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Listening to a song about love and romance is one of the best ways to express your love for your lover.

It brings back memories and could as well act as perfect communication when you are together.

Like Hans Christian Andersen made a perfect explanation of the power of music by stating in a quote that: ‘Where words fail, music speaks’.

This simply means that we can use music to express our feelings even when we do not wish to use words.

When two lovers are together and such music plays in the background, there is the electric feeling that occurs and the brain has a way of making you yearn for each other, and no matter the situation, a physical connection of whether bodies or just hands are bound to occur.

Various tunes and lyrics bring about various feelings and this is a stroke of great luck on your part as numerous artists worldwide have been able to transform these feelings into music so that you can experience those feelings whenever you listen to them.

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Most people like me normally think of my lover before I go to bed.

At times, the weather could be warm or chilly but when the breeze hits that warm flesh of mine, it seems like it is a touch from her.

In such a moment, I delve into my special playlist for love and romance, launch it open and keep my phone at my bedside.

The memories keep swarming all over me for the few minutes I stay awake till sleep dawns on me.

In another case when she visited and I want to let her know I miss her, I pick one song that expresses such emotions and plays it, and immediately, the lyrics relay the message to her and she always ends up in my arm.

Hence, we have a list of 10 interesting love and romance songs that could help you express love either when you are alone or with your lover.

10 Songs That Express Love.

1. ‘Lovesong’ – The Cure

The lyrics the singer used in this song explain the feeling of wholeness and bliss you experience when you are spending time with your beloved.

It deepens that assurance that no matter what occurs in the future, you won’t let those memories be buried or forget their love.

2. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, an American singer talks of an unconditional love that never ends and would endure any hurdles that come its way.

He symbolizes the feeling of falling once more in love as you see your beloved or hear their voice every second of the day.

One of the lines that induce romance and deep love goes, “So honey now / Take me into your loving arms / Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars / Place your head on my beating heart / I’m thinking out loud / Maybe we found love right where we are.”

3. ‘She Will Be Loved’ – Maroon 5

You will do anything for someone you love so that they can remain happy and keep giving you that charming smile that melts your heart.

You would also want to show them that you love them despite the time it will take for them to understand it.

It is a song that talks about relentlessness and the ability to push further in love regardless of time constraint.

Some lyrics from the song goes, “I don’t mind spendin’ every day / Out on your corner in the pourin’ rain / Look for the girl with the broken smile / Ask her if she wants to stay awhile / And she will be loved, and she will be loved.”

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4. ‘Kiss Me’ – Ed Sheeran

No one has been able to describe the feeling you experience when you fall in love. Several descriptions have come up but it isn’t still enough.

The feeling is magical and the words in this song relay that warmly and gently.

5. ‘All of Me’ – John Legend

When you love someone wholly, you want to embed the person into yourself and give all your being to the person.

Love makes you adore every part of the person and you would want to understand each other easily without words.

John Legend relates all that in this song as he explains that he wishes to give all of himself to a loved one.

6. ‘Just The Way You Are’ – Bruno Mars

You appreciate your lover wholly and would have no wish to alter a thing they possess.

This is what Bruno Mars tells in his song as he accepts to accept every part of his lover without a doubt.

 7. ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ – Twenty-One Pilots

The meaning of being in love is vague but in this band’s context, they explain that when you fall in love, you give your entire being to your beloved and make them remember it every moment.

8. We Found Love’ – Rihanna

‘We Found Love’ is an attractive song that portrays the feeling of freedom and craziness around your lover as you are open and honest with each other.

It urges you to freely tell them whatever you wish to and the depth of your love no matter how deep it is.

9. ‘Stay’ – Rihanna ft. MikkyEkko

Rihanna relays a feeling of love in this song by telling that the presence of your lover can satisfy your joy and could keep you entertained for hours as the time passes by.

It lets you know that you can stay together without thinking of what else to do other than to just keep spending every moment together.

10. A Thousand Years’ – Christina Perri

How long can you love someone?

How long can you imagine the feeling you share with someone?

Christina Perri replies in this mild love song that a thousand years is a suitable answer as she openly expresses the depth and length of her love regardless of time.

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Music is one way you can let your lover known how much you love them or what your intentions about them are.

There countless songs that could serve in this vein despite the melodies and instrumentals used in it.

Love songs have a way of calming down one’s fears and reassure someone.

Whether you are in love with the person and haven’t been able to relay that love, listening to such music could give you the courage to do so and how to go about it too.