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Ever been in a conference call and found yourself straining to hear what has been said?

Or looking for the best speakers for conference calls and having a hard time?

Most times your smartphones can serve as a speakerphone and you might even have one of those Bluetooth speakers with call functions, but nothing beats having a dedicated speaker for conference calls

A good speaker for conference calls will ensure that all your conference calls go smoothly and everyone gets heard clearly

While desktop conference speakerphones have been around for years, they require some expertise to install and use and also need a wire connection to work effectively

In this article I will be showing you the top 5 best speakers for conference calls, the ones that require Bluetooth technology and how to ensure that you get the best deals when making a purchase.

Our Winner After Careful research

Best Speakers for Conference Calls – Comparison Table



Our Rating


Jabra Speak 710 Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech P710e Mobile Speakerphone

Plantronics Calisto P7200 Speaker System

eMeet M2 Conference Speakerphone

5 Best Speakers for Conference Calls

1. Jabra Speak 710 Bluetooth Speaker

The Jabra bluetooth speaker is perhaps the best speaker for conference calls in the market today.

It has an immersive sound both for calls and music and comes with an omin-directional microphone and HD voice which ensures that the sound clarity is top notch

This bad boy provides in room coverage for up to 6 people without messing up the sound quality

The Jabra bluetooth speakers makes it very easy and convenient to hold meetings anywhere because it is lightweight, wireless and very portable

You can use it at home, in the office and even when taking a dump (LOL)

It comes with an intuitive plug and play setup which makes it ideal easily setup and use.

You can easily connect to your laptop, smartphone or tablet via USB or Bluetooth in seconds.

It comes with a protective travel pouch which makes it very easy to use on the go and it is lightweight and portable for anywhere use.

It works with many platforms. It is compatible with Gotomeeting, Skype for business and many more.

2. Logitech P710e Mobile Speakerphone

The Logitech P710e speakerphone is the best pocket friendly speaker for conference calls.

It comes with an integrated device stand which positions your mobile phone or tablet reducing shakes and movement while making your conference calls

It has a true wideband audio which ensures that you hear and are heard clearly when used and you enjoy true lifelike communication experience

It has USB plug and play connectivity which allows you to easily connect to PCs and Macs and pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices easily

It comes with a unique battery life meaning that you can have up to 15 hours of talk time between charges.

This is truly a wonderful feature as it ensures that you can easily setup and make conference calls on the go.

3. Plantronics Calisto P7200 Speaker System

The Plantronics P7200 Speaker System is your best bet for large groups.

This bad boy allows you to feel the clarity and subtlety of your music or vocals in sparkling detail.

With its wireless capability you can easily enjoy that freedom to make your conference calls from anywhere in your apartment.

It also allows you to wirelessly connect and stream audio from your bluetooth enabled device

It has an integrated USB port which serves as a charging port for your other gadgets and devices.

It features Bluetooth pairing, crystal clear clarity, Digital signal processing, Noise reduction, echo cancellation, hands free, multi room capability and USB charging port.

All this features ensures that this speaker serves you very well and deliver crisp and clear vocals.

4. eMeet M2 Conference Speakerphone

This pretty bad boy has 4 AI smart microphone array makes sure that all near and far field voices are easily picked up.

This conference call speaker and microphone operates perfectly for meetings and rooms which accommodates 5 to 8 people comfortably.

It provides rich, clear HD audio quality thanks to its unique Voice-IA algorithm.

Its acoustic echo canceler completely eliminates all forms of echo and with its noise isolating microphone you can be sure of having crisp, clear audio quality during your conference calls and meetings.

The beauty of this baby is that it is all plug and play.

No driver needed and it saves you time needed to debug devices

It can be easily connected to any Bluetooth enabled device and used instantly

The dynamic equalizer inside could automatically switch between voice and music modes and delivers the best sound quality and EQ depending on what the user is listening to.

It has a compact and portable design which makes it ideal for use anywhere you go.

The aircraft-grade aluminum material and cool interactive lights, as well as the upscale touch panel, make the product full of high-tech and business feeling.

It is very compatible with multiple devices such as Zoom, Skype, Web Ex, Goto Meeting, Google Hangout, Facetime and etc. 

The eMeet Bluetooth conference speakerphone is also personalized with digital assistants like Cortana, Siri, and Google Now

5. Kaysuda USB Speaker Phone

This is the cheapest speaker for conference calls among the lot just mentioned.

This PC Microphone is both a USB speaker and microphone for your PC. 

Simply Untie yourself from your handset and headset, for one-on-one conversations or group conference calls.

It comes with a 360 omni directional microphone which ensures that you hear and can be heard easily when having your conference calls

It is Compatible with Windows Microsoft Communicator and Microsoft Lync. It can also work for PS4.

It delivers Crystal-clear conversations during Skype of Microsoft internet calls with far field Mic, noise reduction and echo cancellation, also Good for home studio, Chatting, Skype, Online Course, Yahoo Recording, YouTube Recording, Google Voice Search and Steam

It is plug and play and requires no technical skills to get this product setup and start using.

Why Use Bluetooth Speakers for Conference Calls

Every smartphone has a hands free voice mode built in, but let’s be honest, speakerphones in smartphones leave something to be desired. 

Sure, they’re handy when you’re alone driving in a car or by yourself in a quiet office, but if you’re in a place with more than one person, or if you have several people talking to you at once on the other end, your smartphone’s speakerphone isn’t going to cut it.

Also, I actually prefer talking hands-free. 

Check out this article I wrote showing you the best speakers for apartments.

I don’t like the way the side of my head heats up when I talk on my mobile for prolonged periods of time – it kind of creeps me out.

For this reason, I decided to get myself a conference call speaker system. 

I tested a bunch, and the best are listed above. 

Before I started, all I knew was that I needed something that ran on Bluetooth. 

You know, that INSANELY useful wireless technology that’s used in everything from mobile phones to vaping devices like the JUUL.

I tested a bunch of them, maybe seven of eight, and eventually settled on my preferred options – the ones listed above!

Having the ability to take calls on a dedicated Bluetooth speaker is great, as it frees up your hands for taking notes, holding a drink, or whatever else you want to do.

It also means you no longer need to have a dedicated phone line, or even a phone number, for a conference call.

You can simply choose to conference call in using the speaker and any app that supports multiple line calls – something like Skype or Google Hangouts.

Or if you want a detailed guide on everything about speakers, check out this article best speakers