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Do you like to stream on Twitch?

Do you love to play games and stream them live for others to see your phenomenal gaming skills? 

But people complain about your microphone?

You’re at the right place.

A good microphone is extremely important for live streaming on Twitch when so many people are watching you.

Microphones help you speak without worrying if your voice is clearly being transferred to your viewers or not. 

But how can you find a good microphone that is light on your pocket as well?

Well, you can find out the best microphones for Twitch streaming below!

Our Winner After Careful Research

Best Microphones for Twitch Streaming – Comparison Table



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Fifine Technology USB Microphone

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Shure SM7B Microphones

Audio-Technica AT2020

5 Best Microphones for Twitch Streaming

1. Fifine Technology USB Microphone

A small microphone isn’t ideal when you want to speak and broadcast your live streaming continuously.

Moreover, a small headset microphone can easily break.

What’s better than a headset is a USB microphone.

USB microphone by Fifine Technology is extremely easy to use because it is a driver free microphone.

Fifine Microphone has a detachable desktop stand made from metal.

Its build quality is fantastic. What adds to its fine quality is its amazing price.

This microphone streams your voice without any delay.

It provides a clear, rich, and warm sound. 


  • Good price range.
  • Detachable stand.
  • Clear and rich voice.
  • No delay in streaming.


  • Has issues in software.

2. Blue Yeti USB Microphone 

Blue Yeti Microphone has a beautiful look which can enhance the beauty of your PC setup.

It is one of the best microphones.

It has advanced technology and versatile features.

It provides a clear sound with ease. 

It has a built-in headphone amplifier.

Blue Yeti has a positional design.

It has condenser capsules for recording everything.

This microphone is compatible with all Windows.

The sound quality has no static noise that most headphones have. 


  • Beautiful blue metallic color.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Built-in amplifier.


  • Not durable for a long time.

3. Shure Cardioid Microphone

Shure Cardioid Microphone has a high quality sound production.

It has a flat and wide-range frequency response.

Electromagnetic hum by monitors is easily ignored by its shielding effect.

Its polar pattern has 50-20000 Hz. 

It has internal air suspension that avoids mechanical noise.

Graphically display for response setting is available.

It has a detachable windscreen and provides a warm noise for close-talks. 


  • Detachable windscreen.
  • Warm voice.
  • Internal air suspension rejects hum and noise.


  • It is quite expensive. 

4. Audio Technica Cardioid Microphone

Audio Technica Microphone is versatile.

It has a 20 db noise level.

This microphone has black speckles on the mic that provide a simple yet elegant look.

Its low-mass diaphragm has great frequency response.

It provides a durable performance. 

Cardioid Microphone is an all-around condenser mic.

It provides clear audio and can be used as a replacement for headset microphones.

You will need to buy cables to connect it with a PC because it only comes with the microphone itself.

It’s too good for its price.

Its frequency response is 40-20000 Hz.

Audio Technica Cardioid Microphone comes with a protective pouch which saves your microphone. 


  • All-around condenser mic.
  • Good frequency range.
  • Great frequency response.


  • Requires a cable for connecting with a PC.

5. Blue Snowball iCE Microphone

The best thing about this microphone is its unique look.

If you are looking for a unique looking microphone that compliments your PC setup, this microphone is best for you.

It provides you with crystal clear audio. Its frequency response is 40-20 kHz. 

It’s easy to use, and all you have to do is plug it in the PC and you are good to go.

It’s way better than our built-in microphone due to its custom cardioid condenser capsule.

Its material quality is too good and is best for gaming and live streaming.

It’s a budget condenser microphone which is light on your pocket. 


  • Custom Cardioid Condenser provides clear voice. 
  • Great frequency response.
  • Easy to use and plug.


  • Can be difficult to use on several windows.
  • Low sound level. 

Qualities In A Good Microphone

There are so many qualities in a good microphone for twitching that you should consider before buying one.

Firstly, you need to learn about personal requirements and why you want to buy a microphone. 

Price Range

It’s not a bad thing to buy an expensive microphone as long as its quality is good.

But it’s not right to splurge money on a microphone that is of bad quality.

You need to find a microphone that has good quality but isn’t too high on your pocket.

Quality Matters

It’s good to find a microphone that has good quality.

When you stream live on Twitch, your voice shouldn’t have any hum or disturbance because it annoys people.

Moreover, there shouldn’t be any noticeable delay in your voice. 

Easy To Use and Not Handheld

Your microphone should be easy to use as well as it shouldn’t be a handheld device.

If you have a hand held device then you can either play games or hold your microphone.

Convenience is necessary for Twitch streaming. 

Great Look

Looks matter for some people that want their PC setup to compliment your microphone.

While streaming live on Twitch, it’s better to buy a microphone that looks good.

But not all people are conscious about such things.

This factor matters more for people and less for some. 

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Compatibility is necessary because everyone has different software and windows on their PCs.

If you want to buy a microphone, make sure it is compatible with your device and Windows. 


Microphone for twitch streaming is better than your built-in computer microphone.

Microphone rejects any noise, hum and disturbance that might be bad for your live streaming.

It’s easier to buy a microphone when you know exactly what you need in it.

The best microphone for Twitch streaming is easy to use and plug, isn’t handheld, is compatible with every software and Windows.

So, if you want to provide your viewers with the best experience, buy a microphone with all the necessary qualities.