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As a DJ, if you don’t have an audio interface for your laptop setup, then you should have a reconsider when sending music to the club’s sound system and, of course, the dance floor.

Hence, you need Traktor which was developed by Native Instruments as software for DJs to boost your music.

You could as well use it for other hardware devices that a DJ uses while making music.

There are some situations you get to a gig ill-equipped and end up doing a mess with poor music supply.

To avoid this in the future and to aid you to do better at your DJ work, we have drawn up in this write-up, the five top audio interfaces for traktor.

They have been weighed across the various functions, prices, and categories and would surely match your taste.

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Audio Interface for Traktor

1. Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 DJ Audio Interface

The TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 is the tiniest USB DJ sound card worldwide and despite its size, it is capable of satisfying the largest clubs in the world with sufficient music.

It was made with similar interface technology as other TRAKTOR interface and sports the TRAKTOR LE.

You can listen to the next track ahead of the crowd while the current track is still on as the decks are split into two different audio channels.

It has a 30-pin iOS cable which lets it convert your iPhone or iPad into a firm, club-set DJ while charging them at the same time.

You can also increase or reduce the volume from your Apple devices.

The idea of using your iPhone or iPad means that you will have to use the TRAKTOR DJ through a plug-and-play means and if you wish to use your laptop, you should employ the TRAKTOR PRO.

The sound quality is pure and effective and at a frequency of 24-bit/48 kHz pro sound quality.

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2. Numark – DJ iO2 Audio Interface

With the launch of the original Numark’s DJ iO audio interface, DJs had a lightweight, inexpensive, and compacted solution through which they could play music from their computer.

It came along with an enthusiastic headphone output, a 1/4” microphone input possessing a level control and two independent RCA stereo outputs.

However, the new version iO2 was just similar to its precursor and has the same number of connections as it.

It also matches it in reliability though there were some few additions.

One of which is noticed when you are powering it up.

Glowing blue hub lights appear and give it an interesting look similar to disco lights.

Here is an article I wrote showing you the 5 best audio interface for surround sound

For DJs who have USB 3.0 ports in their computers, this audio interface supports such USB connections too and if you wish to use it on your iPhones and iPads, it is also compatible with Apple by using the Camera Connection Kit.

Though it might not be the most captivating in look among its peers; its portability is one of a kind.

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3. Native Instruments – Audio 2 Mk2

The Traktor Audio 2 was released firstly in 2009 and was the slickest Native Instruments’ audio interface for utilization with its Traktor software.

It lets users make the output from both channels of their Traktor by setting it up to a DJ mixer independently or mixing it within the computer.

With this, you can use one output as your master output and the other to monitor your headphone.

Although it does not feature the numerous outputs like the Native Instruments Audio 8 which has a four-deck mixing, its two-deck mixing is still wonderful and very compact.

It could also be used from your iPads and iPhones though it must be one that will match its 30-pin cable.

However, if it doesn’t match, you could opt for higher versions of the Traktor Audio and still enjoy the 24-bit/48kHz resolution sound the interface offers.

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4. Focusrite – Scarlett 2i4

Every other aforementioned interface is mostly for DJ use but the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4  is an audio interface that one who is or isn’t a DJ could still use to give their home a studio feel.

Just like the Saffire 6 which is a worthy predecessor, it has the same quality and resilient build and is fitted with a solid digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion together with two XLR inputs.

The conversion lets you do records with hardware like vintage synch.

You could do this with the Scarlett plug-in suite which came along and supplies Compression, EQ, and Reverb Gate facilities which are all perfect for the role.

As a DJ, it is important to note that the Scarlett 2i4 sports four RCA outputs for outputting two stereo channels, and a detached headphone output.

You could as well receive a MIDI in and out as extras. 

When the audio signal is extremely high, a feedback light around the gain knob indicates by turning red and you can hear your recordings from headphones or speakers via the direct monitor control on the front panel.

It comes in average pricing and this makes it suitable for starters in the DJ world.

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5. Rane – Serato Scratch SL4

This interface has its focus on Serato and is made to four CDJs or four turntables in any pattern so that you can use it with CDs and timecode vinyl.

It is last on the list because of the complexity of the connections which towers above an average DJ interface.

However, it is a more preferable multiple deck interface for Scratch Live users or Serato DJs.

It has extra auxiliary output and input that can be allotted to Serato add-ons like The Bridge and LiveFeed for soundtrack mixes.

It has a dual USB port which is quite appealing and lets two computers be plugged in at the same time.

You could be in a situation where you need a CD to back up your music and this is where the SL4 has its advantage.

This is one of the reasons it is relatively expensive than the smaller and more portable one though you could use it in studios as well to produce music.

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The quality of the DJ music at times could be the thin line between a boring and an enjoyable party.

Most people are moved by the sound quality and as a DJ; it’s your job to provide them with this desire.

Aside from being a DJ, there are still some audio interfaces listed here that could help you organize small parties at your homes and the comfort of your smart devices.

Choose the one that intrigues you, get it and be the best you can be at music production.