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If you want to boost the mic sound of your acoustic guitars, you’ll probably utilize an XLR cable or combined XLR and jack connections.

Having a double unit allows you to boost the mic of a stereo for a broader dispersion during your mixing.

Assuming you aren’t limited by a budget and could purchase a condenser microphone, you’ll need an audio interface that can supply a huge amount of power. 

All audio interfaces commonly feature software integrations but some come with extra pieces of software compared to others.

If you’re a guitarist, you’ll require an integrated amp modeling feature with FX plugin.

While it’s okay to utilize your pedal board, it’s very convenient if you can chop and alter the integrated pieces of software at mix down.

You’ll equally get a few audio interfaces that integrate a complete DAW. 

A good audio interface must contain high-quality A/D (analog to digital) converters and enough I/O (inputs and outputs) to help you link up instruments and microphones.

So, as a guitarist looking for the best audio interface for acoustic guitar, you don’t require an enormous amount of features and this means you’ll get suitable moderately price interfaces for your home recordings.

Bearing that in mind, let’s now go throughout top picks of 5 best audio interface for acoustic guitar.

Our Winner After Careful Research


The IK Multimedia 1 iRig HD2 is a mini-sized and portable interface adaptor for guitar.

Besides, it is very affordable and can work with many iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

The audio interface makes use of a 96Khz sample rate.

And this means you’re covered for all input signal frequency needs.

It equally comes with 24 bits of analog to digital transformation making it a great little and moderately priced unit.

The iRig HD2 equally offers an Amp Out ¼ inch jack output and this makes a fantastic option for live stage performances that require outputting the guitar hint to an amplifier.

It equally features a ‘Thru FX’ switch which determines if you can output the guitar signal before or after effects processing and allows you to develop a virtual stompbox. 

The audio interface equally features an in-built Device and DAW Amplitube besides the guitar and bass quality studio which you can utilize to develop and shape a virtual pedalboard and guitar rig.

In turn, you can utilize this with the iRig HD2 for live show or for recording purposes.

The sound of the audio interface is amazing at the price points and this is due to its 96 Kilohertz sample rate and A/D 24-bit transformation. 

However, because it’s the bus-powered audio interface it functions with the battery of your device and this can result in issues if you have a device with low battery power.

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2. PreSonus Audiobox USB 96

The Audiobox USB 96 is a 2 by 2 audio interface that is great for guitar recording, and a fantastic solution for recording bass, midi and other musical gears in the studio.

It especially works for instruments that come with XLR or TRS input.

It is a moderately sized unit that’s portable and sizable enough that it’s hard to misplace.

Structured with all-metal exterior cover, the unit is built to last. 

Therefore, the internal circuitry is consistently intact even when you need to take it while on the go.

Although it equally works for mobile applications, it is most suited for working at a permanent location like in a home studio.

Notably, the audio interface comes with 96kHz A/D conversion system.

It equally features a 24-bit resolution and 48 Volt of phantom power which is great given its affordable pricing.

The interface also comes with integrated Studio One Artist DAW and Studio Magic besides the MIDI I/O which is fantastic for external controllers.

It also comes with an additional over 6 GigaByte of third-party assets.

Overall, the unit is best suited for music artists or guitarists that want a home studio audio interface at inexpensive pricing.

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3. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a poplar guitarist audio interface with an all-round performance.

Focusrite is well-reputed for the production of high performing and top-quality preamps and digital converters.

The superior quality of their products is exemplified in the third generation of the Scarlett 2i2 model. 

It comes with a double input that comes with Focusrite’s ‘Air’ effect that illustrates the typical characteristic of the firm’s standard ISA preamps.

The audio interfaces equally work like Hi-Z guitar and bass connections, line-level jack or XLR cables inputs which can provide 48v phantom power if you’re using a condenser microphone. 

It equally features integrated classic line-level and headphone outputs.

While there isn’t any digital connectivity, it’s expected given its affordable price point.

Another plus to the unit are professional tools included like the First and Ableton Live Lite DAWs and a lot of guitar-deigned plugins that are more than sufficient for your acoustic guitar recording.

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Focusrite Scarlett, 214-second generation is an amazon bestselling Amazon Best Seller audio interface, thanks to its exceptional functionality that makes a great option for musicians and guitarists that are looking for units with near-zero latency, top quality sounds and a lot of outputs.

It is particularly well-suited for musicians and guitarists who need two XLR/TRS mixture of inputs.

Also, it’s a great option for those who want 4 outputs in place of the two outputs of the Scarlett 2i2.

The extra two inputs are suitable for those that want to route the output signals to different sound sources, like two sets of monitors, to obtain a more precise depiction of the guitar’s mixing sounds capacity.

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5. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Solo

The Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Solo is a representation of a high-quality audio interface in a bare case. 

It’s a ‘light’ edition of the UAD’s Apollo 8 and 16 models.

The unit is sure to make any home or project studio exude professional studio appeal.

It features an unbelievable audio quality, High-quality DSP plugins and with the only thunderbolt for Mac and Windows users. 

It doesn’t feature any USB but comes with a high-quality 24-bit/192 kHz audio transformation feature with, inflexible analog design, superb constituents, and high build quality.

While it comes with a bit of light features for guitarists, it includes the necessary Hi-Z instrument input that lacks reamping or contains fewer amps than related models.

The unit comes with integrated guitar amp and bass amp for recording with the use of or running through DAW while doing mixdown together with compressor, reverb plugins and more.

When utilized for mic’ing up an acoustic guitar or other musical instruments, it isn’t hard to see why the product is high end.

The units Unison preamps and A/D transformation feature provide a feel of high-quality studio monitor for acoustic guitar a surprisingly moderately inexpensive price.

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Using an audio interface for acoustic guitar means that you’ll side-step the inbuilt sound card that comes with your device whether you want to record music or do playback.

An audio interface or a mixer that comes with inbuilt XLR preamps, allows you to utilize classic XLR mics that are less costly than USB mics.

While they allow you to extend your inputs and outputs, they equally boost your PC’s sound quality and bring out precise reproduction of sounds.

We have provided in this article our top 5 picks of the best audio interface for acoustic guitars to make navigating the market easy for you.

Let’s know how you get on in the comment section.