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Do you love to DJ?

Have you still not been able to find the perfect audio interface for DJing?

Well, no worries!

Here you will find the 5 best audio interfaces for DJing.

Audio interfaces for DJing are hard to choose when you have so many options to choose from. 

You have to consider a lot of things before buying an audio interface especially if it is for DJing.

But once you understand what you are looking for, you can easily choose one for yourself.

Let’s find out how you can choose the best audio interface.

We will also find out what features are essential for an audio interface for DJing!

Our Winner After Careful Research

1. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Audio Interface provides you with the best sound quality and no latency.

If you are looking for a professional sound quality, then this audio interface is best for you.

It has MIDI inputs and outputs too which can help you enhance your DJing effect. 

It has 2 mic preamps and 2 inputs.

It provides you with a 192 kHz resolution which is perfect for DJing.

It has zero latency and a very low noise floor.

Moreover, it also looks good and cool for DJing.


1- Low latency.

2- Good sound quality.

3- MIDI in/out.


1- Hard to set up and register to the software.

2- Non-durable.

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2. Native Instruments Traktor Audio Interface

Native Instruments Traktor Audio Interface is especially designed for DJing.

So, there is no way that it won’t be working well for DJing.

Moreover, it is small and portable so you can take it with you easily at any gig.

You don’t need much space for setting this audio interface.

It produces a crystal-clear sound with no distortion.

Using it makes music production easier.

It is great for digital DJing as well.

If you are looking for a small audio interface which you can take anywhere, then this one’s for you.


1- Small and portable.

2- Crystal-clear sound quality.

3- No drivers needed to be installed.

4- Easy to use.


1- The USB connection fails even with slight bumps.

2- Not compatible with all software.

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3. Universal Audio Apollo Twin

Universal Audio Apollo Twin is another small and portable audio interface which works well for DJing.

It is one of the 5 best audio interfaces for DJing.

Even if it is small in size, it produces high quality sound with zero latency and distortion. 

It has a 192 kHz resolution and works on both Windows and Mac.

It has 2 mic preamps and 2 outputs.

Moreover, it has 8 channel inputs and you can connect many devices with this small audio interface.

It comes with all the required cables so you won’t have to buy additional ones for it to work. 


1- Great sound quality.

2- Includes plug-ins.

3- Professional than most audio interfaces.


1- Gets hot easily.

2- Expensive.

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4. Denon DJ DS1 Audio Interface

Denon DJ DS1 Audio Interface is another DJ audio interface.

As you can see, the name itself has DJ in it.

So, it is ideal for DJing.

The most prominent feature of this audio interface is that it has a digital vinyl system which is best for DJing. 

It is small in size and can be taken anywhere easily.

It has a good quality as well which is necessary especially if you want to travel with this audio interface.

It works like a charm and is also extremely easy to assemble. 


1- Digital Vinyl System great for DJing.

2- Small in size.

3- Good build quality.

4- Easy to assemble.


1- While it is easy to assemble, it is hard to use it for the first time.

2- Doesn’t come with a warranty.

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5. Pioneer Pro DJ Interface Audio Interface

Last but not the least, this audio interface by Pioneer is another good interface for DJing.

It has a high-quality sound and no distortion.

It has a robust chassis and is compact.

The signal flow it creates is unbiased and works well for DJing. 

It has a good build quality and doesn’t break easily.

Once you set this device up, recording and DJing with this audio interface is easy. 


1- Good build quality.

2- Unbiased signal flow.

3- Good sound quality.


1- Hard to set up for once.

2- Not compatible with all software.

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How to Choose the Best Audio Interface for DJing?

There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing an audio interface for DJing.

Let’s find out about those features!

1. Size

The small size of an audio interface is extremely helpful especially if you travel a lot.

If your audio interface is big in size, it is hard to take it with you as it will take a lot of space.

Moreover, the small size of an audio interface is also good in the regard that you don’t need much space when you use it as well.

2. Build-Quality

For a travelling DJ, the build quality of an audio interface is also extremely important.

Fragile audio interfaces might break while travelling.

So, it is better to buy such audio interfaces that are strong.

3. Number of Inputs

The number of inputs depends upon the DJ.

The more devices and sources you need the recording for, the greater number of inputs you need in your audio interface.

So, choose an audio interface according to your desire. 

4. MIDI in/out

You need MIDI in/outs only if you need to connect to an old school audio equipment.

If the device connects to your computer via a USB, you won’t need a MIDI in/out.


Buying the best audio interface for DJing can be hard but once you know which features are essential for you, you can easily buy one.

There are many things to keep in consideration while buying an audio interface. 

If you are looking for an ideal audio interface for DJing, you must explore and research a little before buying one.

Moreover, the above-mentioned audio interfaces are great for DJing as most of them are designed especially for this purpose.