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As a huge fan of Rock music and also a producer of rock music, I usually like my rock sound gritty and phat

And the one platform that does this for me without a doubt is Bias FX

It is a cross platform guitar effects processor that allows me to build virtual pedalboards, import BIAS profiles and download presets

Truly amazing program I must tell you

So it was with dismay and frustration when I learnt that to be able to use this program, I needed to have a midi controller hooked up to it.

While this was not a big issue, the problem was that I had no idea which was the best midi controller for bias fx

While searching on the internet, I also found out that there were no extensive guides or article written on how to go about choosing a good midi controller for bias fx

This is why I decided to write this article showing you the top 5 best midi controllers to pick if you are want to use it with bias fx, things to consider before you make a purchase and where you can easily get this controllers at good prices.

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Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Midi Controllers for Bias FX

1. MeloAudio Midi Commander Controller

This is probably one of the best midi controllers you could get for use with bias fx.

It is a USB MIDI controller / standalone midi controller with 10 foot switches that come with easy to use Host matching configuration.

It has 2 expression pedal jacks for volume and wah control which helps you to easily tweak and adjust settings as you play

It also comes with 8 host presets that you can use with popular guitar programs such as  JamUp and Bias FX

It has two custom modes for specified PC and CC commands and can also support up to 40 hours of play time using just 2 AAA batteries

This allows you to easily take this this on the road and use it anytime without worrying about play time

One awesome thing about this product is that it also has on board charging feature for your rechargeable batteries

It is compatible with a lot of devices and can be setup and used on the go.

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2. Roland FC Midi Foot Controller

The latest Roland FC controller sets a new standard of power, versatility and innovation for  midi foot controller

It is an advanced MIDI foot controller with two assignable expression pedals, two control pedals and nine foot switches

With these features you can be sure of a controller that gives your variety and options while working.

It’s latest patch mode allows you to store up to 1000 midi setup without complaining about storage issues

In addition to its standard MIDI connection, it also has a newly developed  RRC2 protocol that is suited for bidirectional data flow easily.

This allows you to connect your FC controller to RRC2 equipped products and send data without any issues.

It has 3 way power supply and is made from rock solid metal construction which allows for stage use.

It also comes equipped with 2 amp control switches for controlling amp channels or effects.

Without a doubt this is an ideal midi controller that works very well Bias FX.

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3. Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller

Next on the list is the Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller

It has 12 programmable foot switches which gives you the ability to setup as many options as you want while making music

It also comes with a programmable control pedal for tweaking and adjustment 

It has 4 additional pedal inputs for any type of pedals and is preprogrammed for WX5 and TYROS 3 and 4

It is made from solid, strong material which ensures that it does not corrode or gets damaged when being used.

This is an excellent midi foot controller that is ideal for use with bias fx and can be gotten for very cheap at Amazon.com

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4. Line 6 FBV Express MKII Foot Controller

This is one midi controller for bias fx that gives you hands free channel switching and more for your guitar amp and POD.

It offers all the express advantages you expect from a foot midi controller including rock solid channel switches, a rugged wah/volume pedal and a chromatic tuner display.

Its steel foot switches are made from rugged steel allowing for constant stomping without any damages

This controller makes it very easy to store and select four channel presets, to synchronize time based effects with Tap Tempo and to activate the chromatic tuner.

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It is very solid under your feet and features plenty of grip so it does not slip off your feet while playing.

It easily connects to Bias FX and your Line 6 amp via the included locking RJ-45 cable.

This midi foot controller is portable and made from strong material that prevents wear and tear.

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5. 12 Step Chromatic Keyboard Foot Controller

Last on the list, I have the 12 step chromatic keyboard foot controller

This is one controller that allows you to trigger samples and launch clips in your favourite DAWs using the 12 step keyboard

It has a smart fabric layer that responds to the velocity, pressure and tilt of your foot giving you that precise sound that you desire

It is made from high quality, durable material that has been tested to survive spills, falls and even being run over by a van.

It is very portable and was designed with portability in mind. It’s small profile, lightweight and small footprint makes it ideal to bring to your gig and load into your studio on the go.

It is also a controller capable of sending continuous messages while reacting to the pressure and tilt of your foot

This is one controller that is perfect for playing bass lines, chords, triggering clips, or any other musical accents that fit your style.

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