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Last week I came across a new DAW, Studio One and decided to try it out.

This is because I had heard so many good reviews about the product and I was keen to test it out and see how it compares with my current workstation.

While setting up, I realised that I had absolutely no idea which midi controller to use.

As usual I decided to check online and see if I could find anything useful out there

Unfortunately there was nothing out there showing me the best midi controller for studio one and where I could buy them.

The few articles I saw were showing me general midi controllers and nothing specific to my query.

After much frustration and lots of searches, I decided to write this article showing you everything you need to know about getting a midi controller especially for studio one and where you can get them at very cheap prices

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Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Midi Controller for Studio One

1. M-Audio Code 61 Midi Controller

This is without a doubt the best choice you can make for a midi keyboard for use with studio one.

This keyboard is a 61 full size, velocity and pressure sensitive keys with aftertouch which makes it very easy to use and setup

It has an all new custom keybed for a clean precise action and four assignable zones for splits and layering.

What this means the custom keybed allows you to easily press the controller and get an action without any stress

It has 16 fully assignable velocity sensitive trigger pads which are ideal for beat production, clip launching and so much more.

It also comes equipped with 8 assignable 360 encoders combined with 9 assignable faders and buttons which helps you easily control your DAW (in this case Studio One) and any virtual instruments you may use.

It has a set of fully assignable XY pads which are ideal for use with Studio One and Ableton Live for HID control and a unique way of controlling multiple parameters in virtual instruments.

One very good thing about this midi controller is that it requires minimal setup and has a Mackie/HUI transport control which enables setup for a simple setup and can also be used with most popular DAWs out there.

It also has a USB bus powered with on board 5 pin Midi in and out which allows you to send MIDI data from PC sequencers to your favourite analogue synth.

This is a very good choice and in my opinion I will recommend this Midi controller as the first choice for use with Studio One.

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2. Behringer Motor 61 Keyboard Controller

If you are looking for something really simple and ideal to use with Studio One, then you need to check out this Midi controller from Behringer

The Motor 61 Midi controller gives you total command over your virtual instruments and your DAW(here being Studio One).

It features amazingly smooth action and motorized faders along with touch sensitive pads which allows you to create beautiful music and express yourself creatively

It comes equipped with 61 semi weighted full sized keys and 60mm faders and backlit drums which gives you hands on control over the parameters in Studio One

It also has an incredible hardware arpeggiator which enables you to instantly add arpeggiators to software and hardware synths easily and on the go without any complex setups

One unique thing about this controller is that it has endless rotary encoders which provide immediate feedback about your software

It also has a convenient, backlit transport section which puts all playback and record functions at your fingertips

What this means is that you can easily and quickly adjust your music settings with the easy to reach knobs and dials without any issues

With this midi controller, you get easy to read information at a glance with the spacious backlit screen

This midi controller comes loaded with a variety of extremely useful presets and plugins so that you can start creating music easily

With this Midi controller which is my second best choice for Studio One you get a controller that gives you the ability to create awesome music without any issues.

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3. Behringer Deepmind 12 Midi Controller

Next on our list, is another popular and awesome product fro Behringer

The Behringer Deepmind 12 Midi controller is a classic polyphonic synthesizer with 12 analog voices that helps you produce insanely fat and authentic sounds.

It has 4 simultaneous world class TC Electronic and Klark Teknik FX which comes with lots of extra FX such as reverb, chorus, flanger, delay and phaser.

This awesome FXs allows you to create truly inspiring music that is generally acceptable worldwide.

It comes with 12 voices with 2 analog OSCs per voice with an oscillator sync mode.

It comes equipped with 2 LFOs per voice with 7 waveform shapes, key sync, MIDI sync and envelope auto triggering.

It has 3 ADSR generators per voice for control of VCF, VCA and MOD envelopes which helps you easily tweak and make adjustments to your music.

It has a comprehensive remote control which gives you easy control over your music as you go.

This is without a doubt a truly awesome midi controller that you can use with Studio One without any issues.

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4. Akai professional MPK261 Midi controller

The Akai Professional MPK261 Midi Keyboard is an ideal choice if you want something that works well with Studio One.

It has 61 semi weighted, velocity sensitive full size keys and a premium piano style keybed for awesome response and natural feel.

It comes equipped with 16 RGB illuminated MPC style pads each with 4 banks for 64 pads. 

This is the ideal and perfect solution for easily triggering samples, loops, one shots and melodics.

It comes equipped with 24 assignable Q link controllers which have 8 knobs, faders and switches engineered for hassle free mapping and unprecedented DAW, virtual instrument and virtual effect control.

One unique thing about this midi controller is the onboard USB midi interface with 5 pin midi in and out which allows you to take complete command of your peripheral midi equipment.

It comes with its unique MPC mainstay controls which include MPC note repeat, arpeggiator, MPC full level, tap tempo and time division.

This is one MIDI controller that you can use with Studio One and get absolute results every single time.

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5. M Audio Oxygen 49 IV Midi controller

Last on my list, we have this high quality Midi controller from M-Audio which delivers exceptional results when used.

This is an ultra portable Midi controller with 49 full size velocity sensitive keys and on board pitch bend and modulation for expressive music

It comes equipped with 8 trigger pads which are ideal for beat making, 8 assignable knobs for manipulating virtual instruments and also 9 faders for giving your mix that professional quality.

It has a dedicated up and down button which increases your keyboard to its full melodic range and transport buttons that allow you to control Studio One without reaching for your mouse.

With its innovative directlink, you can automatically map controls to all the popular DAWs out there as well as with Studio One.

All in all this is one ideal midi controller that works very well with Studio One.

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