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As a singer, I usually keep my ears down to the ground. Doing so has allowed me to listen to a lot of songs from different genres, including the Saddest Songs.

Now these songs usually have a different feel to them and most times leave me teary eyed with a lot of emotions.

As a result I decided to do some digging and see what really made these songs tick

What’s the reason why the singers decided to write and perform these songs?

How many of them stem from personal experiences in their lives?

What can we learn from listening to them?

By doing so I came up with a list (my own list) of the top 10 saddest songs that I have heard.

So here is my list of the top 10 saddest songs (in no particular order).

1. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

This is a ballad written by Eric Clapton and Will Jenning following the death of his 4 year old son. It is said that his son, Conor fell from the 53rd floor window of his mother’s New York apartment.

Eric was left heartbroken and distraught for months following this news. He then released this song which got as high and number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

2. The Sun’s Gone Dim and The Sky’s turned Black by Johann Johannson

This is a song about the death of love and our world as we know it. It is very melodious and reaches deep part within me drawing out all these sad emotions and feelings.

3. Hanging on by Active Child

This song sang by American singer and songwriter Active Child tells the story of emotional chasms between a father and his son.

From the lyrics, you can feel the sadness and turmoil going on by the writer as he tries to make a connection between himself and his son.

4. The Taxi Ride by Jane Siberry

This song makes me teary eyed every time I listen to it.

Written and performed by Jane Siberry, it is a breakup song that is sure to make even the most hard heart perform shed a few tears.

5. Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holliday

Also known as the Hungarian Suicide, it is a popular song that was composed and and published by Reszo Seress in 1933. Its lyrics are all about despair caused by war and famine and a quiet prayer about people’s sins.

6. Shiva by The Antlers

Written and composed by the group The Antlers, this song tells the relationship between a hospice worker and a woman suffering from terminal cancer, their ensuing romance and the slow downward spiral as a result of the woman’s traumas, fears and disease.

7. Winter in my Heart by the Avett Brothers

Released as part of the album, The Carpenter, winter in my heart talks about the feeling of sadness one gets from being lonely and missing out on some of the good things in life. This song is obviously about depression and talks about depressing themes.

8. Tell Laura I Love Her by Ray Peterson

This is a bittersweet love song written by Jeff Barry and Ben Raleigh. It is the tragic story of a teenage boy named Tommy who is in love with a beautiful girl named Tommy. In his attempt to win her love by buying her a wedding ring, Tommy enters a racing contest to use the prize money to buy her a ring. During the race, his car overturns and bursts into flames killing Tommy in the process.

9. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam

This is a song released by Wayne Cochran on his gala label. It is a song about a young man who borrows his dad’s car to take his girlfriend out on a date. Coming upon a bad road, they both have a serious accident and end up unconscious. Later the young man comes out of the coma but finds out his girlfriend is still in the coma. He then holds her lovingly in his arms one last time before she dies.

10. Don’t Go by the Hothouse Flowers

Written by the lead singer of the band, it tells the story of the experiences he had while visiting a friend that was suffering from cancer. He felt it was unfair that his friend was dying while the world outside carried on as normal. It is a very touching song with a lot of moving lyrics.