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In the past, Twitch streams were mostly a weekend leisure thing but currently, it is, in fact, a job for some people.

You can stream games on YouTube and even Twitch though you need to pay attention to the accessories like lights, cameras, audio interfaces, AV equipment for professional broadcasts, and even microphones.

If the audio of the stream is not suitable enough, then your work could be all useless.

Hence, we have made this write-up for you to see some of the audio interfaces you can select from and use for twitching to give your stream a wonderful sound supply.

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5 Best Audio Interface for Twitch Streaming

Below, you will find several audio interfaces you could use for twitching:

1. GoXLR / GoXLR Mini Audio Interface

This audio interface is fitted with a variety of buttons, faders, and ports which makes it convenient for you.

It has a reasonable price though it is cheaper to buy the components individually.

It is an all-in-one audio interface and is very simple to use as it recommends a phantom power at 48V to XLR microphones.

The 70dB of gain it possesses can drive almost every mic on the market though it is not comparable to an ordinary audio interface.

It has more worth.

Instead of with software alone, you can still do your routing and mixing through hardware that has software backings.

These let your voice sound as you desire as you can employ different processing and regulate the audio routing to whichever of the unit’s USB audio devices which of course are multiple.

For instance, you can tune your mic to an audio device, your game to another, and of course, your chat to a different one and the line continues.

It is also possible for you to add different fun voice and effects, as you so wish.

Lastly, you can adjust the lighting thereby making it to also be a good visual accessory.

Although the original GoXLR is striking, the lesser GoXLR Mini proposes a superior value to the price.

The processing hardware and ports are still the same on the Mini, though you will fail to benefit from the effects and sample controls which is normally situated at the right-hand side.

Sincerely, these parts of the units should be the least of your worries as they are not so important, so you shouldn’t bat an eyelid towards them as the price difference could suffice for that.

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2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio is perfect for new starters in streaming or podcasting.

Aside from professionals who employ its use to achieve their goals, the new users too could use it for their sound twitches.

The interface sports a 2 XLR ins connection which allows for two microphones you need for podcasting.

It also has 2 mic preamps which make it capable of boosting the mic’s output when it is inserted in or removed from the DAW.

There is also a headphone output, 2 instrument inputs, and Phantom power which prevent you from facing obstructions when you employ a condenser.

It contains fundamental Pro Tools that eliminates software problem hence; you can begin using immediately you purchase it.

The build is excellent and of top quality and you do not need an extra driver to use it, hence, making it convenient for use.

Unfortunately, some users still make complaints of cut-outs in their audio. 

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3. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

If you are on the search for a sound interface with excellent performance, then the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 is a wonderful option for you.

It has a stylish look and is fitted with 20 outs, 18 ins, MIDI in/MIDI out and free plug-ins to aid you to mix sounds.

It also sports 10 1/4-inch balanced jack outputs and ADAT despite the fact that no drivers came packed with it.

 Hence, you will need to find the software yourself and install it which could be an annoying job at times. 

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4. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo

The users of the Universal Audio Apollo TwinMKII Duo are deeply in love with this audio interface.

It is perfect for a stream uses and has high-end A/D and D/A converters which make it more appreciative.

It has pre-installed plug-ins that reduces sound manipulations and issues, hence making it outstanding.

The audio interface also features 2 analog monitor outs, 2 line-outs, and 2 premium preamps that aid in ensuring its superb tone and analog made recording stand out.

Still, it lacks tutorials which should be done step by step to help the users enjoy its features.

Nevertheless, if you check it out on Amazon, you will find out that it has good ratings and is on a grade of 4.4/5.

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5. M-Audio M-Track 2X2

 The M-Audio M-Track 2X2 C-Series offers its users a performance with low noise and is very user-friendly.

It allows you to conduct recordings on two channels at the same time with the instrument and XLR input.

It comes along with the software which makes it possible for you to launch it into action immediately after purchase.

The audio interface sports a Phantom Power of 48v and more, 1/4″ headphone out, XLR/TRS combo and 1/4″ instrument input, Stereo 1/4” outs, and has a resilient metal frame.

All its components are of good quality and match the professional look it displays.

The volume control is stylish and central and it is very convenient for new users too.

Still, several users have made various reviews on Amazon saying that the audio interface normally stops and no longer functions without a good purpose despite its 4.0/5 grade on the platform.

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The need for an audio interface to aid your twitching is a very pressing one and the ability to choose the most fitting one for you lies in your choice.

If you are among those like me who love those that sport a quick setup or begin work without causing any stoppage, then you shouldn’t miss out on the audio interfaces with software.

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You should also consider the number of persons involved whether it a group record or you just want to go solo.

However, despite the situation you find yourself, you will want to check out these top five we’ve picked out for you and make a choice that fits your taste.