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Eating a banana before singing is bad for you as a singer.

This is because bananas produce an extra phlegm or mucus which goes and sits on your vocal cords leading to unclear and husky tone.

Think of it like this – although bananas are good for your nerves, mood and for sustaining energy levels they are actually very bad for your vocals

The actual texture of banana is very thick which sits on your vocal cords making it very difficult to sing properly.

Eating a banana right before singing will have the same effect as taking milk before signing.

You will find your vocal cords full with mucus and have a hard time singing comfortably

What to drink to have a good voice?

Banana Before Singing
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What you eat and drink will definitely have a huge effect on your voice.

There are some foods that are very good for your voice – while others such as dairy and milk will definitely spoil your vocal cords.

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1. Water 

This is without a doubt one drink you can drink to have a good voice

The health benefits of water for your vocal cords are numerous which you can read from this article here… but one major benefit is that it helps to hydrate your vocal cords.

Taking water right before you sing or even generally will ensure that your vocal cords always stay hydrated, no mucus production goes on and your voice is in tip top shape.

One way you can take water is to add things such as lemon to it which give it one taste that makes it easier to drink

Another thing you can do is to ensure that you have a water bottle that you fill with water every morning and you make it a habit to finish it up

These simple habits will ensure that you stay hydrated and you get your daily supply of water.

2. Fruits and vegetables

Another thing you can take to have good vocals and sing well is fruits and vegetable

Now I know banana is a fruit but the kind of fruits I am talking about are the ones that have a large water content in them

So things like grapes and water melon are things that you should be taking daily

They have a lot of water content in them and they help reduce the production of mucus in your vocal cords.

One trick you can use to make this a habit is to form the habit of making and taking smoothies.

This will help you keep up with your daily dose of fruits and vegetables for your vocal cords.

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3. Green Teas

Another very good drink that has major benefits for your voice is green tea.

Green tea contains some ingredients that are soothing to your voice.

One thing you should know about green tea is that you should get the decaffeinated type.

This is because getting the one which contains caffeine will result in your vocal cords drying up.

Also try as much possible to get the high grade ones like this and not some poor quality one which you find in any store.

Herbal teas are also very good for your voice.

They contain ingredients such as hibiscus flowers and chamomile which are very good for lubricating your vocal cords and for treating dry throats.

A word of caution: When getting herbal teas make sure you get from a trusted source.

There are lots on slimy people out there peddling packaged nonsense and calling it green tea or herbal tea.

You want to avoid this kind of people.

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Top 5 fruits for Singers

Another thing you can take before singing or in general for your singing voice is fruits

Here are my top 5 fruit recommendations for singers

1. Oranges

This is without a doubt my best fruit when it comes to fruits that are good for my singing voice.

It comes packed with vitamin A and C which helps ensure that my vocal cords stay hydrated and up to date.

Also the internal roughages are also good for my digestive and bowel system

All in all as a singer you want to ensure that you grab those oranges and get some in your systems daily.

2. Apples

Remember that quote that goes “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Same thing applies here with your vocal cords

Apples come packed with a lot of water content and hold a lot of vitamins and minerals that ensure that your vocal cords are well hydrated.

A good way to take your apples daily is to have them blended and used as smoothies

3. Watermelon

Watermelon also have a high amount on water content which is very good for your vocal cords

You want to chew your fruit, as they contain fiber, vitamins, and more good stuff that helps your body absorb it all better. Juices tend to be more sugar and water than anything else, so they go straight to your bloodstream and wear you out quicker.

4. Pineapples

Pineapple is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that helps your body fights off disease and infections

And you will surely agree with me that once your general well being is in good shape then your vocal cords will also be in good shape.

It also has enzymes that easy indigestion and boost your immune system

5. Carrots

They’re rich in beta-carotene, a compound your body changes into vitamin A, which helps keep your eyes healthy. And beta-carotene helps protect your eyes from the sun and lowers your chances of cataracts and other eye problems. Yellow carrots have lutein, which is also good for your eyes.

What foods should you avoid before singing

We’ve now discounted bananas for singing, but what other foods should you avoid before a performance?

Basically, anything with dairy in it is going to be trickier for your body to break down and should never be eaten straight before a show.

Dairy products such as cheese and milk can lead to a nasty acid reflux that can get into your vocal cords and have a negative effect on your singing voice.

Think of all that thick mucus that develops when you eat a cheesy snack or down a pint of milk.

It’s going to stick to your throat and inhibit you from hitting those top notes.

Don’t do it!

Anything food type to avoid like dairy and bananas would be anything like that contains a lot of sugar.

Sugar will also stick around in your throat.

Sugar can also give you a rush that will pass quickly.

Do you really want to take all the energy out of your voice and performance? Of course not!

We also recommend not eating anything with caffeine, chocolate, or butter in it, plus any type of fried food.


Taking banana before singing is not a good move

This is because Banana will form mucus on your vocal cords which makes it so much harder to sing properly.

I advice you get fruits that are largely made up of water content to eat as these helps to hydrate your vocal cords.