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If you are looking for the best midi controller for worship, then my personal choice is the Novation Impulse 25 USB Midi Controller Keyboard.

The first thing we want to explain in this guide is what it is and the kind of use you can put the midi controller for worship into.

Simply explained, a midi keyboard is a piano-style interface that is capable of sending midi signals to any device that has been connected to it.

You can send these signals via a midi cable or a USB cord through the devices must have matching midi protocol interface.

It is very exciting though hard in some cases to shop for the right your keyboard rig most suitable for your worship need.

You may be entertaining series of questions in your mind like what if I make a wrong choice or choose a product that’ll breakdown after one month of purchase.

You might browse through various pages just to find one and might not see the one that matches your imaginations or just get confused along the line due to their large varieties.

However, we have taken the stress off you, weighed, and scaled  down and drew up a list of best 5 midi controllers for worship in this guide putting all the required functionality in mind.

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Do check these out.  These include;

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Midi Controller for Worship

1. Novation Impulse 25 USB Midi Controller Keyboard

When purchasing a midi keyboard, you must lookout for some certain features that will aid in its smooth functioning like the key count, keyboard action types, aftertouch, faders, buttons and knobs, and performance pads.

One very unique keyboard that you will find these functionalities is the Novation Impulse 25 USB Midi Controller Keyboard.

 Just as the name implies, it has about 25 Keys, has an ultra-responsive action that is not too weighty, nice software control, and drum pads that function in different ways.

One reason a lot of users swear for this midi controller is its compatibility with different OS and DAWs including the fact that the controller responds smartly to touch.

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2. Arturia KeyLab 88 USB Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Controller

The ArturiaKeyLab 88 USB Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Controller just like the Impulse has a lot of features too that will aid you to enjoy a wonderful session of worship when using it.

The weight is one factor that worshipers love it as they can easily carry it about and in almost every weather condition without needing a vehicle.

Despite its portability, it is also very durable as you would not see in all controllers with the same feature and its finish.

It is if a high end product and Italian-made.

There are various accessories on this device like a stand for your laptop, iPad, or music sheet.

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3. Akai Professional MPK249 49-Key Keyboard

Akai is a brand with quality products and has been in the market for years and their controller, The Akai Professional MPK249 49-Key Keyboard & Drum Pad is one that was made in Japan and is suitable for making electronic music.

With this controller, you have solved all issues you have with a midi keyboard necessity.

It sports an all-in-one controller with keyboard and trigger pads, 8 faders, control knobs, and switches.

Also, the weight is of average size and the 49 full-size keys are sensitive to pressure.

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4. M-Audio Keystation 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Looking at the M-Audio Keystation 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller, you will find out that has a very simple modality though its power is not measurable to every other controller in the market.

It is suitable for creating music sequences as well as playing other virtual instruments.

You can also use it to play these instruments on your Mac or PC hence giving you a double option to pick from whoever suits you.

It has a full size of 49 and semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keys with 1/4-inch sustain pedal input.

Upon arrival, it possesses octave range buttons, pitch bend, modulation wheels, and transport controls.

You can as well use a USB cord to connect it to your PC or any device you are using it on since it allows that functionality.

The friendly user interface makes users whether pros or beginners to achieve their aims without much stress.

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5. Alesis V49 | 49 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

When you talk about electronic types of equipment concerning music, the name Alesis is one you can trust when using their products.

This company produces music equipment that will give you the best of your choices and one of which is the V49 Key USB MIDI keyboard controller which is widely known for its affordable cost despite the quality it sports.

It is fitted with 49, full-sized keys that are very sensitive to velocity and this makes them far more responsive than standard keys.

Producers that feature mainly in the beats category will love this device because of the eight, back-lit pads it carries which are very sensitive too.

A newbie in the market will appreciate it and if you are one of them, the many software packages it is packed with like the ProTools will aid you in production.

Also the fact it is very user-friendly will help you go about the technicality without getting confused at any point.

It is seen as among the top midi keyboard controllers due to its intuitiveness and simple design.

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It is obvious that when picking a MIDI controller for worship, there are various options you would come across which might seem confusing at first.

In this guide, we have outlined the 5 top based on three major points of which include, your budget (price), the user-friendliness (ease of use), and the application/context.

These three points are the shoulder on which our valuations and every controller rest.

You could find one you like but it could be on the high side and not within your budget reach.

This will drive you to go to a cheaper alternative which equally have great quality.

However this may not be equal quality with the expensive ones.

Options like that would fulfill the purpose and still not eat into your budget.

Sometimes, you might also find options you can purchase, but they’re difficult to use.

There is one that favors that category and will satisfy you both ways.

All you do will be to look at your specification, find the one that have the closest match and grab it.