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It is part of the struggle of becoming a good singer.

You have the enthusiasm and the drive.

You have the voice and you know all about taking care of your vocal cords

But when you attempt to start singing, you notice something really terrible.

You have problems with your breathing and your breath control is way off the mark.

What do you do?

Do you give up and forget that dream of singing?

Is all hope lost?

Well not really...cos in this article we will be looking at what breath control is, how your breathing controlled and practical steps that you can take to ensure that you learn how to control your breathing.

What is breath control for singing?

As singers, one of the best things you can do is to learn how to properly breath.

Properly breath here means breathing from your stomach or your diaphragm

This is because breathing from your stomach gives you enough air.

If you read this article, you will see that they realise that learning how to control your breathing is the most important thing you can do as a singer.

Simply put, breath control is a process whereby a singer manages the air he or she gets while singing to enable them sing better and hit high notes easily.

There are a couple of things you should note about breathing properly while singing.

  • It should come easily and not be forced

  • Your posture (the way you stand or sit) plays a huge role in controlling your breathing while singing

  • You need to bring in your lungs and diaphragm when learning to breath properly

  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid being tensed as you breath

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How is your breathing controlled?

Before we look at some practical tips on how to control your breath while singing, we need to understand the way breathing works in your body.

According to this article here, breathing in our body is controlled by the nerve cells in our brain stem called the pons.

This pons are responsible for the unconscious habit of us breathing without any particular effort on our part.

This is the reason why we can go a whole day without making any conscious effort to stop and breath.

It is something that is controlled by our nervous system.

And as singers, this is what we need to emulate.

We need to practice our breath control to the point that it becomes part of us.

It becomes an unconscious habit that we do not have to think about.

We simply know it is there and working for us whenever we try to sing.

Breath Control Basics for Singing

While going about your normal daily activities, you are only interested in inhaling and exhaling.

But when singing, breath control means that you take your breathing off autopilot and you inhale and exhale quickly while maintaining your posture.

Breathing this way makes your breathing even and ensures that you sing properly

But the problem is that controlling your breath does not come as easy as it’s supposed to. You need to train your body for breathing while singing.

Here are the basics to help you get started

1. You need to discover your singing breath

How to Practice Breath Control While Singing

This is more of a personal thing and it involves feeling your breath while singing.

By visualizing and feeling the proper way to breath while singing, you notice that the process feels natural and comes to you without stress.

2. Learn to inhale while singing

You will notice that to sing properly you need to inhale and get a full breath quickly

So understanding how your body feels while inhaling to sing the next phase in your song helps you a lot.

Here is a simple exercise that you can use to get your inhalation game in check

  • Visualize the air as being really heavy (say maybe weighing over 50 pounds) and let it fall low in to your body

  • Explore this sensation as you allow it fall lower into your stomach

  • Visualize it falling faster and filling up every part of your body

  • Fill up your lungs with air as if you are blowing up a balloon. You will feel your abdomen and lower back start to expand.

  • This sensation of your lungs filling up with air is how you should properly inhale while singing.

3. Learn to exhale properly while singing

Inhalation and exhalation go together while singing

So learning how to exhale properly is also an important aspect that you should master.

Here is a simple practical exercise for properly learning how to exhale

  • Pick up a very light object like a feather or piece of paper and try to blow it (using your breath) across the room

  • Make sure your chest does not collapse as you do so

  • Notice the movements in your body while blowing the object across the room. You will notice that your abdomen and chest areas will slowly return to its normal position with your chest staying in the same position the whole time.

  • This is a simple way to get your body used to exhaling and making it easier for you to exhale while singing.

4. Get the right posture for singing

To be a master as breath control while singing usually involves two things.

Great posture and skillful inhaling and exhaling

So you need to make sure that you adopt the right posture while singing

You want to make sure that you are not slouching or not standing too rigid.

Also you want to ensure that your diaphragm does not lock and that you always ensure that you bring it into play while singing. Here is a useful article to help you with this.

When your posture and your breathing are in sync then you can be sure of singing effortlessly without any stress.


Learning how to control your breath is very important as a singer.

It is essentially the most important thing you want to master. Failure to do so can be the difference between you becoming a better singer or you failing as one.

One thing you should know is that practice helps a lot.

Start slowly and work on your inhalation. Then move to exhalation while maintaining a very good body posture.

At the end you will find out that, breathing comes to you easily and without stress.