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In the present time, there are a lot of benefits that musicians enjoy like being able to buy music software and hardware from various manufacturers at affordable prices.

Technological advancement has also allowed musicians despite their level to record and produce songs from their home studios.

This is made possible through numerous digital audio workstations (DAWs) regularly developed by the software developers.

One of these DAWs known for its extra ordinariness is Reason and was developed by Propellerhead, a Swedish brand.

They launched it in 2000 and currently, it is among the top DAWs in the music industry.

It presents its users with enough versatility, control, and signal processing capacity, matching racks of synthesizers, compressors, and samplers.

It also has a user-friendly interface that gives you various options for editing that’s why with this; you don’t need to be an expert to create good music.

The market is filled with multiple models and brands of midi controller for reason which can make choosing the right one difficult except you know what you’re looking for.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to worry.

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We have outlined the top 5 keyboard controllers specially built for Reason if you wish to key into this product and make good music without stress.

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Keyboard Controllers for Reason

1. Nektar Panorama P4 – Best Keyboard For Reason

The Nektar Panorama controller is an amazing device that has been configured with reason to let you assign controls easily.

It is fitted with a slick black-and-white aesthetic and gives you a comfortable feeling when using it.

Reason users see it as the best controller so far and that is why it stands as number one on our list.

Aside from using this controller on Reason, you can still use it on other DAWs too despite the fact it was made for Reason.

It has a deep integration, easy basics, great sample pads, motorized faders, pitch-bend, modulation wheel, and rotary knobs to control parameters.

The keys of the P4 are also full-sized and it functions smoothly.

These are some reasons many users choose it although it is at a high price and wouldn’t suit you if you are on a tight budget.

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2. Akai MPK 225 Midi Controller

The portability of controllers is another point users look for when getting one. 

This is one point where the Akai MPK249 controller gets a win as it has an average size and can be easily taken when out and about.

With this controller, you can carry out various editing functions through the varieties of options it provides.

You can use it to browse every one of your preset, via the LCD screen you’ll find in the center of its body.

There also exist transport controls that aid in speeding the workflow.

While it comes with only 25 keys, the good news is that the controller keys are full sizes.

Some of the great functionalities of this midi controller are Aftertouch, 8 RGB lit MPC pads, 12 assignable Q-link controllers, 5-pin MIDI I/O, great transport controls, large LCD screen in the center and VIP 3.0 software download.

It’s lightweight and compatible with all major DAWs.

However, if you wish for a piano you can use and if you are on a very tight budget, this is not the most suitable for you.

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3. M-Audio Keystation 49 and 61 -Best Budget

The M-Audio Keystation 49 controllers have easy usage and responsiveness.

Still, you would not compare this controller to the P4 and the MPK 225 above as they surpass it in features and functionality.

However, the M-Audio Keystation 49 produces great quality songs and has great effects from its keyboard.

If you are also not certain about your expenditure as the above two are on the high side, this controller will also serve you.

The cost isn’t expensive and can be afforded easily on the average side.

The M-Audio Keystation 61 sports a keyboard of 61 full-sized keys and functions well with Reason though some other DAWs could also employ its use in music production.

Users appreciate the fact that it has a sturdy build and has shown it can stand the test of time.

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If this kind of controller catches your fancy, you can cut down costs and go for it.

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4. Arturia Keylab 88 MK II

The durability of controllers helps users enjoy making songs for a long period without issues relating to repair or replacement.

When you use the Arturia Keylab 88 MK II controller, you are certain of durability though this feature makes it to be weighty and cannot be easily carried about like the M-Audio Keystation 49.

There are 9 faders and rotary knobs on the Keylab 88 MK II in addition to the 16 drum pads and the weighted key-bed which you wouldn’t find easily on the average MIDI controller.

It has a miniature screen which makes people complain despite its other features.

 It has been pre-installed with the Analog Lab and Ableton Live Lite which comes along with 500 free new sounds you can use for your song production.

Other features on the Keylab 88 MK II include Pitch-bend & modulation wheel, 16 RGB backlit pads, dedicated transport controls, MIDI I/O/Thru, CV/gate, and a deep DAW integration.

However, it is on the high side and is not suitable for little budgets.

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5. Novation Launchkey Mini MK3

The Novation Launchkey MIDI controller is one of the cheapest on the list sporting an impressive price of around $200.

Despite its price, it has many features you wouldn’t find on other controllers of this price.

It is portable, has an extremely tiny weight, and is suitable for the hip-hop music makers.

However, the durability isn’t top-notch though and it has small keys.

It sports 16 pads, 8 rotary knobs, an arpeggiator; pitch-bend & modulation strips and can easily run the external synthesizer

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What To Look For In A Midi Controller For Reason

When looking for a good controller for reason, there are some factors to watch out for.


It is tiring to get a controller that can’t function as you desire with your DAW, hence before you purchase one, ensure it has great compatibility with Reason or any other DAW you might like and don’t give errors no matter how little.

Pads or Keyboard Based

You would find the keyboard on some controllers and none in some.

It indicates that they broadcast MIDI data only when you touch their pads since they have no keys.


Your controller should be pre-mapped with your DAW so that you save time when using it.

Number of Keys

The number of keys on the controller should also be put into consideration as some with lesser keys are mainly for beats and vice-versa.


If you spend little on your DAW, you will spend higher on your controller or VST software so you should get a good DAW like Reason to cut down cost on other expenditure.


You will come across different MIDI keyboards when you are looking for a controller for Reason.

However, with the controllers listed above, you could get a clue on the kind you need and get one that will serve you both financially and otherwise as related to your decision.