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Do you have difficulty in getting a perfect Traktor controller for your uses?

Then you just got to the right place… cos in this guide, you will understand fully, how the hardware functions, the kinds of workflows you can find on the instrument and the devices you could use to satisfy your needs.

Firstly, Traktor Kontrol is a collection of hardware, DJs use in their works, that incorporate flawlessly with Traktor software which helps them make/edit music or songs.

It equally helps them to make the kind of modifications they do to a piece of music and this is what makes one enjoy their presence.

Kontrol talks about a combination of software and hardware that function as one, providing a spontaneous interface.

In the Kontrol S series, there are several controllers that come at various prices and with unique features which differentiate them from others and make them worthy of purchase for specific purposes.

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These controllers below are the top 5 we have picked out for Traktor and they include;

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Midi Controllers for Traktor

1. Kontrol S8

Native Instruments developed this series and chose the Kontrol S8 to be one of their best.

It sports a lot of features and was integrated with various capabilities for the Traktor software.

It has touch-sensitive knobs, onboard screens that are made of high-quality, and a smart UI design that gives you a pleasant feel when using it.

It can also operate as a standalone mixer as it grants you complete access to the 4 various decks and some pre-installed remixes sets.

It has timecode support, professional audio quality and is the most comprehensive of all Traktor controllers.

Unfortunately, it has no jog wheels which could alter your laptop usage and is the most expensive in the series and on the list.

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2. Kontrol S5

Just like the S8, the Traktor Kontrol S5 has similar functionalities and helps users reconstruct and deconstruct music through their sets.

With this controller, you can access Stems, the Remix Decks, and almost everything else you can find within the Traktor Pro 2.

Unfortunately, it also has a similar but lesser price range to the S8 and comes along with no jog wheels too.

It is not capable of supporting timecode and has no MIDI, no standalone mixing, and a little less control over Remix Decks.

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Users still rate it as second since it isn’t quite large and you can use it in your small DJ both without worries.

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3. Kontrol S4 (MKII)

This Traktor Kontrol S4 is a faint improvement to the Traktor version though it has no fancy screens or control level as you would find on the S5 and S8.

It has a well-designed layout and is the most suitable when you want to use a 4-deck control system.

If you are a DJ and you don’t mind having your laptop close to you when working, this is the most suitable for you.

With the Kontrol S4, you can access Stems control fully and partially partial access the Remix Decks.

It also lets you use a full DVS capability with the timecode add-on and you can use in on the iOS platform.

The Loop Recorder function is unique and the jog wheels are of high resolution and packed with an HID interface.

 Still, it has only a single headphone output and the “Booth output” is half-assed.

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4. Kontrol S2 (MKII)

If you are on a tight budget, you should try out the Traktor Kontrol S2 MKII sports control of just two decks and lets you access the Remix Decks partially just like the way it is in the S4.

If the traditional dual-jog wheel layout isn’t a problem to you, then you can use the controller though the serious look could make it look kinda compact.

It also supports the iPad technology and will suit you if you have keyed into this usage.

All you do is to plug it and it begins functioning though you will have to pay for additional channels if you wish to use it fully.

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5. Traktor Kontrol Z2

The Traktor Kontrol Z2 was originally made for club use but when it showed greater potentials, it was adapted into another usage too.

You can use it also on the Flow 8 Deck and sports both the 2 and 4 deck mode though there is the 8 deck you wouldn’t find easily.

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Traktor Kontrol Concepts

There are some specific features you will find in a distinctive Traktor setup and these are;

Visual Feedback

Native Instruments has a great focus on providing firm incorporation between software and hardware, and also, letting humans use a smart interface to do numerous multi-tasking in a tiny space.

In some situations like the S8, S5, and D2), there will be great involvement in combining touch-capacitive controls with a high-resolution screen.

There are particular parts of these controllers you touch for the screen to change to contain whatever task you are trying to satisfy.

For instance, panels will slide down and reveal the exact changes you’re making to that parameter when you touch an FX knob.

To view your loop length before you engage it, just touch the loop knob and the number appears on the screen.

Twisting the knob to the left or right will alter the loop length and pushing it down will simply engage the loop.

There are also devices with no screens like the Kontrol S4 or the F1 (Remix Deck controller) that uses multi-color RGB backlit pads or LED number displays as its form of visual feedback.

This specialty is only seen in Native Instruments.

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Traktor Decks

Normally, mixing and playing is done inside the all-digital system and the DJs regularly let the computer to retain tempo via the “Sync” function. 

In a DVS-style system, they use turntables to manage digital music and with various decks, you can do this. Some of these decks are:

Track Deck: your “traditional” digital deck (which replaces a CDJ or turntable).

Remix Deck: a clip-based deck that lets you trigger samples and loops instead of playing full tracks straight.

Stem Deck: a four-channel deck which contains split elements (like bass, drums, vocals, and melody).

Scratch Control: a deck that recognizes timecode input to influence your digital music like a record.

Live Input: direct-thru input from an external source, such as a CDJ or a different controller.

Flux Mode

Flux Mode is a feature in Traktor which lets a track to keep playing along a virtual timeline, regardless of any change you make while it plays.

You can use cue points, loops, and hot cues with it without losing your “spot” in the song.

Flux mode lets you interact with Traktor’s transport controls, and when you’re finished, the track jumps right back to where it would have been otherwise.

This technicality is known as “Slip Mode” on Pioneer DJ devices.

All-in-One Controllers

These devices usually include all you need as a DJ with Traktor and it comprises of the mixing section control, FX, transport functions, track browsing, looping, and other main features of the software.

Each device possesses a high-quality digital audio interface and with each one and your laptop, you automatically have all you need to connect to a club sound system or PA and play a whole set via Traktor.