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If you are looking for the best chorus pedals for shoegaze, then you should read this article to the end.

In the 2000s, the accelerator pedal came back in fashion, partly inspired by the C86 sound and the return to the popularity of shoes. This allowed Chase Bliss to capture the atmosphere when it launched the brand on the back of a shiny Vinyl Warped drive pedal.

The drive pedal has once again become an integral part of many guitar pedal boards, whether moving to adjacent parts or thickening a rhythmic guitar. For budget campaigns, you can’t go wrong with the Electro-Harmonix Nano clone.

Yes, if you’re looking for a chorus pedal option for hearing well, recording well, and nailing as Kurt Cobain hears, you’re in the right place.

Of course there are few bells and whistles, but if the guitarist can show less then it’s probably Kurt.  At the other end of the scale and budget is the Boss MD-500, which will handle all your modulation needs forever.

If you don’t need all the roads, the Boss DC-2W is the best chorus pedal right now in the market for shoegaze.  To solve the original’s volume and noise problems, this is probably the best stereo chorus ever made.

It’s sweeter just by the fact that it includes SDD-320 rack emulation.

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Here is a table I prepared showing you the 5 chorus pedals with their features and details:

5 Best Chorus Pedals for Shoegaze

1. CE-2W Boss Chorus pedal

This is the best renewed analogue pedal.

Ask anyone who likes the pleat effect that comes from chorus pedals to tell you the best and they will instantly pick this one as the best.  The reason for this is clear.  It comes in great quality and the iconic CE-1 Chorus Ensemble band of 1976.

Alternatively, you can go for the second product which has similar quality, but comes in a bit smaller and more compact form- the Choir CE-2 chorus pedal.

So it’s a tricky move for Boss to combine these two classic effects for the latest addition to the luxury Waza Craft series and add a few new features to the process.

A very small slide switch opens the key to the CE-2W multifunction.  On the left is the default position for the CE-2 flow sound, but if you move it to the center you will get the final CE-1 vortex, and on the right you can use the Full Vibration Mode to accurately pitch.

The sound is as realistic as possible thanks to a fully analog circuit complemented by an essential bucket delay IC.

Overall, the device has iconic BBD shades and low noise levels.

It is more versatile than the original version. But it is not cheap.

2. MXR M234 Analog Chorus

Between the minimalistic Micro Chorus and the larger stereo chorus, the MXR Analog Chorus combines a 4-pin control and 4-wheel drive compression. Bucket Brigade analog technology combines speed and depth controls to create a variety of familiar, stunning chorus tones. However, only the remaining three buffers make the transaction sweeter. Both EQ poles set the tone of the area, and the level button adds as much power as you like with minor changes.

With tons of ensemble sound that comes with these pedals, you can decorate your live performance with the best possible effects. You can equally get the best multi-effect that is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile solution. All in all, you’ll get comfortable tone control, great BBD shades, and access to four screws. This is a great all-inclusive accelerator.

If you want an overall EQ for running, look no further! All in all, you’ll get comfortable tone control, great BBD shades, and access to four screws. This is a great all-inclusive accelerator. If you want an overall EQ for running, look no further!

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 3. TC Electronic Corona Chorus

Corona offers standard driving effects inspired by the TC Stereo Chorus Flanger, three Choruses, a variation of the standard chorus that uses three stereo cores with different offsets for driving depth, speed, duration and delay time.

Do it.

You can create what the TC describes. As a unique, very spacious and lively choir, The main difference from competitors is the company’s TonePrint feature. You can get new audio, modified pedal installations via the phone app or USB connection and save them to a special memory location on a card called TonePrint. The position of the three-position pedal makes Corona a very versatile and almost endless update.

All in all, it comes with TonePrint functionality and is versatile, not plug-and-player. It is the most versatile and compact accelerator pedal on the market.

4. Walrus Audio Julia V2

 Julia’s front panel employs a sophisticated pedal, but is relatively simple. The shuffle button lets you move from chorus to vibrato range, and the waveform control is as intuitive as you like.

The biggest difficulty is dealing with delays. Delay controls the LFO center delay time, so it can be used to create a more unusual sound. Julia sounds great, because everything is analog, but a bit noisy. It’s still a small price to pay for a great vintage hue.

All in all, with classic analog shades, comfortable vibrato and waveform control for added flexibility. But it’s a bit noisy here. This is a very versatile multi analog drive / vibrato.

5. Hippo Blue Analog Smalls analog track

However, this has been scaled down to Blue Hippo as simply as possible, even if it meets all of your requirements. The extreme setting gives you all the spinning bullshit you could wish for, and is perfect for the B-side solo you’ve thought of.

However, at low speeds and water depths of about an hour or so, the more detailed location shows very detailed turquoise flow. Switching to vibrato mode makes the effect more subtle, contrary to what you would normally expect. However, optimizing the controls can cause confusion, but the best bet is to find some nice shades with the maximum depth and speed reduced to about 8-9 hours.

All in all, this is Old School, a serious analog choir with classic analog tones and large rotating tones. But its Vibrato can be too subtle.

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