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If you are looking for the best boom mics for film. then this is the right article for you.

When taking audio film, it’s almost continually important that the microphones continue to be covered within the frame or remain without the frame.

Boom mics offer a widespread manner of shooting audio on movie sets.

Thus, which mics work fine as boom microphones on movie sets?

After several years of experience as a boom operator, I think I’m well equipped to offer insight on this.

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Follow me in this article to get the info you need to make the right choices. 

A boom mic is an astounding device for all your audio desires.

It works for both a DIY filmmaker or an expert.

The boom microphone is simply a mic connected to an extendable long arm.

The extendable arm is the boom, and that is where the mic gets its name from. 

A boom microphone could mean a shotgun mic attached to a boom. 

Top 5 boom mics for the film: Our best picks

1. The Schoeps MK41/CMC 6

The Schoeps MK41/CMC SIX is a top-quality master supercardioid mic which receives the best suggestion as being a movie boom mic.

The supercardioid MK forty-one capsule isolates the individual chatting with absolutely no coloration as the CMC 6 preamp improves the signal with pristine accuracy and clean gain.

The caliber of the Schoeps MK 41/CMC 6 mic is impressive and this reflects in the price tag, but certainly, the quality is well worth a second look.

2. Rode VideoMicPro Microphone

 This is a genuine shotgun mic created for camcorders, Portable audio, and DSLR cameras recorders, but it also guides sound.

The half-inch condenser capsule offers broadcast-quality sound using a 3.5 millimeter connecting tube with a remarkably small in-built noise of simply forteen-db.

The shock mounting structure that depends on Rycote Lyre supplies isolation out of outside elements that could bring about undesirable rumble & vibrations.

The boom mic is one among popular picks of  DIYers and the reason is easy to discover.

This microphone from Rode is labeled as number one among related categories of boom mic.

If you select this particular Rode microphone design, you can rely on a  half-inch condenser capsule that supplies quality of sound that is prepared for broadcasting.

Additionally, it has extraordinarily reduced self-noise with merely 14db.

In case you’re searching for an honest boom pole for complementing your freshly bought mic, make sure to search for the associated Rode boom poles.

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3. Rode VideoMic GO Microphone

It provides apparent, sharp, directional sound with amazing simplicity of utilization.

Rode created the VideoMic GO having a small pickup field that concentrates straight within the front side of the mic.

It brings down some other surrounding audio, making certain the subject of yours is remote from history interference.

It easily isolates vibrations and bumps.

It does not include complex settings or switches and it is run with a camera’s exterior microphone feedback.

In case you’re searching for a digital in-built camera microphone which weighs in at a tiny proportion of the competitors, you may want to check out this microphone from Rode.

It comes in a design less heavy compared to the pro variation, plus it’s rather much easier to utilize as well.

Regardless of the light mass on this mic, it nevertheless includes the shock mount that is popular with Rode microphones.

Thus, you will not obtain any kind of audio issues as a result of bumps or vibrations.

Lastly, this microphone from Rode is also amazingly easy to use.

If you have concerns regarding working with complex boom microphones, you’ll be pleased to find out that this mic doesn’t have any kind of complex settings or switches.

Just make use of the outside microphone outcome on your camera and you are all set to use Rode mic.

4. Sennheiser Pro Audio Condenser Microphone  

It’s an amazing boom mic.

This particular “short gun” is a shotgun type mic but having smaller interference tubing.

It’s likewise an RF condenser mic that describes its incredibly small immunity and self-noise to water.

Before entering into specifics about every one of the microphones, let us shortly talk about the requirements whereby I have grounded the recommendations of mine on.

Remarkable would be the sole term we all know describing the Sennheiser MKH sixty.

As opposed to the majority of shotgun mics, the Sennheiser MKH has significantly smaller interference tubing.

Additionally, it includes an RF condenser mic that could mean it is all-naturally resistant to dampness but additionally small self-noise amounts.

This particular boom mic has rather a popular brand, as several of the more hi-tech models are usually utilized by experts.

A key instance of a popular Sennheiser mic is the Sennheiser MKH, oftentimes utilized by the professionals.

Thankfully, at this time there are much more reasonably priced variations because of the aspiring filmmakers.

The Sennheiser Pro Audio decreases edge interference in contrast to every other more inexpensive boom mics.

Additionally, it has convenient add-ons, for example, a foam windshield along with a shock mount, that is certain to enable you to obtain a much better quality of sound.

5. Audio-Technica AT897 

This particular mic is popular in the industry as it comes at an extremely inexpensive price.

It is the mic I use usually when making use of boom microphones on set.

The 897 is a traditional shotgun mic with a long supercardioid design for maximal rejection and excellent directionality of edge interference.

When picking out a movie boom shotgun mic, the reasonably priced AT897 ought to be one of your first choices to consider.

It’s created for video clip generation as well as transmitted (ENG/EFP) sound acquisition.

Brief measurements (11″) guarantees mic visits from the photo — even if employed with compact digital camera models.

It comes in a sleek, natural-sounding on-axis cd quality and supplies the narrow approval perspective appealing for long-distance noise pickup.

It comes with a great audio rejection on the sides of the microphone as well as the back of the mic with a switchable low-frequency roll-off.

You equally get a compact layout that attaches to a laptop computer or even rests with a table.

The unit is ideal for capturing music, webcasting, and VoIP, iChat, voice recognition software, field recording, and podcasting.

Besides you also get a switchable cardioid or even omnidirectional pickup design.

When compared with many other popular shotgun microphones that may be placed on a boom pole, this microphone is an ideal option for production companies as well as expert broadcasters.

The Audio Technica AT897 sticks out due to its traditional shotgun mic style along with a very good supercardioid design, and that tends to make directional audio capturing less complicated than ever before.

Best Boom Mics for Film: Buyers Guide and

Extreme directionality

Selecting a very directional microphone is perfect for booming in film, wherein the concept is capturing probably the cleanest sounds of a talent/subject as you possibly can.

Shotgun/Lobar microphones offer extreme directionality with excellent off-axis rejection, helping to shoot the place that the microphone is aiming while rejecting the rest.


Select a light-weight microphone for the conclusion of the boom pole of yours.

When using a boom microphone/pole for just about any time, the microphone/blimp mass in the conclusion of the pole plays a huge role in the comfortableness as well as the functionality of the boom operator.


Pick a microphone that fits well right into a shock mount plus a blimp-like windscreen.

This relates to selecting a shotgun microphone because most shotgun microphones are supposed to place with boom poles, mounts, and blimps.

Flat/extended frequency reply

Using a boom microphone with a dull frequency response throughout the man variety of hearing yields an all-natural sound.

It is advisable to remove low frequencies in the mix than to not let them at all in the recording.

High awareness 

Choosing a boom microphone with higher sensitivity is essential when shooting movies.

The boom microphone is going to be likely protected with a blimp as well as a windscreen in between the microphone capsule as well as the talent/subject.

The boom microphone will additionally be a little distance out of the talent/subject (at least from the frame).

A very sensitive directional microphone will quickly overcome the above-mentioned issues.