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If you are looking for the Best Chorus Pedals for Rhodes, then you should read this article to the end.

Pedals are the most important and popular impact block for guitarists.

Divide the signal into two parts.

Sing one of them and pause.

You can add subtle modulation to your sound or use it in a more radical way for a smarter effect.

It has been gaining popularity since the mid-1970s when the legendary choir of the boss and jazz chorus amplifier hit the world stage.

Chorus is now one of the most important effects a guitar can give and almost every pedal line has at least one.

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What is a chorus pedal?

Chorus pedals has modular effects as you’d obtain in tremolo, vibrato, and stage or period changer.

It splits the signal into two, delays one for a few milliseconds, and also offers a suggestion of modulation using a low frequency oscillator or LFO.

You can create a variety of sounds, from subtle drills to almost 12-string guitar shimmers to wild one-Vibe-style monsters.

The 80s chorus pedals were probably the premium choice for  choir use, and their sounds helped define most of the music in the hands of great musicians like Andy Summers of the Force.

Rock and metal musicians at that time also participated in the choir, and you can hear typical sounds from numerous recordings of that time.

How efficient is pedal?

It all depends on the type of music you are playing.

In basic music styles like Chicago Blues or Classic Country, you won’t hear as many effects as the basic sounds created before FX blocks were widely used.

But if you’re playing popular music from the 1970’s to the present day, you’ll need to own and understand some basic pedals in order to reproduce the sound you’re copying.

Chorus pedals are one of the most important pedals as they are found in almost all power ballads and slow pop songs.

If you play a variety of music, learn how to make a pedal card and use each component.

Be prepared for every show coming to you.

We hope you have read this basic driving guide and learned what the driving pedals do.

Set it to a low level for smoothness and a high level for a richer, more colorful environment.

If you have a power loop, don’t forget to run it.

As soon as you learn about this effect, you will soon become one of the biggest kids around.

Tell us how you like this article and what type of accelerator pedal you like.

Keep learning and experimenting and you will become a guitar pedal master.

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5 Best Chorus Pedals for Rhodes

1. Korg Pandora Mini Personal Multi-Effects Processor 

The accelerator pedal is a multi-shock pedal that works as a multi-shock keypad and is not too expensive.

It comes in an ultra-compact compartment size with multiple effects for guitar and bass.

It also comes with two hundred pre-installed programs (including song presets).

It also has 2-hundred program slots for storing your own sounds.

In addition, consumers can enjoy 158 types of amplifiers and amazing effects.

You can use up to seven effects simultaneously.

The best features of this pedal include 2-hundred presets (for guitar and bass), plus 2-hundred user-available patches and a computer edge live (USB) patch.

It’s powered by battery or USB (or 5V PSU with USB mini).

With this pedal, you have many possibilities (compressor, phaser, drive, reverb, delay, amp and cabinet imitation, and drum patterns).

2. The mid-70s Maestro Stage Phase

Apparently, Bob Moog designed the Maestro Stage Stage in the middle of 70s.

There are large wheels for easy foot adjustment.

I love it because it has presets and variable speed and depth controls, but it moves up and down like Leslie when switching speeds or switching off.

In some cases, it is designed for guitars and can be a bit noisy as there is no real bypass.

You can also connect up to two separate amplifiers to spread even more.

If you are a fan of special effects, you will love this.

Built in the 1970s, this Maestro Stage Phaser is in perfect condition.

There is also a battery cover.

3. Malekko Thicken Multi-Tap Delay / Chorus

Malecco’s Thicken Multi-Tap Delay and Chorus pedal with Colin Newman come from Wire in a unique design and color inspired by Eastwood Signature Model electric guitars.

THICKEN has two selectable delay modes with separate drives for multiple cranes and a total of 3 delay lines.

Propagation determines the delay time, and the increase in propagation explains the delay exponentially.

With the addition of a pre-amplifier, these controls enable the amazing and intense sound that every serious artist needs.

Two dosing time modes are selected: exponential and random by pressing and holding the button when power is connected.

In random mode, you can use the SPREAD control to choose a smooth or aggressive time transfer.

Malekko Chicken Multi-Tap Delay / Chorus Function: 2 multi-tap Delay Modes Adjust movement speed and depth.

Adjust the volume and spread width.

Assign an assignable representation for each combination of controls and settings.

There are two delay modes for multiple belts, speed control and tracking depth.

You can get the same volume and width control for the spreading material.

The assigned expression input activates any combination of controls and settings.

First of all there is a preamp control.

4. GE-7 Graphic Equalizer Pedal

The GE-7 Pedal Equalizer offers 7 EQ bands ranging from 100Hz to 6.4kHz suitable for guitar sounds, with +/- 15dB boost/brake for each band.

This gives you complete control over the sound and removes unwanted feedback, especially when connected after distortion.

This is a very useful tool. I think a lot of people who see this on the internet, especially YouTube, are a bit confused about how to apply this.

A common complaint is that this pedal adds noise to the signal.

However, a more effective way to use this pedal is to start a frequency you don’t need and use the flat slider to compensate if you think the overall volume has dropped noticeably.

If the humbucker is too blurry, cut off the low frequencies.

If a single coil is too stiff, roll back 3.2k and slightly 6.4k.

If you want some kind of injection to sound louder, you can add a bit of midrange, but be careful.

Suddenly you realize that you are listening to the sound that was always in your head.

These pedals may not be low on the appeal of some gimmicks, but learning to write the sound you want can play an important role in the signal chain.

This single pedal can produce as many waves as multiple amps.

It sets the tone of a double wing which is good for every room or hall you play.

Make other pedals better like BKButler hose driver or Ibanez hose driver.

5. BOSS Electric Guitar Electronics (RE-201)

The Boss RE-201 electric guitar electronics is the original Space Echo’s extensive analog tone.

It comes with precision modeling of RE-201 tape flutter and magnetic head saturation.

The foot delay time can be adjusted using the input pedal.

It has a longer delay than the original RE-201.

With the expression pedal, you get great control parameters like REPEAT RATE, INTENSITY, etc.

When connected to another pedal, the entire signal flew off the signal we couldn’t rely on regulation.

However, if you connect it to your own power supply instead of a chainsaw with another pedal, it works fine if you connect it to the power loop of the amplifier, which is not the default for another pedal.

If for some reason you hear a completely slippery sound when you step on this pedal like me, try the two steps above to get the most out of this pedal.

There are a lot of lag, but you’ll like this pedal. It goes well with the expression pedal.

The reverb is good, but the best part is DELAYS. It is difficult to live without it.

It depends on the sound you want. You’ll love the strange psycho-rock atmosphere.

Overall, the delay effect is currently the best in the market.

It’s easy to use and the built-in pedal tempo is amazing.

As a delay heavy user of effects, I can say that tempo is the key.

Playing this guy just for no better words sounds hot and vague, and has a lot to do with analog modeling.

This is definitely an advantage.

Simulation setup for multiple tape head positions adds some nice mechanics to the delay effect that most other delays can’t achieve

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