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If you are looking for the best chorus pedals for worship guitar, then you should read this article to the end.

Selecting a chorus pedal for worship is not difficult.

When you need a guitar for a church or orchestra, you’ll equally need a good amp, and, of course, a pedal.

The chorus pedal is created to amplify the guitar signals, so it may sound like several guitars are playing at the same time.

The chorus pedal/part divides the signal into several voices that mimic the chorus voice or several instruments that play the same role.

If you are a worship guitar player or belong to a church or worship, you require the best guitar pedals for worship.

However, it’s important to note that there are no pedals (to the best of our knowledge), specially made for musicians who play during worship.

Also, there are no pedals that can immediately make your sound better.

It only reproduces what you put into it. 

Nonetheless, there are guitar pedals that are more suitable for the sound of worship.

These will give you the sounds you are after.

They will offer you undiluted amp tones, a minimal boost when required, modulation effects such as the effects that come from a chorus and phase pedal. 

You’ll equally require a volume pedal for the environment, the swell feature, and the very significant delay effect.

Above all, you’ll require a real pedalboard.

So, we have put together the best guitar pedals worship using the recommendations of guitarists who play in the church or during worship. 

These chorus pedals commonly come with the best delays and speed pedals.

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They also come with the best distortion effect that you may wish to integrate into your pedalboard for worship songs. 

5 Best Chorus Pedals For Worship

1. Guitar pedal with carbon copy analog delay (MXR M169)

One great worship standard chorus pedal is the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay.

It’s very easy to use and the pedalboard is user-friendly.

I recommend that you include this in your worship pedal collection since it comes with a fully analog audio channel that provides a warm, rich delay that enhances the sound layers and lead lines.

There is equally a modulation regulator that incorporates fresh dynamics to the sonic display without being overwhelmed.

It comes in small size and easily transferable and simple design with ease of use and offers state-of-the-art delay effect.

2. Boss digital delay chorus pedal dd-200

This Boss chorus Pedal unlike the first one in the list which is an analog pedal is a digital Delay Pedal.

It comes with incredible power and multiple delay effects.

So it is a great guitar pedal for music fans looking to replicate varieties of sounds. 

The chorus pedal can produce regular sound, analog Delay Effects, the sound of a drum, echo sounds including pad and Terra.

You can equally get Lo-Fi sound, Double, Duck & Invert sound with this chorus pedal.

It is equally a great option if you want a chorus pedal with Tempo, 4 plus memory banks effects. It allows you full control over all parameters.

This is arguably the most potent chorus pedal with delay effect you can purchase at a price point below 300 pounds.

It is loaded with fantastic features and makes a great buy if your budget is below the price of the DD-500 model.

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3. Strymon delay pedal for timeline.

I think that this Strymon timeline delay chorus pedal has a great effect on church worship.

It’s perhaps the best pedal with a delay effect you can currently find in any shop both online and offline.

It amazingly features the regular 12 forms of delay.

The front panel features 7 controls for full control over your audio and a top-performing 24-bit 96 KiloHertz audio and digital audio converter that always delivers high-quality sound.

It equally allows you to use preset tabs or utilize the built-in foot regulators to explore them.

The pedal eliminates the hassles of bending down to change the parameters of every sound. 

This makes it an amazing option.

Professional players and guitarists who play live would greatly appreciate this feature.

It equally comes with MIDI and stereo connectors.

These provide great opportunities for the artist, both those who play live and in the studio.

It’s featured in reputable pedalboards.

4. Strymon Big Sky multi-dimensional reverb pedal

Another industry standard is the Strymon Big Sky Multidimensional Recovery Pedal.

It’s a bit more complicated but requires extra effort and budget.

There are 12 restoration sounds including room, hall, plate, spring, zoom, flowers, clouds, coral, color, magneto, nonlinear, and reflection.

Plus, you have full control over your sound thanks to the 7 controls on the front panel.

Best of all, there are 300 presets available.

You can create your own and scroll through the built-in footprint.

High-quality AD/DA conversion, MIDI I/O, and very low latency make it a great option for studio guitarists and precision concert guitars.

5. Waza Craft Chorus Impact Pedal Kit BOSS CE-2W

The Waza BOSS CE-2W Craft Chorus Impact pedal reproduces the vintage CE-1 effect.

The special version of the BOSS CE-2W Waza Craft faithfully reproduces the CE-1 stereo driving and vibrato sound.

The CE-2W pedal reproduces the classic CE-2 song.

In addition to the vintage CE-1 choral ensemble, the CE-2W faithfully reproduces the legendary CE-2 choral sound.

This device allows precise sound tuning.

Depth and speed provide audio settings in both standard mode and CE-1 mode.

The accelerator pedal offers two power options.

Pedals can be connected to a 9V AC adapter for easy use.

Even if you are playing outdoors without an electrical outlet, you can use a 9V 6LR61 alkaline battery.

There is a Waza BOSS CE-2W Craft Chorus Effects pedal for guitar.

9V. Alkaline battery Blucoil power supply with narrow AC/DC adapter for 9V DC, 670mA (minus center polarity) with US connector.

2 sets of rectangular Blucoil pedal patrol cables. Set of 4 glorious Blucoil Cellulose Injections (different colors).

Other great Chorus Pedal for worship you may consider

Electro Harmonix Oceans Pedal Reverb 11

Another great option for guitarists who play for worship includes the Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb Pedal.

You’ll have a lot of fun playing with this pedal.

There are eleven forms of reverberation effects with this pedal. 

These allow users to integrate one additional mode on any of them.

The Echo fine-tuning button has an inbuilt-in delay effect and this makes it a preferred choice for musicians with limited settings looking for reverberation effects.  

It comes with features like inverter, modulation, etc. and this makes it a user-friendly pedal card that functions well for multiple experience levels of guitarists.

Electro-Harmonix Neo Reverse Holy Grail Pedal

This chorus pedal is among the best worship pedals you’ll find in the market for reverberation.

It combines all the advantages of the primary model of the pedal from this manufacturer in a user-friendly design.

There’s one easy-use button for adjusting the degree of effect your sound signal produces.

The primary model, currently no longer on sale is still available on a few pedalboards like the Chislett’s pedalboard.

It is a fantastic option for worship guitarists.

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