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Best Turntables for Sampling in 2018

With a lot people wanting to get in DJing and sampling, there is a lot of search for the best turntables for sampling. Sampling is an important part of your craft as a DJ or producer and sooner or later you will need to learn this art. And it is only normal that you find something that […]

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Best Tube Screamer Pedal in 2019

Are you hardcore guitar fan? Then you are probably looking for the best tube screamer to give your guitar sound that hard and gritty edge. What if i told you that getting that sound does not need to be confusing or even expensive? There is no need to bang your head on the wall looking for how the […]

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Best Tremolo Pedal in 2019

Last month I was searching on the web looking to buy a new tremolo pedal. While searching, I noticed that a lot of the products out there are just downright crap. Seriously… Now I want to say that I am not much of what you will call a regular musician, but when it comes to equipments and how […]

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Best Tom Mics in 2019

As a drummer, I know that picking the right drum mics will either make or break my sounds. This is why I ensure that all my drums and equipment are some of the best in the industry today. When it comes to picking toms for my setup, I make sure that I pick the right product that […]

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Best Studio Monitors For 2019

You know what? As a music producer or singer, you need to know the best studio monitors on the market right now. Why? Simply because as the year rolls by new products jump on the scene and the only way to make sure the quality of your work improves is by knowing what’s hot in the market right […]

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Best Snare Mic in 2019

Do you know that there are lots of snare mics in the market today? And if you do not do your research properly, then you just might end up with a product that causes you more harm than good? Snare mics are an essential piece of a drummers kit and if you use the wrong choice, then […]

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Best MXL Mics in 2019

As a professional audio engineer and all round music nerd, I buy a lot of microphones. This is because I always want to know which one is the best and which one sounds really good for what I have in mind. One particular set of microphones I have enjoyed testing is the MXL brand of microphones. These microphones […]

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Best Mobile DJ Speakers 2018 – Buyers Guide

As a DJ, then you know that the one thing you cherish the most is your mobility. Meaning that you are constantly looking for ways to make your equipment less heavy and bulky so they are easier to transport and move about. This is true especially if you are a DJ that does not have a permanent […]

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