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If you are looking for the best chorus pedals for violins, then you should read this article to the end

From soft to harsh, you can obtain almost any type of sound you can get from an electric violin.

It helps for warming up the tone a little or when you intend to get a sound similar to that of a rock guitarist.

In any of these instances, there’s an impact pedal or electric violin effect processor that gives you the sound you want.

Different types of electric violin effects equally function perfectly on acoustic instruments with beats.

Multi-impact processors provide the highest value and versatility, particularly for newbies.

The majority of them offer over 80 different settings, ranging from smooth recovery and laziness to the weightiest distortion and speed shading.

You can use the bass violin effect pedal.

The electric bass processor equally functions properly as a vertical pedal for bass and cello.

When you use them, you’ll discover what you like and begin to understand the effect that best suits your playing style.

From analog to digital, from color to subtle color, we present the best chorus pedal for the violin available today.

Independent chorus pedals only appeared in the mid-70s, but it wasn’t until the next decade that many of the best chorus pedals elicited and inspired a moist, shiny, and thickened effect.

It’s true that guitars and producers tended to abuse the chorus effect in the 80s (the Prince’s purple rain was one of his most iconic uses).

Classify the chorus as something more refined than it was then.

These days, choirs can be heard in all genres, especially popular tracks in the style of pop and neo souls.

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The result is a huge range and breadth of analog, digital, and thin and shiny products.

This is why we are dedicated to exploring all the many options to present a definitive list of the best violin pedals.

Review of The 5 Best Chorus Pedals for Violin

1. Zoom G3N Guitar Pedal

The Zoom G2.1u is a sturdy metal chorus pedal suitable for violin applications.

There are 16 different amp models to match the original amp in all tones, harmonics, and power chords.

It uses a 32-bit processor to get great analog audio without background whispering, and quick patch changes eliminate the need to guess when to switch between presets.

This pedal has two built-in algorithms for recording music and playing live music.

These pedals allow you to transmit sounds generated by the practice, studio, or rehearsal directly on stage or in a recording studio.


• 54 types of effects

• 9 shock modules

• Match memory: 40 users, 40 presets, 80 total

• Locked pedal switch is easy and direct.

The Minus

• To learn how to use this pedal, you need to read the manual twice.

2. Electro Harmonix Oceans 11

Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 is a multi-chorus pedal with excellent spring recovery simulation.

These pedals may not be adjustable or realistic like other restore pedals, but they have a drop track sound and great spring reverb to make the music unique.

Overall, this spring pedal simulation is much more valid than other restoring pedals.


• Sounds good

• Very versatile

• Multifunctional

• Small body

• Cheap

The minus

• No standard features

3. Boss ME-50

The Boss ME-50 comes in a metal case the size of a combination of three or four pedals.

The structure is designed to be sturdy and durable to handle almost anything.

This pedal has three impact pedals and an expression pedal over the foot-controlled pedal.

This unit can be powered by the Boss PSA-120 power supply (not included) or 6 AA batteries.

From this pedal, you can choose from 6 effects including Articulation, Pitch Change, Overdrive/Distortion, Compressor, Volume Pedal, Noise Suppression, Delay & Invert and Modulation.

The pitch bending effect changes the properties of the related tool.


• Intuitive interface

• Sturdy construction

• Very convincing effect

• Long battery life

• Play without power

The minus

• 1-millisecond silence when switching between presets

• Without MIDI

• No dedicated equalizer

• Pad memory may be small for some users.

• This pedal does not come with a power cord.

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4. Boss ME-70

The Boss ME-70 is a reliable, high-quality, high-performance pedal that most musicians want.

This pedal is the perfect balance between the small ME-25 design and the massive ME-80 audio design.

It is very small in size compared to other models and has a lot of features to work with.

This pedal is either battery or powered (not included with the pedal), making it the perfect multi-impact pedal for live performances.

The pedals are designed to be sturdy and durable, made of metal that’s perfect for rough handling, and stepped on in several ways.


• Excellent sound quality

• Easy to use and editable diapers.

• Sturdy and durable construction.

The minus

  • Limited push pedal
  • You cannot use more than one modulation effect at a time.
  • Power adapter is not included.

5. Baggs LR Recovery Pedal Adjustment

In addition to the volume control and bypass switch, the pedal’s minimalist shape means that attenuation (reset time) and inversion (amount of powder added to the sound) and tone are the only controls.

Reverb is introduced as a side chain, allowing the original dry signal to pass through the entire unit, and the reset button ultimately controls the amount of reverb added to the mix.

The tone control only affects the tone of the reverb itself.

Unlike other restoration pedals, this pedal is for mono playback only and has no stereo output.

The minimalist shape of the LR Baggs Align Reverb means it has fewer features and functions than other pedals.

It focuses only on simple, fairly dense, and rich sound with little modulation.


• Produces very natural sound

• Very dynamic in toner range

• Best suited for acoustic instruments.

• Very simple design.

• Some of the features and functions of this pedal are enough to create a beautiful musical sound.

The minus

• There are no drawbacks to this pedal.


With all of this in mind, we hope you can decide which chorus pedal best suits your violin and music style.

Remember that the chorus pedal can completely change your music.

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