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Are you in a hurry and want to just know the Best Speakers for Classical music, then I strongly recommend the JBL Arena B15 Surround Speakers.

Don’t you just love classical music?

It’s soothing, relaxing and it’s been known to have some medical uses

But the truth is that most home studio speakers really do not cut it when it comes to listening to classical music

The genre’s wide dynamic range and high and low frequency means that you need a speaker that will produce delicate pianissimos and powerful fortissimos

When you also consider the orchestra, wind and stringed instruments, then you realise that most speakers cannot give you the quality you need

With these things in mind, I decided to find and pick out studio speakers that will make my job easier and gimme the perfect quality

Most of the ones I saw where either trash with nothing to show or simply did not just make sense.

Which is why I decided to write this article

In this article I will be showing you the top 5 best speakers for classical music, a detailed buyers guide showing you everything you need to consider before making a purchase and how to ensure that you get the best out of your latest purchase

At a glance, these are the top 3 Best Speakers for Classical Music




JBL 830 Speakers

KEL LS50 Monitors

Cerwin Vega XLS Speakers

Buyers Guide – Things To Know Before Making a Purchase

1. What is the dynamic range?

Before getting any speakers especially for classical music, you want to find out the dynamic range


Simply because classical music is way different from other genre of music

And it comes with a whole different type of frequency and dynamic range that if you get wrong, it just might mess up the sound quality

It is advisable that you go for something within the lower ends as this gives it more clarity and punch

2. What is the durability?

Also you want to make sure you get something that is durable and lasts for a long time.

The truth about speakers in general is that you need to get something that is rugged and very durable.

This will ensure that you do waste funds buying a replacement after a short period of time

3. What are the components of the speaker?

You also want to make sure that you get a speaker that has the right components in it

So things like the cone, a comprehensive crossover network and the drivers must be all available to give the speaker the needed clarity and punch

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4. What is the cupboard layout

Finally, you want to find out the layout of the cupboard.

This is because the cupboard usually has an enormous effect on the sound of the speaker

The quantity of space supporting the speaker helps to determine the motion of the speakers

Basically you want something that helps with the speaker clarity and bass.

Our Top 5 Speakers for classical Music

1. JBL L830 3-Way High Performance Loudspeaker

The JBL L830 is a high performance quality speaker for classical music. It has a 1 inch pure titanium dome tweeter for exceptional high frequency performance

It has a solid cast frame chassis mounted in a bi -radial horn for better high frequency performance

It has this awesome aluminium waveguides which provide better dispersion and a larger listening sweet spot

It has a freeflow port technology which delivers great sound and makes sure you get the lowest amount of distortion.

Its frequency response makes it capable of producing the full range of an orchestra’s diverse sound smoothly and evenly from top to bottom

2. KEF LS50 Mini Monitor – High Gloss Piano Black

This particular speakers have an innovative housing that allows it to deliver extraordinary and multi dimensional sound

For its size, it produces as much sound, if not better than most of the others out there.

This is the best Bluetooth speakers for classical musical

It produces an extremely large listening sweet spot and delivers a remarkably fast, clean and expansive sound with it’s Uni-Q driver array

It has a unique construction and design which helps it produce audio signal that is completely flat and unaltered

It comes in 4 different colors each with it’s own Uni-Q driver array and frequency response

This speaker produces sound that is authentic and unique and it is ideal for anyone dealing with space issues or limited space

3. Cerwin-Vega XLS-6 2-Way Home Audio Bookshelf Speaker

This is a power capacity, high quality classical music speakers with a wattage of 125.

Made from a brand with a long standing reputation for quality, this is one set of speakers that you definitely need

The XLS-6 gives you that superior quality in a compact package that classical music aficionados can relate and vibe to

It has a 6.5 inches woofer with a fiber impregnated cone that gives it quality and clarity.

It also has a 1 inch soft dome tweeter with Ferro liquid for optimum sound

It has a proprietary waveguide technology which is used to give it a balanced tone across the frequency response range.

This gives it a clarity and dynamic sensitivity that is needed for classical music

It weighs about 16 pounds which makes it very durable and portable

4. Bose 201 Direct/Reflecting speaker system

This is one set of speakers that produces exceptionally realistic and lifelike sounds when used.

It has a long excursion woofer and a highly sensitive 2 stereo tweeter that helps produce awesome sounds

It has a proprietary Stereo Everywhere technology which combines direct and reflected sound to deluge the room with beautiful sound

It has a unique port geometry for clean and clear bass

It has a compact size and unique design which is ideal for flexible placement options

It is perfect for being used as either a front or rear end speakers

Each speaker has a full range drivers and an excursion woofers that perform very well in the bass end with a full stereo image sound

Tip and Advice So you get the best from your speakers

When it comes to classical music, getting the best sound is of high importance.

The following tips will aid you when doing so

  • Make sure you arrange your speakers properly. As a rule of them, if you are working with two speakers, make sure they are symmetrical to each other. Also, the distance between them should be the same as the distance between the speaker and your preferred listening position. This way there is a triangle shaped soundstage when you sit down to work
  • Make sure the speakers are not placed on the ground. Instead place is on the same height as your ears while listening. This will ensure a better high frequency delivery
  • Make sure there are no obstacles between the speakers and your ear
  • Ensure that your work room or listening room is well set up and treated. So you want to cover the windows and curtains and arrange some shelves against wide flat walls.
  • When picking furniture for room, opt for things made from wood over marble, glass or metal. This is because the pores from the wood will help in absorbing some of that reflected sound
  • Use couches and chairs to help dampen the sound

What is the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Classical Music?

Most times, you get tired of all the wires and just want something small and portable.

This is when you start to think about the best Bluetooth speaker for classical music?

While there are so many of such speakers in the market, here is my recommended choice.

It’s the JBL Flip 3 Splash Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It has wireless Bluetooth streaming – meaning that you can easily connect it to your tablets and smartphones.

It’s a speaker phone… which helps you take crystal clear calls from your speaker with the touch of a button as a result of its unique noise and echo canceling speakerphone.

it is splash and water proof – meaning that you do not have to worry about water and fluid spills damaging your speakers.

This is an all purpose and all weather wireless speaker for classical music that is sure to deliver awesome sound performance every time.

It is powered by a 3000 Mah rechargeable li-ion battery that is capable of 10 hours of continuous play time.

it comes in 8 vibrant colors so you can easily pick and make your choice.

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