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If you are looking for the Best Midi Controller with Weighted keys, then my recommendation for you is the Studiologic SL-88.

Just as there are different types of MIDI controller, so do these controllers have different key types.

There are several keys you will press and you can control a particular portion of your device and most producers prefer controllers that possess weighted keys.

These kinds of keys let you have a better feel when doing music production.  

In the music world, it is only the professional musicians who have had appropriate training that goes for such keys.

And with passing years, more musicians are keying into this idea and that is why lots of manufacturers are producing MIDI controllers with such feature too.

If you have got to the point you want to shop for a suitable piece and find that the multiple numbers of models and brands in the market get you confused, this guide will help.

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Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Midi Controller With Weighted Keys

With these features above in mind, we have drawn up a list of the top 5 MIDI controllers you can pick one from without stress.

1.  Studiologic SL-88

There are two different typed of this keyboard of which are the lightweight one and that with hammer action.

You can purchase this MIDI controller online at a good price and have some features like the usage of the knob instead of sticks.

The studiologic SL-88 MIDI controller is widely known among musicians too for its weighted keys that are said to be outstanding as they encounter a feeling of life when using it.

There are wooden keys on it which gives it a classy look and you can as well regulate the white and black key balance.

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2. M-Audio Hammer 88

The Hammer 88 has a name that tells you of its capability and this makes it one of the best in the market and among the musicians.

Personally, it is my favorite and gives me that feeling you will get on an actual piano and one you wouldn’t see in a controller as it.

You can connect it with a 5-pin MIDI DIN port to activate it external MIDI gear and with the MIDI output, you can use the Hammer 88 to integrate your extensive studio setup instead of just being on the edge of it.

It is very user-friendly and fitted with pitch bend, mod wheels, and two buttons of which all alongside the master volume fader, can be completely assigned.

There are three pedal inputs for soft, expression, and sustain you can employ to increase your piano realness and give you a responsive feeling.

Additionally is its sleek design that makes people love it despite the lack of drum pads and limited functionality.

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3.  Arturia KeyLab 88 MkII

Arturia’s KeyLab 88 MkII is said to do everything and is the flagship of the Arturia brand.

It has 88 keys, the renowned Fatar TP100LR keybed, and aftertouch.

There are numerous controls you can access on this keyboard like the nine assignable knobs and faders, transport controls that map to all trendy DAWs, the Arturia Analog Lab 4 software, containing more than 6,500 outstanding sounds and 16 backlit drum pads that trigger samples or clips (clips in Ableton Live).

Also, you would not regret this controller with connections as it encompasses four various CV outputs, and one CV input so that if you have a superior analog setup, you can still position the MkII in its center.

Additionally, there are three assignable pedal jacks in addition to the expected expression and sustain pedal jacks and a wonderful DAW integration.

However, it has small drum/sample pads though they are responsive and which is seen as one of the most vital issues when dealing with a controller.

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4. Novation 61SL MkIII

The Novation 61SL MkIII is the dream of every Ableton producer as it is ultra-modern and has numerous innate functions.

There are 61 synth-styled, semi-weighted keys that all have an RGB LED feedback to indicate modes, scales, and split zones.  

Remarkably, the 16 velocity-sensitive pads possess polyphonic aftertouch too, and can aid in triggering samples, clips, and input steps to the onboard sequencer.

There is an 8-track internal step sequencer on the 61SL MkIII that inhibits a new aspect you won’t find in most controllers and you can input notes in steps or record live directly to the sequencer.

Sequence edition and parameter automation recording too can be done directly from the keyboard.

It has an inbuilt arpeggiator with modifiable velocity curves and during connectivity, you have the MIDI in/out, CV/Gate, and Mod outs.

The 61SL MkII has smooth integration with most trendy DAWs, though it is completely perfect for Ableton Live.

It also has eight assignable faders, dedicated transport controls, and eight mutes/solo buttons.

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5.  Studiologic Numa Compact 2x

Studiologic made this hybrid controller with the addition of several incredible onboard voices The Numa Compact has 88 keys, aftertouch, and 128-note max polyphony.

You have 88 sounds, including acoustic pianos, synths, and organs onboard this controller and two dedicated FX engines that let you use six effects at once per voice.

There are nine faders bring which are completely assignable and it has a lightweight which lets you move it about easily.

The brand also incorporated inbuilt speakers in this controller to let you play without needing an amplifier.

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Difference Between Light and Heavyweight Keys

There is a difference in the heavyweight and lightweight keynotes though it is this area that confuses starter level piano players a lot.

They wouldn’t know the actual difference though they might find a portable controller and still think it is heavyweight.

Lightweights are usually portable while heavyweights are not and the keys of a heavyweight are always tight too.

Buying Guide for a Weighted Key MIDI Controller

Hence, you wish to get into the professional circle and try out a weighted MIDI controller but when you get into the market, you find a lot of them, what do you do?

What would you look for in them?

Below in this guide are some points to check out for when getting a suitable weighted one for your usage. This includes;

Buttons and knobs

You would find buttons and knobs in every piano keyboard through which you can control the whole music system.

However, they must be able to transmit MIDI data.

Key counts

There are various keys in a MIDI controller and these come in various numbers on various keyboards.

Some have 25, 39, 61, and other key counts.

The number of keys will depend on your grade and increases to the tops if you are a professional.

Weighted hammer action

The weighted hammer action keys are normally 88 and are the ones you will find on a conventional piano keyboard.

Select one that has a quite heavy hammer action for your use.

Touch and feel

Weighted keys controllers normally give you a vibrating feel when in use and this adds eloquence to your music.

Also, you should consider the Aftertouch too which could be polyphonic or monophonic.

Performance pads

Some players prefer the MIDI controlling characteristic which involves using the black and white keys of the keyboard.

However, other players might prefer a supple feel and if you get a performance pad that senses velocity sensing, then, you have gotten the right one.


You should know the price of your controller before purchasing so that you can find one that fits into your budget still with good features too.


The weighted keys controllers are the choice of professional music players and we have drawn the top 5 for you.

With this guide, your confusion will cease and you get open to a particular one that will fit your desires so just review it, find your choice, and get in either online or in a market, you have seen such before.