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Let’s be real! Nothing compares to an emotional release through a good song.

It is a therapy in itself, right? 

The music industry has several masterpieces that make you teary-eyed.

From the song’s tunes to the lyrics to the artist’s voice, these songs are bound to get you emotional and sobbing on the bathroom floor with your headphones on (or something less depressing!)

Today, we bring you ten best songs that make you cry and an explanation as to why music can make you emotional and what the saddest keys are. 

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Why Does a Particular Song Make You Cry? 

In the search for answers to this question, experts experimented with different study groups and asked them to listen to a song.

Next, they asked each of these people what they felt when they heard the musical piece.

While half of these people said they were sad after hearing it, others said they felt a sense of awe.

Despite the differences in the description, all of them confessed that the song was overall relaxing. 

After several such results, the researchers decided to conclude that a physiologically calming song brings out an emotional response.

This effect leads to resultant tears and sadness. 

What is the Saddest Key and Note?

According to music gurus and professionals, Db minor is a “key of grief,” whereas the D# Minor is the “key of ghosts.”

Both of these keys are majorly sad, emotional, and grievous, and are a prominent part of the songs that make you cry

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10 Best Songs That Make You Cry 

1. Perfect Memory by Remi Zero 

Released in 2001 as a part of The Golden Hum album, Perfect Memory was a crowd-favorite for all the right reasons.

The song became a part of the film called The Invisible and the first season of Smallville.

In this song, Remy Zero manages to make you cry and give you chills in every alternate lyric.

If you decide to listen to it, make sure you have a couple of tissues because you’re not ready for this one. 

2. How to Save a Life by The Fray 

Released in March 2006, How To Save A Life was a part of The Fray’s debut studio album.

This pop-rock song is still one of the best-written pieces by Isaac Slade and Joe King.

You might not get many life-saving tips in this one, but you’ll get a good 4 minutes of an emotional roller coaster.

The song is energetic, yet the artist’s voice is kind of soothing, catchy, and has a sense of calmness to it.

3. Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

The American rock band Green Day released this musical masterpiece in 2005, August 31.

This track was their 4th single and later became a musical dedication to the victims of the attacks of September 11 in 2001 and Hurricane Katrina. 

This song is a painfully excellent merge of instrumental pauses and the calming voice of Billie Joe Armstrong.

It really is an exceptional musical masterpiece. 

4. Here Without You by 3 Doors Down

“Everything I know, and anywhere I go, it gets hard, but it won’t take away my love…”  

Released on August 11 in 2003, this single was the third in 3 Doors Down’s second album called Away From The Sun.

Because of how captivating it was, this track gained instant popularity and became number 5 on the US billboard hot 100 of 2003. 

3 Doors Down have never failed to make us fall in love with their music and dance around to it.

This time, they won’t fail to make you cry either. 

5. My Immortal by Evanescence

“And I held your hand through all of these years, but you still have all of me..”

Since 2003, the American rock band, Evanescence, has given its audience plenty of memorable songs and soundtracks.

My Immortal is also one of their most famous creations.

The song was produced and written by Ben Moody along with David Hodges and Amy Lee. 

With this great combination of heartbreaking lyrics and the calming melody, this song will have you cry for an ex you never even had. 

6. See You Again by Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa have outdone themselves with this musical piece they created back in 2015.

The track was a part of Furious 7 in 2015, but it was initially a tribute to Paul Walker, an actor who lost his life in a single-vehicle accident in 2013.

It’s been five years to its release, and the track remains a crowd-favorite to this day. 

This song is about lost friends and missing your loved ones, so grab a tissue because you’re up for a good crying session.

7. Apologize by Timbaland ft. One Republic

“I loved you like a fire red now it’s turning blue.”

If you know Timbaland, you’ll understand why he’s on this list.

The man is a bundle of musical talent, and he’s done his absolute best in this particular song. 

In 2006, songwriter Ryan Tedder and producer Greg Wells, along with the fantastic talents of Timbaland and One Republic, created Apologize as the debut album for the band.

The song turned out to be the brand breakout hit and was number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks.  

8. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

“We’ll stay forever this way, you are safe in my heart, and my heart will go on.” 

This song doesn’t even need an introduction. 

It was a part of Celine’s fifth studio album called “Let’s Talk About Love” and a popular hit in the internationally-recognized movie, Titanic.

You’ve probably already heard this one and know all about it, but it still deserves a spot in the list anyway; because it’s that good! 

9. Photograph by Ed Sheeran

“Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes, but it’s the only thing that I know.”

Ed Sheeran could literally sing a jingle, and we’d still be crying our eyes out.

His voice has that kind of softness and calming effect. 

The song was the fifth and last track of his second album and became an immediate hit worldwide.

He originally wrote the song for this girlfriend, who he was away from during the tour. 

The complete song is an effective crying stimulant when paired with the slow tunes and melodies and the heartwarming lyrics.  

10.  Broken by Seetherft Amy Lee

“I keep your photograph, and I know it serves me well..”

Last but not least, Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart, and Bob Marlette created this song in 2004.

The song was later a part of the Marvel movie, “The Publisher,” and a part of Seether’s second album called “Disclaimer.”

Seether and Amy Lee have done an excellent job making you want to sob in the middle of the day.

From the lyrics to the background music to how their voices merge to create a perfect musical outcome, everything about this song is fantastic. 


In conclusion, we have discussed how songs can make you cry, what keys and notes are responsible for it, and how music can be your best friend if befriended correctly.

Some songs can successfully fulfill your emotional needs and make you feel a lot better.

However, if you let yourself submit to this lifestyle and stick to this coping mechanism, it can affect you quite negatively. 

This disclaimer, along with all the other useful information above, should, hopefully, answer most of your questions related to the songs that make you cry.

If that is so, go ahead, enjoy the above playlist of ten songs, and sob your sorrows away (or something less depressing, again.)