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If you are looking for the best chorus pedal for distortion, then you should read this article to the end.

Independent chorus pedals first appeared in the mid-1970s, but the moist, dull and thickening effect made these pedals available and inspired many of the best chorus pedals on this list.

In fact, guitars and producers tended to abuse distortion effects in the 1980s, and Prince’s Purple Rain was one of his most iconic uses. But if you tag your pedals no more than just figuring out its time, you’ll miss out on one of the sweetest guitar tones.

In fact, if you take a quick look at popular music since then, you can see that the pedals has never gone out of style. Since then, it has helped shape some of the most iconic moments with guitar playing. Specifically, is the intro to Nirvana’s 1990 hit, Come As You Are.

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Here is a table I created showing you all the features of the reviewed chorus pedals.

5 Best Chorus Pedals For Distortions

1. Boss DC-2W

A Boss product with the highest demand for renewal is the DC-2 Dimension C. The chorus represents a balance between chorus and the audio description of 3D.

The DC-2W offers a very subtle four-button effect, but can add volume and richness to any signal, particularly when playing audio. This new release also adds the Roland SDD-320 Breadth D framework percussion model to provide a sense of space expansion.

If you like the sound effects and tempo of your existing accelerator, but not a warbling nature of a standard chorus pedal, the DC-2W may be your best bet. The pedal is one of the best newly released options, with no other similar effects. It’s easy to use and don’t play a “normal” chorus.

2. TC Electronic Corona Chorus

When you’re searching for a simple and easy-to-use pedal and above all a supersonic accelerator pedal, the Corona TC Electronic should be a suitable choice.

It’s a small sized and easy-to-carry digital pedal featuring just only four controls: speed, depth, stroke and tone levels. It equally comes with a stereo and mono input and output connectors. It also has a 3-way switch that allows the user to choose from 3 kinds of choruses like the TriChorus that utilizes a triple stereo chorus with variable offset to create what the company describes as its own chorus with a very broad and luxurious appeal.

Besides, it equally recreates a Flanger Chorus Style effect style. It’s another product with TonePrint TC technology. Using USB, it allows users to import “pedal settings made by the best guitarists” to their pedals, or use the free TonePrint editor to create their own chorus effect from scratch for free.

It equally comes with an alternate bypass buffer mode and more. It maintains the integrity of the analog dry signal path even when the Chorus effect is active. It equally comes with a Kill-Dry to eliminate dry signal paths. The unit works with parallel power circuit. It’s small pedal with various driving effects and TonePrint technology. It requires a small installation space because of its compact size.

3. Julia / Vibrato Audio Walrus audio analog chorus

This chorus pedal complete analog pedal with a package filled with features.It comes with a lot of inbuilt chorus tones.Besides the regular speed and depth controls, the unit has a delay regulator that allows you to set a central delay time at which the LFO effect is modulated for different amounts of “vibration”.

An extra fantastic functionality that comes with this unit is the d-c-v controller.It’s a level knob that alters the range of dry and wet signals transferred to the out connectors.Turn the knob to the (0) setting if it doesn’t work, and lower the setting for subtle changes or turns for all sorts of crazy running/vibrato combinations.It also has a waveform knob for fine-tuning the regulator around the triangle shaped waves and sine.This gives you unbelievable amount of regulatory capacity over stroke regulator and any analog circuitry, real time flashing LED LFO for optical response and bypass changes.

All of this is housed in a box with tints of lavender and comes in a surreal design like the sound inside. It’s a fully analog drive and comes with vibrato with advanced control, wave change, drag management and visual LED feedback. The analog circuit is a bit noisy.

  • RATE – The Rate knob allows you to set the speed at which the LFO sweeps. From little to no movement at lower settings, to wild wackiness at max.
  • DEPTH – The Depth knob allows you to change the amplitude of the LFO. From no movement to deep sweeping modulation.
  • LAG – The Lag knob lets you set the center delay time that the LFO modulates around. From smooth tight modulation at lower settings, to noisy nauseating detune at maximum, the Lag knob adds a new dimension to the traditional Chorus/Vibrato landscape.
  • WAVE SWITCH – The Wave switch lets you select either sine or triangle LFO waveforms. The sharper corners of the triangle wave generally sound more appealing for chorus type effects, and the more round shape of the sine wave generally sound better with vibrato type effects.
  • D-C-V BLEND – The Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend changes the ratio of dry to wet signal sent to the output. At minimum, you will hear no effect. Set it to noon for equal parts dry and wet – the traditional chorus setting. Set it to maximum for 100% wet – the traditional vibrato setting.

4. Electro-Harmonix Neo clone

The chorus pedal is popular for its sparkling drill that kicks off Nirvana’s Come As You Are, Little Clone is more than Kurt Cobain’s beloved driving gear.

It’s currently accessible in a smaller Nano EHX package.Rich and bulky, all analog shades offer a lot of extraterrestrial vibes and a simple, user friendly structure.Also, the price is affordable.

The Neo Clone tool is easy to learn with one speed and depth selector.As with the majority of effects with EHX, you move away from the comfort zone to get the effect.But it also has subtle movements and nice modulations.

This chorus pedal is Cobain approved and functions similar to cobain trill. It comes in a simple and intuitive layout and sells at the right price. However, it’s not as functional as modern pedals.

  • Pedal board friendly foot print
  • Total analog design
  • Sultry sonic texture with depth control
  • 9V battery included

5. EarthQuaker V3 Gear Marine Machine

Sea Machine has a plenty of controls with a lot of bends and pulses. It could be positive or negative value. However, this depends on the level of depth you’re intending to get how deep you want to go in to find that sound. But if you are looking for a special drill, the unit can reproduce it.

Pedals using EarthQuaker’s patented digital-analog hybrid circuit are based on temporary digital delay lines that control animation, dimensions, and intensities. The part of the unit that features the LFO has controls for measuring how deep, the shape, and speed to create and adjust the driving effect. The 3rd generation model of the device has enhanced circuit for a sound boost, a wider range of virtually any steering wheel and relay-based quiet movement.

This makes the unit to have the capacity for controlling the entire range of the chorus sound, however similar to the majority of boxes from EarthQuaker boxes, it is outstanding when you press the pedal all the way.

A bumpy driving tone well-worth the name of the popular brand. The unit is a hybrid analog-to-digital pedal with a variety of fine-tuning options. It produces various sounds and its V3 has a better range and circuit. It comes with lots of controls for mastering.

  • Intensity Controls Silent Relay-based Switching
  • Guitar Chus Pedal with Animation
  • Dimension
  • Depth
  • Shape

Brief History of Chorus Pedals

Today, chorus is used in all genres, especially popular pop and neo soul tracks. The result is a huge variety and breadth of analog, digital and thin and shiny products. Getting a good sound distortion from a chorus pedal is the most significant part of a metallic tone.

In distortion pedals, there is a big difference between guitars. Some guitar players believe that good chorus tones can only be obtained with an amplifier, and all distortion pedals destroy the sound. Other guitar players prefer distortion pedals with pure guitar amps. What works for you depends on your personal tone settings.

There are so many distortion chorus pedals that it’s really difficult to select a one-size-fits-all unit. The choices vary from individual to individual and a pedal that is great for an individual may be considered by the other as a thrash.

Therefore, when you’re searching for a suitable option, bear in mind that every guitar player may want a different pedal, and no one is better. That’s why we decided to go through all the different options to give you a list of the best pedals for guitarists.