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Ever wondered how Electronic music gets that nice thumping sound? Come closer, let me tell you my friend… it has to do with the speakers used in mixing the track. See electronic music is a different beast entirely than say hip hop or rock music. This is because EDM beats and the bass hits differently when listening to it with the right speakers. So as an audiophile who wants to learn how to start mixing and mastering music, what are the Best Speakers for EDM.

Asking this question led me down the path of research, asking questions from DJs and stakeholders in the electronic music genre. What you are about to read in this article is my careful selection of the top 5 best speakers for edm, what to consider before making a choice and how to ensure that your purchase serves you for a very long time.

Our Winner After Careful research

Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitors

The Yamaha HS7 is probably one of the best speakers for EDM music in the market today. This bad boy pair of speakers contains two Yamaha HS7 6.7 inches powered speakers and two 20 feet long XLR to XLR cables. It is a 2 way bass reflex bi amplified nearfield studio monitors with 6.5 inches cone woofer and 1 inches dome tweeter. This ensures that the sound quality coming out of these sets of speakers is electronic music standard and sets your heart thumping with all that beat.

It has a frequency response of 3Hz to 30KHz meaning that you can actually crank the volume up without any fear of clipping or distortion. It has a maximum power of 60W LF plus 35W HF bi-amp systems for extremely high performance and 95W power amplification for nice music loudness without any issues. It has OOM controls and High trim response controls, its own unique EQ presets which helps to enhance the quality of the audio. Overall this particular speaker is my top pick for best speakers for edm music as it delivers top notch audio every single time.

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Best Speakers for EDM – Comparison Table

Other Great Speakers for EDM

2. Bose F1 Model Loudspeaker

This particular set of speakers has an exclusive flexible array that can be configured into 4 unique shapes ( straight, C, J or reverse J) allowing you to choose the best possible combination for your edm music. It has bi-amplified design with 2 high output and class D amplifiers which helps to easily power the FLEX array and 12 inch LF drivers. This ensures that your edm music volume can be easily cranked up without any issues for distortion or clipping from this end.

It has wide consistent coverage from an 8 driver mid/high line array giving you awesome deep bass sound every single time. It comes equipped with 2 input channels with independent volume controls and line level mic switch. This is one super awesome speaker that is designed and created to give you that edm music feel and thump.

3. Focal: Alpha 50 Professional Monitoring Loudspeaker

This particular set of speakers put the T in thump when it comes to edm music. It is a professional active 2 way edm speakers and comes in pairs. It has a unique compact design that is perfectly adapted for smaller studios. This is very ideal for situations where space is an issue and you want to conserve space and still get quality edm sound. It has a unique low directivity feature which means that it keeps the same sound throughout the room no matter the direction you are listening from.

It comes equipped with adjustable bass and treble controls which gives you some control over the way you want your music to sound. It is a neutral sounding pair of speakers with no distortion or clipping and is ideal for critical monitoring and mixing. It is made from durable cabinet construction materials and vinyl and black paint finish which gives it that awesome look and feel.

4. JBL LSR310S 10″ Powered Studio Subwoofer

This particular set of speakers is a beauty to look at and also delivers heart stopping bass every single time. It has JBL patented slipstream port design that works in concert with its patented low frequency driver to deliver deep, dynamic bass response at all playback levels. This ensures that you get awesome edm style music when used. It has an xlf extended low frequency setting that activates a specially engineered tuning that gives you that awesome bass thumping bass that you experience in clubs

Its custom designed drivers delivers deep low frequency for very long period of time with no fear of clipping or distortion. It has professional balanced inputs and outputs which means you can easily connect to any audio devices and play instantly. It comes with its own connectivity switch which ensures it is very compatible with a broad range of signal sources. This allows you to easily connect the speakers to high output professional equipment without any danger of input overload. The full package comes with a studio monitor, power cable and a setup guide. This is one speaker that gives you powerful, banging bass that is essentially what edm music and sounds is all about.

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5. Behringer Eurolive B210D Speakers

The Behringer Eurolive B210D is a relatively low-powered speakers in comparison to some of the other options on this page, but it’s one of the cheapest powered speakers available. Portability is a strong pro since one B210D is light enough to carry (some people do so with one hand). If you’re looking for a set of speakers that are easy to set up and clean up, consider these. There isn’t a handle on the top of the speaker though, so you’ll have to carry them horizontally.

Customers rave that they are durable and provide great bang for your buck. However, you will want to pick up a subwoofer to go along with them if you really want people to feel the music. The Behringer B1200D-Pro is a subwoofer option from the same company if you want to match.

Why you need special speakers for EDM?

If you have done any research on google for mixing audio, you will find a lot of content in there. But the bad thing is that none of it is tailored towards EDM music. Here are some reasons why you need special speakers when working with EDM songs

1. There is More Sonic Control Earlier in the Process

Recording a traditional band can be a difficult and lengthy process. There are many factors:

The studio/recording environment
Mic placement
Mic choice
Pre-amps & input gain
Direct or indirect recording
Quality of recording take

Unless you are recording your own instruments, vocals and/or sounds, these things aren’t relevant. You’re usually working with synths or samples that are already recorded well – that’s why a kick drum sample sounds so good. Additionally, these sounds are typically already processed to sound even, loud and balanced.

And if they aren’t, you can chuck an EQ or some processing on to sort it out, with minimal fuss. That’s something you can’t do if you’re in a band that’s recording themselves – at least not to the same level.

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2. You are working with Synthesized sounds

Most electronic musicians and producers work with a lot of synthesized sounds. The particular sounds have constant wave forms and volume envelope control which helps you shape the exact dynamics of the songs. So you definitely need special speakers to deal with this issue when mixing

3. Louder Sounds & More Compression

Most EDM and electronic music in 2019 has a much louder average volume in comparison to other genres. There are some exceptions (like ambient music) but apart from those, this holds true. Squashing the living daylight out of a snare in a country tune might sound really bad, but in a riddim tune, it’s no big deal. So advice like ‘don’t use a ratio higher than 4:1’ or similar cautionary nuggets of apparent wisdom should be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to electronic music.