl, an iconic musical hero, and the dynamic vocalist from Foo Fighters, is the idol of millions across the world.

His voice has a uniquely exciting quality that makes aspiring vocalists intensely curious about his techniques.

Many believe that he took training from the maestro Ron Anderson, while others believe that he uses false vocal cords.

The technique is learnable; however, it is crucial to be patient as to avoid blowing out your voice.

Dave Grohl did not master his technique in a day, but instead, he learned to do it the right way.

So, be sure to take all safety precautions before you close yourself in a room filled with amplifiers and start growling out lyrics.

This article will walk you through some techniques to achieve the raw distorted vocals that is Dave Grohl signature style.

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The Tamplin Method

how to sing like dave grohl
Photo by mohamed Abdelgaffar on Pexels.com

Myths and fallacies aside, Dave Grohl has the ability to sing in beautifully gentle tones and then growl like a demon returned from hell in some tunes.

‘White Limo’ is perhaps the best song to understand his technique and the excitement it stirs in the audiences.

His technique can only be mastered after fully grasping the depths of the Tamplin method, which requires you to master all levels of the Glottal Compression.

In most tones, Grohl appears to be grating and grinding his vocal cords, which is basically an effect that he has trained his voice to create.

It is crucial to avoid attempting this technique full-on as it can cause serious damage to your vocal cords.

Instead, consider obtaining training from a trained vocalist to help you make smooth transitions towards Dave Grohl’s signature technique.

Dave Grohl’s Vocal Range: Vocal Training

In order to sing like Dave Grohl, the first thing that comes to mind is: constriction.

If you have ever taken formal singing lessons, you must be familiar with the fact that constriction should be avoided to maintain a clean voice while singing.

This is primarily because constriction can dampen the quality of your voice tone, and if you are habitual of constriction, it can cause the muscles around the larynx to become strained.

Naturally, constriction can lead to vocal fatigue, hence young vocalists are advised to avoid it.

However, if you master the clever technique of smoothly coordinating constriction, you can explore extreme-style vocals and grim sounds that are common in punk, rock and metal genres.

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Understanding Three Sphincters to Emulate Distorted Sounds

It is crucial to regard your vocal tract as a sphincter so you can take the needful safety precautions.

You see, the vocal tract consists of three sphincters that can be used to safeguard the airway.

These are also known as the vocal folds, i.e., the aryepiglottic folds, and the ventricular folds, which are also termed as the false folds.

Each time we swallow, all three of the safety sphincters align and close in to stop all alien compounds from penetrating our airway.

Now, when you sing, these vocal folds become partially closed.

A pressure of air is generated underneath the vocal folds, causing them to vibrate.

The vibrated air flow is resonated across the vocal tract, creating a tune that flows out of the mouth.

Keep in mind that the safety sphincters positioned behind the aryepiglottic and ventricular folds are not typically put to work while we sing.

Mastering Extreme Singing Styles

When it comes to adopting extreme singing styles, like Dave Grohl’s, it is crucial to work on coordinating the secondary vibrations of the structures above the vocal folds.

Vocalists like Dave Grohl typically use the back of their tongue in coordination with the cartilages in their vocal tract.

However, this technique tend to differ, depending on the kind of sound distortion they wish to create.

In order to achieve this technique, it is crucial to focus on smoothly coordinating the constriction of the structures above your vocal folds.

As you attempt to understand this technique, you can sense how challenging and complex it is for an extreme vocalist to master the technicalities of the vocal cords.

With time, you will find yourself mastering the basics of extreme vocalists like Dave Grohl and learn the art of cleverly coordinating between the constriction of the structures positioned above your vocal folds.

Keep in mind that each structure and distortion variation is capable of producing a distinctive sound.

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False Fold Constriction

When it comes to metal or other extreme music styles, false fold constriction is increasingly popular.

The false folds are located right above your true vocal cords, and they sound much more aggressive in sound distortions.

However, you must take various safety measures and ensure accuracy of the technique to avoid damaging your true vocal folds.

The constriction of the aryepiglottic sphincter is another popular technique to create exciting sound distortions.

This particular sound is known as the growl voice.

Your aryepiglottic folds are tucked above your false folds, pushing them further away from the vocal folds.

So, you will have to channel the vibrations of the cartilages within your larynx to create that rattled sound.

This rattled sound is a popular effect used by Dave Grohl and James Brown, amongst other singers.

Safety First

The question of safety and avoiding vocal cord injury is of the utmost importance.

Evidence reveals that singers of extreme style music tend to have weaker vocal fold adductions, which allow them to sound aggressive.

A weaker vocal fold adduction simply means that the singers are capable of allowing more air to pass through their vocal folds.

While the vocal folds do not get much surface area as compared to other singers.

Practice to produce sounds from the chest to bring the aggressive edge to it.


Mastering the right coordination of constriction can be challenging, and it is crucial to avoid over compressing your vocal folds.

While you might to sound as primal and guttural as Dave Grohl, but it is crucial to keep your practice sessions short while attempting any kind of sound distortions.

Learning the art of coordination will take time, so do not aim to master it or prolong it in your very first try.

Give your voice a few days rest before you try again.

The sound distortion is quite like shouting, and to shout soulfully and excitingly as Dave Grohl, focus on making breathy sounds without compressing your vocal folds excessively.

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