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Classical music has been liked by many musicians and music lovers for over a century.

If you are a classical music lover and you also like to produce classical music, you might be looking for an audio interface.

Buying an audio interface for classical music can be hard because it is different from any other music genre. 

With a little help, you can choose a good audio interface for classical music.

If you want to produce professional classical music, you must buy a professional audio interface.

Below, you can find the 5 best audio interfaces for classical music.

All of them will provide you with a professional output. Let’s dive right in!

Our Winner After Careful Research 

1. Mackie Audio Interface

Mackie Audio Interface comes in a variety of ranges that goes from 2×2 to 3×2 to 4×3.

It has two onyx mic preamps which are ideal for producing music.

While producing classical music, keeping things simple is good which can be done by using this audio interface.

It is also called a big knob studio because it has a big knob on the surface.

It is one of the best-selling audio interfaces by Mackie.

This audio interface has a powerful cue mix which allows zero latency monitoring with a controlled input blending with other signals. 


1- Big knob.

2- Professional outcome. 

3- No distortion and disturbing sound.


1- The big knob has little resistance while moving. 

2- Not very durable.

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2. M-Audio Air Audio Interface

M-Audio Air Audio interface comes with two options; with MIDI input and output and without MIDI input and output.

You can choose whichever suits you and your liking.

This audio interface has 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

You can also buy it in a bundle with headphones and microphones. 

The USB speed of this audio interface is high which provides low latency.

Low latency is ideal for producing any kind of music and not just classical music.

Due to this reason, M-Audio Air audio interface is one of the 5 best audio interfaces for classical music. 


1- Low latency.

2- Good knobs.

3- Easy to use.


1- Uses phantom power so you have to keep it plugged in the computer for working.

2- Not very durable.

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3. RME Fireface UFX Audio Interface

RME Fireface Audio Interface is the best for producing classical music.

All of its features are ideal for classical music.

It has 30 inputs and 30 outputs.

If you buy this audio interface, you won’t need any other because of the large number of inputs and outputs it comes with.

With so many inputs and outputs, it also has 12 analog in/outs and 4 mix preamps.

This audio interface is especially best if you are looking to produce a lot of professional classical music.

It provides you with low latency and a pristine sound quality.

This is exactly what you should be looking for while producing classical music. 


1- Tons of in/outs and mic preamps.

2- Good sound quality.

3- Low latency.


1- Expensive.

2- Hard to set up for once.

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4. TC Electronic Konnekt Audio Interface

TC Electronic Konnekt Audio Interface is a great audio interface for classical music.

It has 12 inputs and 12 outputs and also includes MIDI in/outs.

The most prominent feature of this audio interface is that it is inexpensive but works too well for the price. 

It provides you with pristine and exact conversion.

You hear no audible difference while producing music on this audio interface.

The IMPACT preamps give an unbiased signal flow. 


1- Inexpensive.

2- Pristine and perfect conversion.

3- No audible difference.


1- Fragile, breaks easily so handle with care.

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5. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6

Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 audio interface has 8 inputs and 4 outputs.

It has a 192 kHz resolution which is perfect for classical music.

The four ultra-low noise preamps it has provides zero latency and a high-quality audio. 

The Kashmir preamps and headphone preamps are particularly good in this audio interface.

The headphone preamps produce high quality sound with no distortion.

Its small size makes it perfect to travel with as well as its lightweight.

If you want to produce classical music on the road or you want to take your audio interface somewhere then this one is perfect for you.


1- Excellent sound quality from headphone preamps.

2- Durable.

3- Travel friendly.

4- Low latency.

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How to Record Classical Music?

Recording classical music is different than recording any other kind of music.

It is because classical music has been there for centuries.

Another reason is that classical music has different instruments required than other music genres.

Let’s find out how you can record professional classical music!

1. Environmental Requirements

It is necessary to have a specific environment while recording classical music.

The ideal environment for classical music is not the dry studio environment that is usually used while producing other kinds of music.

Instead of a dry studio environment, classical music is produced best where acoustics are taken in consideration thoughtfully. 

2. Venue for Classical Music

The venue should not have external noise such as rain, traffic etc.

It would ruin the effect of classical music even if you use noise reduction equipment. 

3. Microphones for Classical Music

Microphones for classical music should be all-rounder because you are not only recording the singer but also the whole surrounding for producing classical music.

You capture the surrounding sound for a perfect and professional classical music.

So, the quality of the microphone matters a lot in this regard. 


Now it must have become easy for you to choose an audio interface for producing classical music.

Before buying an audio interface, you must consider your requirements.

Moreover, you must also know that the audio interface you are going to buy is compatible with the software you use or not.

You can easily produce classical music using an audio interface by considering a few things.

The location and the environment matter a lot for producing classical music.

Even if your audio interface is good, a non-ideal environment can lead to unprofessional music.