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The world as we see it today could cause you a lot of worries especially when you are the feminine gender.

For several years, the feminine gender has been disregarded as the weak gender due to ancestral beliefs in various parts of the world.

However, women are currently taking bold steps and leading gradually in various branches of the world alongside their male counterparts.

Some of these steps of courage couldn’t have been taking if female musicians didn’t make a call for unification and courage and that is why several songs could make a female feel empowered when she hears them.

Several of these songs speak of rebellion, belief, justice, faith, disregard for oppressors, and come compacted with electrifying hits and motion ballads.

They send their messages deep into the feminine hearts and fill up those holes that either a bad relationship or treatment from the opposite gender or even the same gender has caused.

Hence, we have drawn up 10 songs in this guide that will aid you as a woman to face the challenges you come across and scale them without fear.

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Whether you are about to sleep, or in the bus or at work, you can easily take your earphones and listen to this playlist to rejuvenate any weak feeling that is trying to crawl over you.

Some of these songs are from popular female musicians too and they include;

1. Nasty” by Janet Jackson

In 2016 when the election was on and Hillary Clinton stood up to face Donald Trump as an opposition for the seat of the president of the United States, he went on to call her in one of his campaigns “such a nasty woman” and that was when this Jackson’s song done in 1986 grew more popular on the Spotify platform.

It went on a 250 percent increase of plays and the lyrics she had embedded in the song seemed like she had foreseen the futures.

A bit of it goes, “Nasty boys don’t mean a thing,” Janet sings, but nasty women, on the other hand, get sh*t done.

2. Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways

“Cherry Bomb” was released in 1976 and talks of the harsh and overwhelming trouncing of sex-positivity.

At the time of release, Cherie Curie was only 18 years of age but you could still feel the courage she administers into archaic parents hearts about their female children as she talks of handjobs, virginity, and blue balls in a sweet flow of lyrics despite the dark, chugging punk guitar riffs.

3. “Express Yourself” – Madonna

Express yourself was first done in 1989 as an anthem for the feminine gender on feminism which relates to their independence from men.

The song has a standard of a dance-floor standard and talks of the need to love and respect yourself regardless of what people may say about you.

The wealth of the lyrics hit directly at the heart of women telling them to steer clear of men who do not give them the queenly treatment they deserve.

This song drew a lot of her gay fans worldwide and rose to be the female empowerment anthem.

4. Woman” by Kesha feat. The Dap-Kings Horns

With the aid of music, Kesha has been able to register a voice that opposes sexual harassment and female empowerment since she returned from an arduous court case with Dr. Luke.

She tells the world in this On the feel-good track, that she isn’t ashamed of being a woman.”

5. Tomboy” by Princess Nokia

At war with her parents, Gwen Stefani composed this song to rebel against them as they were too strict towards her and prevented her from driving at night.

It has snarky lyrics that ridicule the way the society protects young ladies and it could serve well as a punk feminist poem.

6. “You Should be Sad” by Halsey

A music that would empower you need to have an upbeat tempo but the slow lyrics and rhythm of this song specially emboldens your heart and is reserved majorly for women who are going through a noxious relationship.

Halsey in this song urges you to abandon such a relationship because it is not best for your general health and mental well-being.

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7. “Look at Her Now” by Selena Gomez

“Look at her now,” tells of a woman who posts break up and weighs her feelings in all the relationship stages.

She admits that though she is not perfect, she is a strong woman and is still capable of making errors.

8. “Mother’s Daughter” by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a well known American singer of various genres of music.

Her melodious voice in several kinds of music pierce into souls and keep the listeners entertained for hours and in her song, “Mother’s daughter”, she entertains women with the fact that they have rights and need to empower themselves.

Just by singing along with the lyrics, you feel the confidence and determination.

In the music video, you will find various kinds of women that are their bosses and don’t accept bullshit from anyone.

9.“Time Machine” by Alicia Keys

Currently, I listen more to Alicia Keys songs than any other female musician.

She is one of my best singers and this unique song as the name implies tells you of recalling past events and not being able to change a thing.

She highlights that things are beautiful how they are despite the mistakes you have made so you should get on with your life and forget the past but live better to have a lovely future.

10. “Good as Hell” by Lizzo

Whenever I hear Lizzo music, I feel the power and confidence in me surge higher.

It is necessary that women feel their best and on top and with the mixture of the beats, you would feel the temptation to wriggle your body because it is meant to just that.


Despite the situation, you find yourself as a woman, you should never be discouraged.

In the modern world, women are achieving great things and even heading offices that men aren’t.

If you have a dream but have that reluctant feeling, why not strategize, look for support, pick a playlist to energize you along the way, and go for your dreams.